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  • 8.5 (based on 59 638 user ratings)
  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 3: February 25, 2018
  • Number Of Seasons: 3
  • Created By: Sam Raimi
Bruce Campbell
Bruce Campbell
Lucy Lawless
Lucy Lawless
Ray Santiago
Ray Santiago
Dana DeLorenzo
Dana DeLorenzo
Arielle O\'Neill
Arielle O\'Neill


The combination of comedy and horror genres is the main feature of the project “Ash vs Evil Dead”. In the best traditions of the old horror stories, the spectators will try to scare the rebel monsters, with whom the dashing uncle is fighting with a chainsaw instead of a hand!

Ash accidentally woke the ancient evil. Having fun with another beauty, the hero accidentally read lines from the book of the dead, and then it started. Out of nowhere scary ghouls appear, and no one can send them back to the underworld. Except the chainsaw, of course.

Ash and his companions will try to find another way, but for now he can only fight, run and make fun!

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Air Date: February 25, 2018

In the 3rd season of Ash vs Evil Dead we can meet Ash Williams is no an anti-hero and an accursed legend in his own Elk Grove, but a local pride and celebrity, a superhero that saves humanity. Ash also becomes the owner of an extra terrific status: it turns out that our protagonist – brave fighter with sinister dead has an adult daughter, so now he is also a father.

In parallel with this, Kelly returns to the city, who saw a bloodied and restless Ruby on tv, who, having fresh insidious plans, is going to “help” confused Ash to pass the course of the young father. Kelly decides to warn Ash and his store employee that their fight against the dead is not over.

In addition, the 3rd season of Ash vs Evil Dead will finally reveal why our protagonist, a simple seller in the supermarket, was elected to save the world. It turns out that there is an ancient legend about a man who first appeared in the distant past, and years later summoned the demon Kandarian. Will the main hero be able to win the evil and overcome all the hurdships and difficulties on his terrible way? We can learn it soom! Sit back comfortable and watch! This episode promises to ne real outstanding! Moreover, we hope that it will be so unpredictable as the previous two.

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Air Date: October 02, 2016

For all fans of comedy horror films, this series was shot, which became a real explosive project, as it was able to make an impression on its audience. Just imagine the main character, a guy named Ash, who, as if nothing had happened, is having fun with another beautiful girl, and without suspecting anything, decides to read lines from some book. Only at that moment he still could not even imagine what a big mistake he was making. The words read to him from the book turned out to be a kind of spell from the book of the dead, and now all the dead in the city came to life and began to walk as if nothing had happened.

It goes without saying that no one can put an end to this except the person who tied this whole mess and now Ash has no choice but to take everything into his own hands, but rather to take a chainsaw and start cleaning the city. His faithful team of friends will help him in all his crazy adventures.

After all, gradually the threat to the city begins to increase, as the dead begin to revive throughout the whole plan and now the question is about the security of all humanity. In each series, viewers will expect a lot of positive moments, since Ash will never miss an opportunity, even in the most seemingly destructive situation, a point where you can laugh. Is it possible for Ash to stop the mess that he managed to spin in such an absurd way, we just have to figure it out.

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Air Date: October 31, 2015

Self-confidence is more than necessary, adoring one’s beloved mirror image, tight corset to give a slender and toned silhouette instead of a neglected and swollen abdomen, the implant is once a real hand and loudly screaming fatal music by force named Ash. Walking around the bars and lyrical fables for the beautiful half of humanity about the eight-year-old boy who was rescued on the rails, why his hands, as it never happened, lead to an instant result of a cordial female soul wishing to cheer up the brave man with frivolous sex in the toilet of another pub. In fact, the man’s hand was cut off by the chainsaw many years ago, when he and his friends lightly used magical rituals from the book of the dead. Only the armless lucky man was able to survive.

For thirty years, the protagonist of the ironic horror series “Ash vs the Evil Dead” season 1 online, did not encounter the other world, but familiarity with another beauty returns everything to normal. When he returned home, the ladies’ man recalled how recently he smoked a joint with a sexy stranger and, trying, would like her as much as possible, the man suggests a new acquaintance to read verses aloud. Some ancient spells written in blood in an ancient book, which are a challenge to malicious parallel creatures who dream of getting into the real world of people, just come to hand.

Stupid fun leads to irreparable: crowds of hellish creatures begin to maneuver on the ground, demanding immediate reprisals against their sinister essence. An aging womanizer is trying to hide from bloodthirsty monsters, but they are pursuing him backwards, plus a supermarket colleague Pablo argues that only Ash can deal with the surrounding insane chaos that leads to the underworld of all humanity. The sales assistant has nothing left but to once again bravely face a complete evil, trying to destroy all living things.

The police can’t cope with the opened gates of a viciously tuned other universe. Wrestlers with lawlessness need not just a consultant who understands all the intricacies of mortuary wisdom, but also a fearless wrestler who is ready to put into practice all his theoretical knowledge of the world of sinister dead people. Especially, a woman, police officer Amanda, who has tragically lost her partner in a fight with insidious demons, needs help. The guys who came to the strange challenge face a terrible sight in a gloomy mansion, where they have to go.

The guardian of the law miraculously survives, but her colleague has to try out on herself the sharp deer horns, on which he is impaled by a poltergeist eager for murder, moving from body to body. No one believes Amanda, considering that she personally killed her partner, falling into a profound mental disorder. An African American who has been suspended from service is trying to find answers to her nightmares that have become reality. She, like Ash, begins to feel subtle and see the demons entering people.

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