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  • 7.6 (based on 388 747 user ratings)
  • Genre: Action & Adventure, Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 8: October 15, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 8
  • Created By: Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg
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Stephen Amell
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David Ramsey
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Rick Gonzalez
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TV show Arrow is praised by both critics and regular viewers. It is an explosive combination of great storytelling and interesting character development based on a famous DC comic. A young man who is much like Bruce Wayne inherited an enormous wealth from his family is lost on a tropical island where he through sheer will and dedication learns martial arts and survival skills from a spirit-like mentor.

Our hero not only studies nuances of fist fighting, but also picks up a very important mastery – bow and arrows. Upon returning to his homestead, he quickly learns that the world is a dark place that he previously did not notice.

As a powerful vengeful vigilante he starts his own crusade against mafia and mystical creatures who threaten his city. He watches the city underneath him with determination and attention while searching for enemies who can harm his loved ones.

The production quality as well as many other aspects of this amazing series do not cease to impress with the level of dedication and love that creators put in show. If you are looking for a good series to entertain yourself, there is nothing more interesting than TV show Arrow that you can download for free in all possible formats!

Air Date: October 15, 2019

The series “Arrow” returns with an eighth season to the screens. The authors of the script continue the story of a city vigilante who is trying to protect his native lands from the encroachments of villains that have risen from his control.

Oliver Queen was one of those who destroyed the city, who spent millions of dollars on entertainment, forgetting about the main duty: being one of the richest people in the settlement, taking care of local residents and the infrastructure of the metropolis.

Of course, the problems were not long in coming, but wealthy families coped with all the attacks of particularly quick activists, paying off with the same money. Of course, in front of the characters waiting for a truly amazing and incredible coup in life. Oliver Queen, along with his father, will go on a trip on a pleasure yacht, but, alas, will fall into a severe storm.

It will not be easy to survive, but the young man manages to do it. He alone ends up on a seemingly uninhabited island. Here you have to survive for a long five years. On the mainland, everyone thinks that the guy never managed to stay alive, which, of course, is not so. Soon, Oliver Queen will return to his native land, but already a completely different person.

He does not tell anyone about what happened to him on the island. The protagonist is confident that he can become a worthy representative of his city, correct his father’s mistakes and defeat crime. What will be next? Will young Quinn cope with many challenges? We will find out very soon. The eighth season continues the interesting story of Green Arrow.

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Air Date: October 15, 2018

Arrow Season 7 keeps the story rolling and introduces us to new heroes. With a lot of things going on in lives of our heroes, the narrative becomes denser and incorporates more and more story bits from the expanded universe.

After the events of the interlude where creators of several superhero shows collaborated to make a very interesting packed with special effects mini-show about the interdimensional crisis, the hooded vigilante must return and keep his homestead safe. This means that there are more exciting adventures and more fighting as well as bow action!

Arrow Season 7 does not step up its production quality game, but it still delivers a very interesting entertainment with lots of good CGI effects and interesting story bits that make it much more intriguing for a viewer. Those who are following the plot for the last 6 years will be happy that there are lots of references to the events of the past.

While the fatigue definitely sets in with some viewers, the show is still capable of surprising! With its strong dialogue writing, outstanding visuals, and convincing acting, the series makes sure that you are well entertained. If you want to watch the latest season of Arrow, download episodes now from our partners!

Trailer Arrow season 7

Air Date: October 12, 2017

Arrow Season 6 definitely knows what people want from this show. As our main protagonist takes more and more responsibilities by becoming a mayor, businessman, and a family man while still watching over the city in a green hood, the tensions between him and his enemies become more and more palpable.

There are new threats on the horizon and nothing seems to be able of stopping the advance of dark forces. Even surrounded by allies and fighting with reinvigorated passion and more skills, the protagonist struggles against ever expanding opposition that now includes Russian mafia, gifted hackers, and metahumans who are much more dangerous than anything our heroes faced before.

Arrow Season 6 has more connections to the expanded universe where Super Girl exists and Flash runs around faster than ever. However, the main story is still focused on the team of heroes from this city. The level of production remains the same. It is still a good looking procedural drama with lots of good dialogue and emotions. Action, special effects, stunts, and good story are fused together to create a compelling entertainment capable of making you happier. Download Arrow episodes from our partners and enjoy the ride!

Trailer Arrow season 6

Air Date: October 05, 2016

Arrow Season 5 is a terrific continuation to a compelling story about a hooded vigilante whose main focus is on preserving the safety of his city. He is still a watchful protector of people and wants to prevent any harm. Oliver decides to expand his “school” and takes under his wing a couple of new exciting disciples who want to help out the hero and become vigilantes of their own. After recruiting a bunch of new people, Oliver gets ready to start unweaving a plethora of secrets and conspiracies that are going on around him. More mystical stuff and magic as well as cool bits of sci-fi are integrated in the story making it much more interesting to people who are here for fantasy.
Arrow Season 5 does not jump away from the spirit of the show and continues to pay respect to its loyal fans. This is still a drama oriented at younger audiences with lots of family friendly comedy and bright action moments that will make children want to become heroes of their own. The production quality is quite good with lots of new special effects added to the series without harming the universe. The fusion of style, design, and solid writing make it compelling for people. This is not a masterpiece that will forever be engraved in the history of television, but it is still something very compelling and sincere.

Trailer Arrow season 5

Air Date: October 07, 2015

Arrow Season 4 introduces a sharp turn in the plot line as our hero decides to interrupt his retirement and rethink his approach to his vigilante duties. With his new makeup and a green hood over his head, the protagonist is out in the streets once again. His will and determination did not deteriorate even a little.

He wants to create a well-protected community in his city and the amount of effort he will put in to make sure that people under his protection are safe will definitely impress you. Villains from the HIVE want to destroy the livelihood of the city and our main hero must stand against the darkness once again and use his detective skills and trusty bow in order to wipe out the opposition.

Arrow Season 4 delivers on all front by presenting a compelling story full of great character bits and interesting changes in the flow of the story. By introducing a couple of new characters and scores of enemies, the series wants to keep viewers entertained.

The level of production improved by a small margin. It is still not something to awe at, but the work of the crew is still convincing. The amount of entertainment that you can extract from this season is enough to make you interested in downloading episodes in any available format and watch it without any delay.

Trailer Arrow season 4

Air Date: October 08, 2014

Arrow Season 3 makes a couple of brave decisions yet stays quite close to the original story line in order to make sure that the series still caters to both fans and common viewers. The story is more focused on the social and financial life of our protagonist making one plot pivots a big deal between the company of our hero and another corporation owned by a secret hero.

At the same time, the confrontation between Oliver and his arch nemesis Al Ghul keeps growing bigger and more violent. The desire to avenge his love and cleanse the world of the ever persistent enemy make it hard for the hero to balance out his goals in real life and his night vigilant adventures.

Arrow Season 3 offers a lot to its viewers. Comic book fans will be happy that the narrative is so inspired by the spirit of the original comic while newer fans will enjoy a rapidly developing story with a myriad of interesting bits. The amount of action is still sufficient for those who seek for fights, stunts, and explosions. It is still a very good drama with an intriguing plot that has a lot of weird turns and well-written conversations. You will definitely enjoy it so download it immediately from our partners and start binge watching right now!

Trailer Arrow season 3

Air Date: October 09, 2013

Arrow Season 2 is a completely new step in a new direction for the show that tries to continue its legacy and make sure that the plotline makes perfect sense. Over the course of the initial several episodes, most characters were fleshed out quite well and managed to captivate our attention. The main goal of the next season was to retain the attention and expand the universe slightly.

With more related series coming up in the nearest future, the desire to make everything as appealing to the general audience as possible was strong. Showrunners were focused on delivering a result that would not only satisfy fans, but exceed all expectations.

Arrow Season 2 is a breaking point of the character development as our main protagonist makes a vow to never again kill a criminal even if their deeds are terrifying. While new enemies appear on the horizon and the environment becomes more and more unstable, a couple of new heroes join the party.

The series introduces several additional side cast members and expands the social circle of the protagonist making the whole show that much more relatable. Lots of intriguing flashbacks and a lot of good action are waiting for you. Download this season and enjoy the ride!

Trailer Arrow season 2

Air Date: October 10, 2012

Arrow Season 1 brings to the table an amazing introduction of the main protagonist who has been lost for a couple of years on a distant tropical island where he learned the hard ways of several martial arts and mastered bow shooting. He returns back to his home city and starts to live as a hooded vigilante.

During his watchful adventures he uncovers a secret conspiracy initiated by Malcolm Merlyn whose only goal is to eradicate the poorest part of the city together with its inhabitants. Our hero is soon joined by a couple of trustworthy friends who accompany him in his fight against organized crime. This team of courageous men and women soon becomes one of the biggest threats for mafia and dark mystical forces alike.

Arrow Season 1 has a lot of merits that make it stand out. While many other series try to invent a bicycle, this series focuses on the basics and wants to deliver a good result above all else. The main goal of the show is to create cohesive narrative that combines together an out-of-this-world premise with tropes of most popular TV dramas. The first season demonstrated that it is possible to achieve such goal. This is a great story about a superhero detective who knows how to defeat his foes!

Trailer Arrow season 1