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  • 7.9 (based on 66 369 user ratings)
  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 2: March 10, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 2
  • Created By: Michael Green, Bryan Fuller
Ricky Whittle
Ricky Whittle
Ian McShane
Ian McShane
Emily Browning
Emily Browning
Pablo Schreiber
Pablo Schreiber
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Yetide Badaki


American Gods drama created by Bryan Fuller (“Star Trek: Discovery“, “Hannibal”) and Michael Green (“The River”, “Smallville”). Eponymous novel by Neil Gaiman inspired by the creators. It is broadcast on STARZ tv channel.

The protagonist of this series is Shadow. This person does not like to talk about his past. He was all fed up. Shadow just wants to finally forget about all the problems and lead a normal life. He dreams of happiness with his beloved wife, the absence of problems.

However, soon the hero learns that his beloved is killed. The way home for the funeral was hard. Shadow met a strange man on the plane calling himself Wednesday. As it turned out, he knows a lot about the main character.

He warns him that a big storm is coming that will change him forever. Who would have thought that Wednesday was telling the purest truth.

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Air Date: March 10, 2019

The series “American Gods” returns to the screens with the second season. This fantastic story promises to continue the most interesting development of the plot, given the first episodes. The focus of the plot is a man named Shadow.

He spent a lot of time behind bars. Almost after serving his term, the man returns to freedom. A man finds out about the death of his beloved wife in a car accident. The main character goes to the funeral on a passenger plane.

During the shaking, the man is referred to by his neighbor in the chair, who is represented by Mr. Sreda. Mr. Wednesday, as it turned out, is a very charismatic and intelligent man. However, he is confused by something else: he practically knows everything from Shadows from somewhere and is ready to tell even what is known only to the protagonist.

Shadow learns from his new acquaintance that a big war is coming between representatives of old and new gods. From that moment on, the main character is involved in an incredible fantastic story that promises to be even hotter and more intriguing!

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Scenes American Gods season 2

Air Date: April 30, 2017

The life story of a former prisoner named Shadow Moon (Shadow Moon) seemed to accidentally intersect with the traveling Mr. Wednesday, but the farther away the audience leads the story, the clearer it becomes that there is nothing accidental in this story. The gray-haired gentleman actually turned out to be forgotten by the Scandinavian god Odin, he was not satisfied with such an alignment, and he decided on a revolution that would overthrow the new American gods and allow people to recall the real, natural, elemental possibilities of the old and forgotten gods. He tried to recruit African Anansi, Indian Kali, Slavonic Chernoboga and his sisters Zarya, as well as the Queen of Sheba under the name Bilkis into his ranks.

The methods of agitation of the companions of the “American Gods” among the long-time acquaintances of Mr. Sreda turned out to be very radical. Outwardly, ironic and smiling. One is tough on the set goal; on the way to victory, he is not embarrassed by sacrifices and losses, he hastily eliminates ballast from his path. To free the Shadow and attach Odin to her mission with the help of the Irish leprechaun, Sweeney organizes an accident in which Laura Lune dies – the Shadow’s wife. But Mr. Wednesday did not take into account the stubbornness of a dead woman who managed to return from the afterlife and overtake him with his assistant, Shadow, visiting the ancient and powerful fertility goddess Astara. Where the goddess of Easter in a big way showed the whole breadth and power of her abilities before the representatives of the new media celestials.

But the new gods, opposing Odin’s designs, are not so simple as to immediately surrender their positions. Mr. Mir – the head of the newest corporation offers his PR services for the most ancient master of fate, he is ready to advertise forgotten names, raise their prestige, remind the people living today who they were for their pagans – the ancestors old idols. But Odin does not make a deal, he longs for war and victory in the new world.

The first season of the American Gods series showed only a third of the original book by the British writer Neil Gaiman, who became a man representing many vivid images that clearly illustrate his main plot idea. Becoming the curator of the project on television Gayman did not allow to change or mitigate the overall trend of the series. After all, its theme touches upon very complex and controversial problems from the life of mankind: migration and slavery, religion and worship, war and peace. Many scenes look very cruel and frank, they visually completely repeat what was written earlier in the book version. The use of new computer technologies made the footage more fantastic, mystical and amaze the audience with its scope and originality.

The materials of the future series several times passed from one studio to another until the development of the American cable TV channel Starz. Carefully selected cast of stars from the big screen stars organically joined the plot of the struggle between the old gods, drawing their strength from the human faith and the new rulers, relying on telemedia communications for human souls. Who will win will be clear from subsequent seasons, but the main thing is not the ending, the most important thing is the process of narration.

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