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  • 8.4 (based on 169 315 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy, Crime
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 7: February 06, 2020
  • Number Of Seasons: 7
  • Created By: Michael Schur, Daniel J. Goor
Andy Samberg
Andy Samberg
Melissa Fumero
Melissa Fumero
Terry Crews
Terry Crews
Joe Lo Truglio
Joe Lo Truglio
Stephanie Beatriz
Stephanie Beatriz
Andre Braugher
Andre Braugher


Comedy TV project “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” from American producers, tells about a young police officer – Jake Peralt. He is a rather ambitious guy who possesses the necessary skills and a man of intelligence that allowed him to become a detective in the Brooklyn police department in his young years.

In this work, he feels like “fish in water”. Jake likes catching bad guys and investigating various crimes. However, he has a significant drawback, namely the inability to approach his work seriously, as required by the authorities.

The management is dissatisfied with the fact that Peralta behaves like a big child, and investigation turns it into children’s entertainment. Not surprisingly, his department suffers from poor detection statistics. But one day, everything changes when a new boss appears on the horizon – Captain Ray Holt.

This is a strict and stern man, who has seen a lot in his lifetime. He is not going to tolerate negligence and frivolity among his subordinates. Ray intends to improve the performance of the plot entrusted to him, and first of all he will have to deal with personnel, namely, Jake Peralt …

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Air Date: February 06, 2020

Detective Jacob Peralta of those who are called upstarts. He behaves defiantly and sometimes irresponsibly refers to the task. Despite this, the policeman manages to achieve success in work, which is clearly annoying his colleague Amy Santiago. It seems that there is a war going on between the characters, but the main characters clearly feel warm feelings for each other.

However, so far their thoughts are connected only with work and solving crimes. In addition, big changes are coming in the department. A new boss will come to the squad of main characters, which will radically differ from the previous one.

Jacob Peralta does not mind mocking the newcomer, but he turns out to be a tough nut and takes the bull by the horns. So begins a rather difficult, but very fruitful collaboration of characters. The American sitcom “Brooklyn 9-9” returns to the screens with the seventh season.

Trailer Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7

Scenes Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7

Air Date: January 10, 2019

The sixth season returns to the screens a comedy project, beloved by many viewers, telling about the work of the Brooklyn police station. The main characters are, of course, professionals in their field, but even they sometimes lack the concentration to bring complex cases to the end.

The focus of the plot is a young and promising cop Jake Peralta, who has always been an optimistic, cheerful and sometimes irresponsible guy in the workplace, which is not particularly strained his superiors. However, after the change of the head, the attitude to his service on the part of his colleagues and the new head of the crime investigation department changed.

A couple of inappropriate jokes about the boss – and now Jake is already on the pencil in the list of dismissal. True, the young man decides to pull himself together and show the outstanding skills of this master.

The protagonist tries to do everything possible to work properly, not only to prove his high level of professionalism to his superiors, but also to prove to the upstart Emmy Santiago that he is no worse in detective work.

Ahead of the audience waiting for the sixth season of the beloved series. We learn what will turn the final episodes of “Brooklyn” for the main characters.

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Scenes Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6

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Air Date: September 26, 2017

The fifth season of the long-awaited project “Brooklyn 9-9” is coming. Before you is a really bright and funny story about how the service is conducted in one of the police stations of the town.

The main character is a charismatic and very optimistic guy named Jake. Jake Peralta looks like an upstart who behaves like a real jerk, and therefore causes regular irritation from his colleague Amy Santiago. That is a nice cute girl who knows perfectly well how to work as a policeman, which is alien to the main character.

Professional work in a police station is a difficult and dangerous business – this is well recognized by Amy. However, the careless behavior of her colleague Jake causes only irritation.

Soon it becomes clear that Jake is not indifferent to the main character, that’s why he behaves so strangely. Or is it again a mirage, and is he, in fact, a typical prankster?

Trailer Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 5

Air Date: September 20, 2016

The fourth season of the series will please us with new meetings and new complicated cases, which are revealed by the most experienced detective in the United States.

The main character of the series is a policeman who gets the most complicated and complicated cases that he reveals in two accounts. But, like most geniuses, it has its drawbacks, namely, it behaves like a little child. Colleagues on the site consider this behavior strange, besides the protagonist likes to compete in the number of crimes disclosed.

One day, a new chief appears in the precinct, who decides. It’s time to stop the childishness of the protagonist, and he has to take up re-education, only it will not be very easy to do this, because the most experienced Brooklyn police officer likes his behavior and does not intend to change him.

Trailer Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 4

Air Date: September 26, 2015

The young man works in the Brooklyn police station “9-9” as a detective, and he likes it. The main thing is that he does not need to constantly carry out someone’s orders. Everything suits the detective, but even in such a responsible position the guy does not seem to be status.

After all, everything that he does, he does is infantile, and he has no desire to do something better in work. He is like a boy who is content with the state of things. He does his job formally, he fulfills his obligations barely tolerably; therefore, the 9-9 department is not at the forefront in disclosing cases.

And, probably, everything would have continued like this, if the new police chief had not arrived. He used to take the work as seriously as possible, and therefore any shortcomings in the department are perceived by him with great discontent. The task of the head is to take measures to restore order in this area and bring it to the forefront.

To do this, much will have to be corrected in the current situation regarding the business of the Brooklyn Division 9-9. Now the detective must treat his police duties differently. So will the new boss be able to reach the detective, or will the detective be hung in the station?

Trailer Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 3

Air Date: September 28, 2014

The action of the series unfolds in Brooklyn. Significant changes are taking place in the life of the local police – a new leader named Ray Holt appears. Ray’s task is to show himself from the best side, so that everyone knows that he deserved the high position.

The series shows the lives of various detectives. Each of them is a professional in their field, and they do not forget to compete with each other, trying to win the title of the best detective story. But all this does not cause enmity between the main characters. They do not forget to laugh and make fun of others, and even over themselves.

As soon as business concerns work, they boldly rush into investigations. Entangled cases that they have to unravel are very complex and mysterious. Then the main characters unite to achieve a common goal – to catch and punish the criminal.

Trailer Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 2

Air Date: September 17, 2013

A bit of a parody police sitcom, soaked through with humor. Ray Holt is the new site manager in Brooklyn who has to “build” his players and make them respect the authorities. Each of them is a high-level professional with his own style of work.

But these policemen are rarely taken seriously and constantly compete with each other. Although the right time will always come to the rescue comrade. And for Holt, law and professional discipline are sacred concepts, and he will have a hard time with his new subordinates.

The storyline revolves around individual investigative episodes in which funny incidents happen to police officers.

Trailer Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 1