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  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 3: April 03, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 3
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Hank Azaria
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Amanda Peet
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Tyrel Jackson Williams
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Many people know about Brockmayer. This man became famous for commenting on the high league baseball games in the USA for many years. However, this man is lately some kind of sad.

He finds out that his beloved spouse is not faithful to him. She turns the novels on the side, which upsets Jim. He did not even suspect that his wife was a traitor. Brockmire is on the verge. It seems that he can break, it seems that he can go to the roof while conducting live broadcast. And it happens.

Jim is also captured on camera. The video immediately gets on the Internet and media. The man is fired, after which he is at work in the baseball team of the lower division.

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Air Date: April 03, 2019

The focus of the plot is the baseball commentator Jim Brockmire. He is satisfied with his work and does not complain about family life either. However, when a man learned about the betrayal of his beloved wife, he could not recover, which affected not only his relationship with his wife, but also his professional career.

A man during the live broadcast could not restrain himself and expressed everything that he thinks about the current situation within the family.

The Internet literally blew up a video with raging Jim, who was soon fired for unprofessional behavior. It takes ten years. The main character decides to return to his hobby. He is commented on a lower baseball league. Trainee Charles and Jules, a local club manager, are signed up with him.

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Air Date: April 25, 2018

Jim Brockmire, an alcoholic drug user, was once a very famous, public man in Kansas City – sports commentator. His life was literally in the palm of his hand, and when the news of his wife’s betrayal drove Jim off of himself, he, without thinking of the consequences, behaved in front of everyone in the most inappropriate way for a public person.

Jim’s violent behavior hit the net and he was fired from his job in 2007. Of course Brockmire tried to rectify the situation. He even called a press conference to justify his act, but it turned out even worse than it was.

For a full ten years, Jim fell out of civilized civilized life, wandering around Asian countries and curious about non-traditional sports like cockfighting. But at some point he decided that it was time to pull himself together and turn the situation in their favor. For this you just need to re-declare yourself. To do the usual kind of activity to restore your reputation and once again become famous and popular. You can start small, with a small town where the lower baseball league flourishes.

True now, Jim wondered what had changed in ten years. And these reflections did not lead to anything good. The man, of course, amuses himself to the fullest with pretty girls and after each night he gives his mistresses good gifts, but he is disappointed with what he saw in his native America. Jim plunged into the memories of thirty years ago and gradually came to the conclusion that before America, despite the widespread replication of naked female breasts, was not too sexy, because everyone forgot how the other part of the female body looks.

Now, Brockmire noticed that the Americans have changed dramatically. The man noted that different strata of the population, whether men are straight, gay, or very appetizing dark-skinned dense women now parade asses from the ass, in a normal white man just drool. In general, Jim Brockmire in his repertoire is a cynical, liberated man in his prime, whom women simply adore. And I must say that Jim’s career also went uphill. He does not focus on his former profession, but he just needs the attention of people, in connection with which it becomes clear that he began to have mental problems.

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Air Date: April 05, 2017

Tim Kirkby, on whose account there are already quite a few pretty good serials and films, among them are more famous projects such as “Brooklyn 9-9” (2013 – …), “Man Looking for a Woman” (2015 – …), “You, me and the end of the world” (2015) does not stop at what has been achieved and presents to your attention one more, comedy, sports series “Brockmire”.

In the center of attention – Jim Brockmire, in the past very famous and popular commentator of sports competitions. Basically, he led the reporting of games in the main baseball league. Why in the past? You ask. Yes, because this man loved his wife very much, one might say he idolized. But she apparently didn’t appreciate Jim too much and probably didn’t like her at all if she allowed herself to walk “to the left”, and she did this outrage repeatedly.

Brockmire was offended in his best feelings and forgetting about sports endurance, ethics, and forgetting everything, in general, you can say “flew off the coils.” Brave Jim Brockmire naturally hit the Internet for everyone to see, or rather a movie with his madness. The brutal netizens scoffed at a popular sports commentator, and the star of its popularity rolled very quickly, leaving no memories.

What our hero did for ten years, only God knows. But, after these years, the former, once popular commentator who hadn’t left the headlines, decided to stop being in oblivion! We must once again rise and gain former popularity. To once again become the favorite and famous sports commentator. His perseverance does him honor.

Jim, decided to start small. Restoration of his career, as well as his personal life will begin with the fact that he will settle for his profession in a lower baseball league that has a base in a tiny, unknown and God-forgotten town of Morristown. So what? It is necessary to start moving up the career ladder with something, so why not with the lower league? But what will come of it, you can find out if you start watching a comedy series.

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