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  • 8.7 (based on 263 641 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 6:
  • Number Of Seasons: 6
  • Created By: Peter Gould, Vince Gilligan
Bob Odenkirk
Bob Odenkirk
Jonathan Banks
Jonathan Banks
Rhea Seehorn
Rhea Seehorn
Patrick Fabian
Patrick Fabian
Michael Mando
Michael Mando
Giancarlo Esposito
Giancarlo Esposito
Tony Dalton
Tony Dalton


The Better Call Saul project is ongoing. The fourth season of the series will continue the story of the pseudo-lawyer from Albuquerque Sole Goodman, whose role is played by actor Bob Odenkerk. The events of the series take place six years before the famous plotline of the project Breaking Bad.

The main character tries to grasp at any given job in order to make ends meet. He has to spin in order to survive, however, it is his perseverance and self-confidence that will allow Saul Goodman to be at the top of the lawyer’s office. The outcome is clear – the former mail delivery man will be able to become an outstanding lawyer, but what will be his path?

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There is no doubt about one thing – the plot will spin even more unexpectedly and paradoxically, Sol will show even more dexterity and sophisticated resourcefulness, his cynicism will roll over all conceivable marks, and the dramatic collisions will reach their highest intensity. There is no doubt that new characters will appear, Goodman’s circle of contacts will expand at the expense of even more influential people who at first glance are respectable politicians or businessmen, but in fact notorious corrupt officials and scum.

However, the details of the plot of the sixth season of the series “Better Call Saul” are still kept secret, and keep the viewer in suspense. So the intrigue is at the stage of its twisting, and when it fires, one can only guess. And of course, no one knows what consequences this will lead to. But maybe this is for the better – it will be more interesting to watch what is happening …

Trailer Better Call Saul season 6

Air Date: February 23, 2020

With the fifth season, the popular American project “Better Call Saul” returns. This story is a kind of offshoot from the history of Heisenberg. Breaking Bad was the first project where viewers saw Saul as a lawyer. Already a successful and confident man got involved in the affairs of the main character of the original.

However, the solo project begins long before Goodman meets with the famous chemistry teacher. Initially, we observe the character as a simple miser, who works for himself and tries to somehow find a way to earn money: he has a huge long life and the inability to at least somehow support himself. True, he will soon succeed in breaking out into people. He will open his own law office in Albuquerque and will face many more complicated and complicated cases. Enjoy all the fans of action-packed stories and the original series “Breaking Bad.”

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Scenes Better Call Saul season 5

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Air Date: August 06, 2018

Better Call Saul season 4 does not want to let off its audience and jumps into the action right from the moment it had ended in season 3. This time, our heroes will have to somehow deal with the death of Chuck and try to figure out possible exits from a very troubling pickle.

A great spinoff to one of the biggest TV shows of the recent time managed to create quite a bit of tension and make everyone fall in love with the inner workings of the criminal world. While it is hard to bash this series for unoriginality, some critics did find it less creative and unique compared to the main show focusing on a simple teacher who became a drug lord.

Better Call Saul season 4 is a mixture of good action, some dark comedy sprinkled around the plot, and outstanding drama that moves the series forward constantly. Character interactions are always fueled with anger and emotions making it quite entertaining to watch for anyone.

The power of the series is in its strong narrative and acting. The season premiers with a band starting from a very corky episode named “Smoke”. The amount of stuff that our heroes have to deal with is just unbearable, but they are ready to get things done. Download the whole season and enjoy one of the greatest series of all time!

Trailer Better Call Saul season 4

Scenes Better Call Saul season 4

Air Date: April 10, 2017

The third season of the popular legal drama from Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould. The project appeared on screens in February two thousand and fifteen, and positioned itself as an offshoot of the original storyline of the series Breaking Bad, where the main character of this project, Saul Goodman, appeared in later seasons.

The image of a self-confident and such “wrong” lawyer was so much liked by the representatives of the channel-publisher that it was decided to order a separate series dedicated to such a bright character. We are going back in time, where Sol has just begun his ascent to the legal Olympus.

So far, he gets the small things, each of which looks at least hopeless or just boring. In addition, Saul has a lot to think about the financial situation, because it is constantly pressing the householder, the tax service, the old friend, whom Sol owes.

We’ll see if it’s possible for such a courageous and insane lawyer to do something! He just needs to get the case, and then everything will go like a thumb. Looking and starting your business in Albuquerque! This is still Saul does not know what awaits him ahead … a meeting with Walter White will change his life!

Trailer Better Call Saul season 3

Scenes Better Call Saul season 3

Air Date: February 15, 2016

The protagonist of this series is Sol Goodman. This character suffers from constant failures in the professional field. More successful lawyers take on the most “sweet” cases that Goodman himself would have done without any problems.

Now he has to look for work where it is not usually found – on the street. In addition, Goodman is already under pressure – he needs to pay for housing, he needs to work to live, but, alas, fate has not turned to the main character.

Soon, however, one random thing changed everything! The protagonist received the necessary funds to open his own law office in Albuquerque, where all those who need professional and quick legal support are coming.

Sol Goodman is doing everything possible to raise his authority, but he does not yet know what legendary things await him in the future. The main character is in the center of attention of this madness, when he gets into the hands of the case of Heisenberg himself!

Trailer Better Call Saul season 2

Scenes Better Call Saul season 2

Air Date: February 08, 2015

American crime series about the hard work of a criminal lawyer Sol Goodman from the small town of Albuquerque. For the main character, “justice,” “justice,” and “rule of law” are just empty words that have long lost their true meaning. For a talented lawyer, his client is completely unimportant or not guilty, the main thing is that he has the means to pay the lawyer’s fee.

It is not surprising that with such an approach, Goodman’s regular customers are fraudsters and thieves of all stripes, gangsters and drug dealers. Every criminal knows that, once in the hands of the law, it is best to call Saul. The lawyer, in order to obtain an acquittal for the client, is ready to go on many manipulations, including fabricated evidence and perjury.

Trailer Better Call Saul season 1

Scenes Better Call Saul season 1