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  • 7.3 (based on 109 834 user ratings)
  • Genre: Animation, Comedy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 15: February 12, 2018
  • Number Of Seasons: 15
  • Created By: Mike Barker, Matt Weitzman, Seth MacFarlane
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Wendy Schaal
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The plot focuses on the Smith family story. Dad Stan works for the CIA, so it looks so important. He is strong and courageous, but a little silly. His wife, Francis, is much smarter, but she has to do household chores, housekeeping and so on. A typical housewife who is moderately wise, that’s why she arranges her life so that everything is perfect for her husband and children.

The Smith kids are special. Daughter Haley often enters into political squabbles with her father. She is a desperate liberal when he is a Republican. The main character lives like typical hippies, which is very annoying for all her relatives.

Son Steve is a typical teenager who has a relationship with girls. He is not very good in relations with the opposite sex. There is also a funny golden fish named Klaus in the Smith house. In fact, this talking fish is the result of a cunning operation to transplant the human brain. In the aquarium, as it turned out, a German skier is sitting, who was neutralized in such a way that he would not win the Olympiad.

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Air Date: February 12, 2018

The fifteenth season of one of the craziest animated series on modern American television. Before us is a really funny story that tells about the life of a simple family. At the head of this family is Stan! He works for the CIA. He spends most of his time in the service, doing some very important things.

The main character is very stupid, but outwardly very attractive. His wife, Francis, is a typical housewife who misses day after day. She is reasonably smart, moderately stupid, but she always knows how to act better so that the atmosphere in the house is always peaceful and peaceful.

The family brings up two teenage children. The main character, Haley, often engages in political squabbles with her father. The difference in views translates into classic conflicts with a loved one. Son Stephen is trying to do everything possible to solve their problems with the opposite sex.

He is sometimes very scared and exciting to start communicating with a beautiful girl, but sometimes a young man still copes with this task and feels a little better. Interesting characters also live under the roof of the Smith House. For example, the Klaus fish, which, in fact, is a German skier athlete.

He was once kidnapped by CIA agents, having transplanted the brain of an Olympian into the body of a fish, so that he would not win the Olympics from an American athlete. Now Klaus is bored in the aquarium of the main characters house.

In the attic is a funny character Roger. He is an alien who once managed to save Stan’s main character from a scrape in Zone-51. Now, the fat and hefty sly Roger tries to keep quiet, enjoying wigs and expensive alcohol. What happens in this crazy little family in the fifteenth season? We will find out soon!

Trailer American Dad! season 15

Air Date: November 07, 2016

The 14th season is the continuation of the famous “American Dad.” The focus of the plot is the history of the family of Smiths. Papa Stan works for the CIA, and that is why he looks so important. He is strong and courageous, but a little stupid. His wife Francis is much smarter, but she has to deal with household chores, farming and so on.

A typical housewife, who is moderately wise, therefore arranges a way of life so that everything is ideal. The children of the Smiths are special. Daughter Haley often enters with his father in political squabbles. She’s a desperate liberal when he’s a Republican.

In the 14th season of American dad! The main character lives like a typical hippie, which is very annoying to all her relatives. Son Steve – a typical teenager, who does not get along with girls. He is not very good in relations with the opposite sex. There is a funny goldfish named Klaus in the house of the Smiths.

In fact, this talking fish is the result of a clever operation to transplant the human brain. In the aquarium, as it turned out, sits a German skier, who was neutralized in such a way that he did not win the Olympics. In the attic, you can find another member of the Roger family. It’s an alien who once saved Stan in the fifty-first zone. In general, such a mad family we can meet. Sit back and watch!

Trailer American Dad! season 14

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Air Date: January 25, 2016

Throughout all the seasons, the American family will be the base protagonists of the animated series. The father of the Stan family is a real CIA agent. Yes, he is a little stupid, but this lack can easily be compensated by a large pile of muscles and a stern expression on his face.

The main character and his wife have two “wonderful” children. A daughter named Haley, who has the ways of a hippie and is not afraid of almost anything, and a son named Steve, who, as she is not trying, cannot be divorced by any girl.

Family fun, but that’s not all its members. Also in the family circle there is an alien creature named Roger, who is constantly drunk and quite often changes wigs and a talking fish named Clauss. The main characters are very non-standard personalities who will be able to give their viewers a lot of positive emotions.

Trailer American Dad! season 13

Air Date: October 20, 2014

The focus of the animated series is a simple Smith family. Papa Stan works for the CIA, follows republican views, is an example of a healthy lifestyle, but he did not come out with his mind. Heroine Francis is his wife, who brings up children and leads the household.

She complements her husband, showing wisdom in some domestic issues. Son Steve is constantly suffering because of problems with the opposite sex. He is clearly not lucky in relationships, because girls sometimes shy away from the guy.

But ladies always behave with the hero nicely, when he has a gun in his hands. Haley’s daughter is a liberal to the bone. Her hippie habits often lead to shock. The heroine is razdolbaysky way of life: walking, taking drugs and acting like a guy. In the Smith family lives also the golden fish Clauss, who can speak.

The fact is that at one time the CIA transplanted the brain of a German athlete in the head to a fish so that it would not win the Olympiad. This fish often says smart things, and moves around the house in a small jar. Also in the Smith’s garage is the alien Roger, who once saved Stan in “Zone 51”. Stan stands out for his fondness for wigs and booze.

Trailer American Dad! season 12

Scenes American Dad! season 12

Air Date: September 14, 2014

In the center of events of the animated series “American Dad” Smith family. The father of the Stan family is an agent of the United States Central Intelligence Agency, a staunch Republican who is physically strong, but mentally weak. Always neat, smart.

His wife, Francine, is an average housewife who is not stupid, but you can’t call a good girl either. Steve is a son, an anxious teenager, but the relationship with the opposite sex does not go well with him, Hayley is a daughter. Liberal to the bone, is prone to ideas of hippies, but is not.

Always standing in the defense of nature and indulging in light foolishness. The most intelligent member of the seven – a talking fish Clauss. The result of a special service experiment conducted over a fish and skier from Germany, on the eve of the Olympic competitions.

Found an unusual way to move around the house. In the house also lives an alien Roger. Roger is an alien, once he saved Stan’s life in the mysterious “Zone 51” and has since remained in the Smith family. Always gloomy fat man, not missing a moment to drink.

Trailer American Dad! season 11

Scenes American Dad! season 11

Air Date: September 29, 2013

Stan Smith is the head of his family. He is fine: he is a CIA agent, he has a beautiful wife, and the collections look very courageous. The protagonist is smart and strong, supports republican views, which is why he often conflicts with his daughter Hayley, who believes that liberals should rule the world.

Haley herself considers herself a new generation of the future. She does not look like a hippie, but at the same time supports Greenpeace and a little indulges in drugs. Her brother Stephen is constantly failing to have relationships with girls. He has real problems.

Mama Francis is trying to look like a typical housewife who cares only about the order in the house. The truth would not be this family so strange, if it were not a talking fish and an alien living in the attic.

Trailer American Dad! season 10

Air Date: September 30, 2012

Animated series from the creators of “Griffin” will tell about the American family – the embodiment of national traditional values.

The head of the Stan family is a CIA employee. Not distinguished by a deep mind, he, nevertheless, in good physical shape, sympathizes with the Republican Party, always tidy and toned up. His wife, Francine, is occupied with housekeeping and, just like her husband, does not show signs of high intelligence in herself.

The children of our hero are also peculiar in their own way. Daughter Haley loves nature and personal independence, while periodically indulging in drugs. And Steven’s son has typical problems for his age – he can’t learn how to communicate with girls because of his complexes.

And still in the house an alien newcomer Roger settled in the house. This creature likes to drink, periodically pulls on itself ridiculous outfits and wigs, and also constantly carries some nonsense. You can’t say that to the small fish, Klausse – she lives in our family in a chic aquarium and has a human brain transplanted to her during a secret CIA experiment from a skier from Germany.

Trailer American Dad! season 9

Air Date: September 25, 2011

Stan is the head of a large family. He works for the CIA, which he is very proud of. The main character holds republican views. His little family is a real hurricane! Francis is a spouse who is trying to keep order at home and raise children. They grew up real rebels.

Suffice to say about Hayley – a liberal who always faces her father. Son Stephen is a quiet guy who is trying to establish a personal life, but with the girls he does not succeed. The family also lives a talking fish, which once attached the human brain. In addition, Stan hides an alien in the house who once saved his life in the fifty-first zone.

Trailer American Dad! season 8

Scenes American Dad! season 8

Air Date: October 03, 2010

This story is about the American Smith family. The father of the Stan family works for the CIA. This is a strong man, with military bearing. He is always smart, does not tolerate untidiness in his clothes. But, despite external data, Smith does not shine with his mind.

His wife does not work, she is constantly at home and has been raising a son and daughter. Francis does not remember his parents, so he devotes himself entirely to children. She agrees with her husband in everything that he would not do.
The son of a married couple, Steve, is clearly a notorious boy, he hardly communicates with the girls, and they agree to meet him only under the threat of Stan’s gun.

But his sister, Haley, is an excessively liberated maiden. She got involved with a hippie company and takes drugs.

Smith lives with a fish named Klauss. The CIA, in order to prevent Germany from winning the alpine skiing competition, introduced a part of the brain of a German skier athlete to a fish. And now Clauss speaks in a human voice and is able to think logically.

More in this strange little family settled alien Roger. Once he saved the head of the family and was invited to live in their house. But the alien turned out to be a drunkard and a lover of food.

Trailer American Dad! season 7

Air Date: September 27, 2009

Family Smith looks like an ordinary American family. Stan’s father works as a CIA agent when his wife, Francis, takes care of the children and takes care of the household. Stan’s children are trying to solve typical teenage problems.

Stephen suffers from the fact that he can not forge a common language with the representatives of the other sex. Haley, on the other hand, forgets about her personal life and tries to vividly express her political position — she is liberal to the core, which her father doesn’t like very much.

The Smith family also has a talking goldfish with a human brain and an alien who once saved Stan in Zone 51. Well, the little family!

Trailer American Dad! season 6

Scenes American Dad! season 6

Air Date: September 28, 2008

We welcome you to watch the new series, which tells about the Smith family. The head of this family is a dad named Stam, who works for a secret CIA unit that once conducted an investigation in Zone 51.

It was there that Stan met one of the aliens, whom he took to his home cohabitant. He now lives in the attic, where he drinks alcohol and wears wigs. Stan’s children have typical teenage problems.

Son Stephen can not find an approach to the girls, and the daughter is a supporter of liberal views. The spouse tries to get on in this chaos, trying to be moderately clever and moderately pliable. Here is such a little family!

Trailer American Dad! season 5

Air Date: September 30, 2007

Speech in the series is about an ordinary American family. Father Stan Smith works as a CIA agent, he is disciplined, with military bearing a man. Mother Francine devotes all her time to herself and raising her children, this sensible woman who never transfers to her husband.

They have two children, daughter Haley – a flighty nature, and a son – Steve, who has eternal problems.
It seems like all families. But the order established in their house is special, to say the least, strange.

Their pets are also not quite adequate. For example, a fish living in an aquarium has human thinking and logic. Yes, even recently settled in their house, an alien. Nobody knows about the existence of a stranger, because the head of the family doesn’t tell anyone about him, as he saved Stan from inevitable death.

Trailer American Dad! season 4

Scenes American Dad! season 4

Air Date: September 10, 2006

Animated comedy series dedicated to the difficult life of the Smith family. The head of the family is in the service of the CIA and occupies an important position as an “weapons expert”, he considers himself to be James Bond and does his best to imitate this hero, he has good physical training, but his real idol is Ronald Reagan.

In order to achieve his goals – often quite delusional, he is ready to kidnap people, trade in drugs and use a stun gun. Stan is married to a charming woman, Francine, she is engaged in domestic life, raising children, taking care of her husband, but the housewife always has her own opinion, although Stan, being a conservative, does not listen to him.

Haley’s daughter does not have the trust of his father because of his liberal views. She is a vegetarian, loves to travel, and is not averse to indulge in weed. Son Steve is a teenager who dreams of a romantic relationship, but he cannot find a common language with the opposite sex and he does not manage to invite a girl for a date.

Such a guy’s indecision upsets his father. In the attic of the Smith House there is an alien Roger, to whom Stan owes his life. There is also a pet in the family – a goldfish with a human brain …

Trailer American Dad! season 3

Air Date: September 11, 2005

In the center of the action is the American family. The main characters are Stan and Francine, a married couple, with two children named Steve and Hayley. The head of the family is an intelligence agent. But his work is not as wonderful as it may seem to someone.

Stan’s wife sits at home, yearning for no activity. It only hangs upbringing of children who have long grown up and strive to assert themselves. Only they are not very successful. The son is constantly running into trouble with the girls.

Well, do not develop his relationship with the fair sex! And the daughter of a married couple was completely out of control, hooked on bad drugs. Of course, she is not so bad, she is interested in the protection of nature, and is able to defend her beliefs and interests. But, nevertheless, the life of the family smoothly goes downhill.

Plus two more unique characters: a fish with a human brain, and an alien who has taken root in a little family.

Trailer American Dad! season 2

Scenes American Dad! season 2

Air Date: February 06, 2005

The main characters of this fascinating and incredibly exciting animated series is the rather ordinary American Smith family. The head of the family is Stan, who is serving in the Central Intelligence Agency. He adheres to republican views, a fairly strong and physically developed man, but at the same time everything is rather silly and slightly naive.

His wife, Francis, is a typical housewife and the mother of his two children. To call her a smart woman is still impossible, but also stupid. There is still one rather interesting moment in her biography, she doesn’t know her parents and it’s not so easy to find out. Steve’s son has big enough problems with girls who don’t want to communicate with him at all.

He has only one opportunity to change this by using his father’s standard weapon. Daughter teenager Haley shares liberal views, as the heroine very zealously protects the environment, despite the fact that he himself would not mind to smoke light drugs. Even in the family there is a very curious inhabitant – this is a goldfish named Clauss, who has a rather non-typical brain, namely a human one.

Everything turned out quite unexpectedly, the CIA should have done so that the German athlete would not win the Olympics, so they took his brain and transplanted the fish. Klauss is smart enough, he can independently move around the house in a small jar, just gliding along the floor with fins.

Another unusual inhabitant of this family is the alien Roger. It turned out that he saved Stan from “Zone 51” at one time, so he now lives in their close-knit family. It can be described as a fat and cunning lover wears wigs and drink alcohol.

Trailer American Dad! season 1

Scenes American Dad! season 1