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  • 8.2 (based on 84 755 user ratings)
  • Genre: Adventure, Drama
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 4: January 29, 2017
  • Number Of Seasons: 4
  • Created By: Jonathan E. Steinberg, Robert Levine
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Download Black Sails for free and enjoy one of the most impactful shows about sea, adventures, and corruption. Created by talented people, this interesting and exciting story carries that spirit of adventure and romantic freedom that we seemingly have long forgotten without focus on modern narratives. This is a series full of intense conflicts, exciting action, great character development, and moving drama. If you are interested in great fusion of history and fiction, you will undeniably fall in love with this amazing tale of trade, war, and freedom. Gradually heating up conflicts and intriguing interactions quickly become addictive.

Black Sails has that incredible quality to immediately suck you in the action and keep you on the edge of the seat for the whole time you are binging it. If you enjoy gritty shows with strong plot and dialogue, watching it will be a treat for you and your loved ones. With its strong direction, immersive storytelling, and lots of great character bits, this series definitely knows how to keep its audience invested in the plot that thickens ever so often. If you consider yourself a fan of high quality television and prefer to be entertained by talentedly made content, don’t even think about missing out on this title.

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Air Date: January 29, 2017

Black Sails Season 4 will wrap up the long-lasting TV show about pirates and English Imperial campaign against them. The story has been slowly crawling its way towards the culmination and it is finally here. We are about to see one of the biggest finales in the recent history of TV shows. The naval battle for Nassau is about to start and bandits, daredevils, and brave soldiers are sharpening their swords and polish their guns. With the confrontation between the British Empire and local gangs being at its boiling point, there is no turning back and a grandiose battle is the only way to resolve the conflict.
All fictive and actual pirates are gathered together in this amazing TV show and their struggle is not only about “yarr-yarring” and greedily collecting piles of gold to hide them somewhere on an inhabitable island. They want to fight for their freedom and protect their lifestyle that is about to be wiped out from the pages of historical books. The very phenomenon of piracy may extinguish forever and some bandits will die before they see this happening.
The pirates are joining forces with each other and against each other, while the British Empire is bringing together one of the biggest naval fleets that the world had ever seen. The grand finale is coming!

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Air Date: January 23, 2016

Pirate serials are a great rarity, therefore, when this adventure exotics came on the screens, many viewers gladly fell under the charm and charm of sea adventures that have a delicate aroma of rum. And now, a year later, the next part of the adventure serial drama from the life of pirates “Black Sails” season 3 comes online.

The year 1715 was one of the most successful for maritime corsairs. It was then that they fully activated their aggressive activities for the sake of an important goal for them – to officially settle down and make one of the islands of the Caribbean home so that no one else could claim it. This place was New Providence – in the past a British colony. All the darkest things and pirate scam revolves in this forgotten place of God, but sea wolves are more than satisfied. Emptying other people’s holds, killing crew members, drinking alcohol immensely and enjoying a lot of the female body – sea robbers live happily ever after, but everything changes with the British ships mooring ashore.

What happens next in the series Black Sails online?

King George decided to stop the lawlessness and lawlessness in New Providence, as well as to establish the safe movement of ships on the water area around the island. But the pirates are dangerous rivals, pretending that they submitted, in the next second you can expect a desperate battle. One and the other side are developing effective plans to eliminate each other. Captain Flint does not intend to surrender, as well as the rest of the team of thugs, especially since he has an extremely cunning ally on the side, such as Eleanor – the daughter of a local and very influential crook, whose cunning can help even in the most hopeless cases.

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Air Date: January 24, 2015

Continuation of the famous American TV series called “Black Sails” online.
The film is based on the novel of the same name by the writer Robert Stevenson – this novel is called “Treasure Island”.

Interesting is the fact that the creators and producers of the series have reported the news that this film will have a continuation, long before the release of the first season, the first series. It was a pretty risky chance for them, because the ratings of the series could fail with collapse, but fortunately this did not happen, and the first season was very successful.

In the adventure series Black Sails 2 Season Online, viewers will appreciate all that romance present in the fascinating and dangerous adventures of fearless pirates, as well as the colorful battles of the brutal and brave protagonists of this series. An interesting fact is that a real life-size warship mock-up was made specifically for the Black Sails series, and more than three hundred people worked on it. The second season’s screenwriter will be Michael Bay, who became famous for his famous Transformers action movie.

And now a little about the plot of the series Black Sails 2:

The action of the film will unfold in the twenty years before the events that are described in the book “Treasure Island”. The plot of the Black Sails begins on a pirate island called New Providence. Captain Flint, who was with his team on this island, trying to survive on it at any cost. In this pretty dramatic film, events take place at the beginning of the eighteenth century, in 1715, these years are considered to be the heyday of pirates in the Caribbean and the islands adjacent to it; this is a certain “golden age” for the bandits and pirates of those times.

The island of New Providence belongs to the former British colony, and it is here that complete lawlessness reigns, and only some reputable pirates can lead this chaos. The most terrifying and criminal pirate of “Gentlemen of Fortune” is considered to be none other than Captain Flint.

However, unexpectedly for everyone, Britain and its fleet decide to land again on these shores, thereby threatening Captain Flint and his loyal crew of brave and daring pirates. Captain Flint, along with the daughter of the local, would say so “thief in law” unites in order to protect his own house and team. Therefore, now the heroes of the series are coming dangerous adventures that will always separate them by a hair from death. After all, what only those permanent enemies of Captain Flint, who envy his almost immortal glory, and the authorities on the island of New Providence, are worth.

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Air Date: January 25, 2014

1715 West Indies. Pirates threaten the maritime trade routes of the region. The laws of all civilized states declare them enemies of all mankind. In response, the pirates adhere to their own doctrine: war against the whole world.

Another ship is taken to the boarding. The team of the captured vessel will have to die, no matter how they resist, and who survives, will join the pirate ranks. Pirates encounter an enclosed space on the ship, in which they find the dead, who “could not bear the thoughts of what they would do to him” and John Silver. He is ready to join their fraternity, and, by the way, a very good cook. John is accepted into the team, in the course of the action he gets into his hands a page that is very interesting to Captain Flint, she is from the logbook, with the route of the captured vessel.

And on the pirate ship is ripening, they have been sitting for three months without profit. Upon arrival on the island, these events recede into the background, and Silver finds out where the page he found is torn out. He secretly penetrates the captain’s cabin, where the overheard conversation clarifies a lot to him. The captain’s goal is a cargo worth $ 5 million.

All these events occur for several decades before what we read in the well-known “Treasure Island”, and the online series Black Sails promises to be quite interesting.

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