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  • 8.1 (based on 258 666 user ratings)
  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 9: September 18, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 9
  • Created By: Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk
Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts
Cody Fern
Cody Fern
Billie Lourd
Billie Lourd
John Carroll Lynch
John Carroll Lynch
Matthew Morrison
Matthew Morrison
Angelica Ross
Angelica Ross
DeRon Horton
DeRon Horton


The new season of the awesome American Horror Story project will be back in September this year. The authors have recently announced the main theme of the upcoming episodes. The plot of the project will take us to the events that will connect the plot threads of past seasons, referred to as “House-killer” and “Sabbath.”

The rest of the upcoming season, actors and developers prefer to hide. Each new season of American Horror Story is a different story with its own emotional and thematic overtones. The eighth part, bearing the name “Apocalypse”, will be the long-awaited crossover, which will begin to link events from other seasons.

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Air Date: September 18, 2019

The most popular horror series “American Horror Story” returns to the screens. Viewers have already managed to survive stunning events that can scare even the most avid lover of the genre. At two thousand and eleven, the audience plunged into the atmosphere of the killer’s house.

The second season gave a story about the events in a psychiatric hospital. In subsequent episodes, we met witches, visited a freak show, visited a strange and frightening hotel, and witnessed the rise of the cult and the approach of the apocalypse.

The new ninth season, called “1984” will take viewers to the recent past. The plot component of the project is still a secret, but such amazing performers as Billy Lourdes, Cody Fern, Emma Roberts and Gus Kenworthy will return to their roles.

Trailer American Horror Story season 9

Scenes American Horror Story season 9

Air Date: September 12, 2018

American Horror Story season 8 brings a new installment of separated stories each with its own heroes, plots, and directors. This collection of stories will most likely infuse you with a disturbing fear since each episode is a horror story that comes from a talented filmmaker.

Every single episode is developed separately and delivers a great idea in a form of a confined tale that has something really scary happening. Praised for great taste and incredible visuals as well as creativity, the series has been one of the best entertainments for people who enjoy watching a good scary show with lots of good interesting ideas explored on a regular basis.

American Horror Story season 8 is full of surprises, sharp plot twists, and incredible acting. Serving as an open tribune for aspiring filmmakers and veterans of the industry alike, the show is a great treat for anyone. We do not recommend watching the show at nights with lights out.

Most stories are based on novels and even internet publications that are already popular meaning that showrunners prefer using time-tested material to create impactful episodes. This is one of the best series to download for free and binge watch! Do it right now!

Trailer American Horror Story season 8

Scenes American Horror Story season 8

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Air Date: September 05, 2017

Do you like exciting stories with a dark atmosphere? Ready for your nerves to be at the limit? Then, rather, turn on the series “American Horror Stories”, you will not be able to tear yourself away from the screen, and you will watch episode by episode, season by season!

The project has not lost its popularity for six years, during this time more than seventy episodes have been filmed. Genre – psychological drama. The intensity of the passions is assured, terrible events cannot fail to impress, as well as the awareness that they are filmed in real stories.

The seventh season of the popular project is no exception, viewers are waiting for stories from which blood will run cold. In the seventh season, the audience will meet with actors like Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters.

Trailer American Horror Story season 7

Scenes American Horror Story season 7

Air Date: September 14, 2016

We offer to your attention the sixth season of the famous horror project “American horror story.” The new part will give viewers a new story, full of shocking and frightening details. Until the official release of the sixth season, the plot is kept in the strictest confidence.

Rumor has it that the main star of the new season will be the mysterious Slenderman – a tall, faceless man with well-known hands in the gaming industry, frightening an unexpected appearance. Teasers and trailers once again prove that new episodes will become even more mysterious and atmospheric!

In addition, the project retained in its casting cast such performers as Evan Peters, Denis O’Haru, Angela Bassett and Lady Gaga, who was in the fifth season of the series.

Trailer American Horror Story season 6

Scenes American Horror Story season 6

Air Date: October 07, 2015

The action takes place in the hotel “Cortez”. Although the hotel is located in the center of Los Angeles, no one has long recalled it, because it is shrouded in riddles. Behind the door of an old mansion, in which the hotel is located, is hidden an ominous secret. The hotel is owned by a rich lady, belonging to the count’s family.

Two young girlfriends come to the hotel to stay here. But as soon as they crossed the threshold of the hotel, they felt uneasy. The girls lost the desire to stay even for one night. But the administrator unfriendly warned them that the money is non-refundable and, smiling, said that they would not regret if they stay. It did not calm my friends, even alarmed, but they had no choice.

Further pictures, full of horror, change without stopping. Blood flows like water. But against the background of two bastards who prevent guests from living, there is love in which three young people are involved.

Trailer American Horror Story season 5

Scenes American Horror Story season 5

Air Date: October 08, 2014

The audience will be transferred to the past century, the distant 50s, where all the attention will be given to the owner of the last freak show.

The artists of this strange performance will be: magician magician, who should have been in an insane asylum for a long time (when it is necessary to saw assistants, he does it, and in fact), acrobats, ready to kill or be killed, and many other personalities .

When the hostess tries to close this horrific show, the actors will “stand up.” The woman understands that with this troupe she will simply go bankrupt, because already given the popularity has gone down and now has reached its negative peak.

Elsa decided to recruit new actors. Now it’s Betty and Dot (Siamese), Jimmy (young man with crab claws), Essel (bearded girl, mother of a claw-boy), Diezer (girl with three breasts).

Trailer American Horror Story season 4

Scenes American Horror Story season 4

Air Date: October 09, 2013

The life of a young girl Zoe changes dramatically after she discovers genetic abnormalities in herself. After a brief inquiry, the girl finds out that such anomalies were fixed before. Moreover, they can be traced to very ancient times.

In parallel, Zoe finds out that in the modern world she is not the only one. In a certain academy in New Orleans, those who, like Zoe, have an unusual genetic code are studying.

And all of them, as it will turn out, come from the same lineage, at the beginning of which was Salem. The girl goes to a meeting with yourself. And in parallel, the powerful sorceress Fiona Goode decided to visit the academy.

Trailer American Horror Story season 3

Scenes American Horror Story season 3

Air Date: October 17, 2012

The storyline of the adventure television series unfolds around an ordinary family who has decided to move from a city apartment to a village in a private house. Husband, wife, and their son have long been chosen by a beautiful country house on the shore of the lake, and finally decided to buy it. After a short time, the family moved into the house, tired of the hustle and bustle of everyday work.

It would seem that domestic problems were left behind, and in front of our heroes waiting for outdoor recreation, fishing, barbecues and sunbathing. However, the guys do not know that in the house besides them there are another tenants – ghosts who do not like the new neighborhood at all.

Every night, strange things start to happen in the house – the objects are in a completely different place than they were before, and a prolonged howl is also heard.

Trailer American Horror Story season 2

Scenes American Horror Story season 2

Air Date: October 05, 2011

On the verge of divorce is the family, the head of which is a general practitioner. The reason for this was the betrayal of the spouse with a student intern. The doctor’s wife sets a condition for him: either moving to another city or a divorce. Without paying due attention to the choice of new housing, the family moved to an old house in Los Angeles.

Heroes do not even mean that their home is filled with mysticism, strange creatures and ghosts. Some inexplicable things are constantly happening here, and the maid has two looks: she seems to the doctor a charming young girl who is trying to get his attention, and his wife is an old woman.

Mysterious objects not only inhabit their home, but also surround the family within their homes. For example, a doctor’s patient turns out to be a maniac, and a neighbor boy is somehow suspicious …

Trailer American Horror Story season 1

Scenes American Horror Story season 1