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  • 4.4 (based on 10 839 user ratings)
  • Genre: Drama
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 1: October 14, 2018
  • Number Of Seasons: 1
Madeleine Mantock
Madeleine Mantock
Melonie Diaz
Melonie Diaz
Sarah Jeffery
Sarah Jeffery
Rupert Evans
Rupert Evans


The plot focuses on three sisters, each of whom is interesting in her own way. Macy is a typical student who prefers to spend time with textbooks, Mel is an active girl promoting feminist views. Madison is a typical cheerleader who adores tusy and socializing.

The main characters live in a small campus, which literally thrives on life. Soon the girls will learn that they are descendants of real witches, which means only that the trinity are also witches. From this point on, their life turns upside down! They are immersed in the world of magic, witchcraft and the fight against monsters, demons and other creatures.

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Air Date: October 14, 2018

Three sisters – Mel Vera, Macy Von and Maggie Vera – come to the house in which they grew up. He gets the sisters in the inheritance from the grandmother. The girls’ mom died many years ago under strange circumstances. In the attic of the house is stored an old book with spells.

Thanks to her, the girls acquire magical abilities: Macy moves objects with the power of thought, Mel stops time, and Maggie, the youngest of the three, has the gift of clairvoyance and can read minds. In the magic book spells for all occasions are written.

Having settled in the house, the main characters of the series “Charmed” unite their magical powers and become the most powerful witches of all time. Their mission is to protect people from evil spells and witchcraft. The forces of evil see in the combining capabilities of the sisters a threat and seek to destroy the girls. Higher light forces send guardian angel Harry Greenwood to witches.

In difficult tests, he gives wards advice. In the original, the prototype of Harry started an affair with Piper, but in a remake Mel is a lesbian, so this love line will not be on the show. There are some other differences. For example, there will be no detectives Andy and Derryl: they are replaced by one character – police girl Niko, who has mutual sympathy with Mel.

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