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  • 8.4 (based on 59 488 user ratings)
  • Genre: Drama
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 4: March 17, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 4
  • Created By: Brian Koppelman, David Levien, Andrew Ross Sorkin
Paul Giamatti
Paul Giamatti
Damian Lewis
Damian Lewis
Maggie Siff
Maggie Siff
Toby Leonard Moore
Toby Leonard Moore
David Costabile
David Costabile
Condola Rashad
Condola Rashad


There are many television series in the world that talk about the rich. Have you ever watched a show about their opposition? On the conflict of two fairly well-known personalities tell the television series “Billionaires.” This film is based on the script of David Levin and Brian Koppelman.

They wrote the script for such famous films as “Ocean’s 13”, “Rounders”, “Call Girl”. The plot is very unusual. Here the interests of two influential people will clash.

One is Chuck Rhoads lawyer. He is a prosecutor, known for his principles. And the second, Bobby Axelrod, is a financier. He is the king among his peers. The risk is common for him, and luck always smiles on him.

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Air Date: March 17, 2019

The modern world is terribly confused. It is unclear exactly who controls what is happening. Politicians hold power, businessmen have a lot of money, economies and marketers do not allow the market to fall into oblivion. All these people have solid influence and big money, which sometimes turn out to be above the law.

The focus of the plot project “Billions” are two characters, each of which defends its truth. Bobby Axelrod is engaged in a successful business and receives a solid profit. After the financial crisis, he became one of the few who somehow managed to stay in business. The situation is completely different with Prosecutor Chuck Rhoads.

He knows very well that after such a global financial collapse, no one would be able to calmly get back to business. Chuck is sure that Axelrod’s shadow policy brings a lot of money to the owner, but is, of course, illegal.

A serious conflict flares up between big people, whose scale grows beyond the boundaries of personal and professional enmity. Chuck is looking for compromising materials, puts his own conditions, drives Axelrod to a standstill, but huge amounts of money appear in their disassemblies, which will now be very difficult to disown.

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Air Date: March 25, 2018

In the 3rd season of Billions we can clearly understand, that the modern world is an unpredictable substance. Nobody knows who controls and whi is under control. The focus of the plot of this season is the confrontation between two outstanding personalities. The action takes place in New York.

We can watch the clash between Chuck Rhodes – the local prosecutor with an iron character, powerful and tempered willpower, and Bobby Axelrod – a genius who hopes to succeed in a planned financial scam.

In the 3rd season of Billions Bobby makes very dubious and suspicious investments that draw Chuck’s attention. He tries to figure out Axelrod, but it is not very easy for him, because his opponent is very clever and cunning, he can find a way out of any difficult situation and always try to be unnoticed. Will he be able to do it? We can learn it soon in the long-awaited season

There is a real impersonation of the opposition of politics and business in the third part of Billions. Are you ready to enjoy this confrontation just now? Sit back comfortably and watch it! This season promises to be really outstanding and incredible, but also unpredictable as the previous two seasons of Billions.

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Scenes Billions season 3

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Air Date: February 19, 2017

The action of the film “Billions” takes place in New York, a city that is famous for huge capital and all sorts of possibilities. It is not a secret to anyone that it is impossible to earn millions just by honest labor. Only those who skillfully perform various kinds of machinations and withstand the toughest competition can reach such heights in the business world.

Bobby Axelrod is a rich man on Wall Street. This person has billions of dollars in his accounts, which he increases daily. He did not always accumulate his capital in an honest, lawful way. He had to clean up competitors and cross the law. But at the same time, Bobby very often does charity events, a huge amount invests on the needs of the city.

The prosecutor Chuck Rhodes knows this, but he still wants to put a sighted billionaire behind bars.
Maybe the prosecutor would have already started his hunt a long time ago, but the fact that his wife Wendy works for one of Axelrod’s firms stops him. But he does not intend to give up his words.

He always tries to get as close as possible to the billionaire, but he has the unique ability to see his future and therefore always turns out to be ahead of the guardian of the law.
And again, men engage in battle with each other. If the first for the sake of promotion in the service, then the second protects the acquired wealth.

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Scenes Billions season 2

Air Date: January 17, 2016

The modern world is an unpredictable substance. No one knows who controls what and who decides what. The focus of the plot of the series “Billions” is the confrontation between two prominent personalities.

We are with you in New York, where we are witnessing the clash of Chuck Rhodes, the local prosecutor with an iron character, and Bobby Axeldorf, a real genius who hopes for success in the planned financial scam. Bobby makes dubious investments that attract Chuck’s attention. He tries to get to see Axeldorf, but the latter is not so simple.

The personification of the confrontation of politics and business in the third season of the project “Billions”. This is the new “house of cards” on modern television. Fans of the genre strongly recommend! Enjoy watching.

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Scenes Billions season 1