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  • 7.6 (based on 3 372 user ratings)
  • Genre: Drama, Family
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 4: August 25, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 4
  • Created By: John Tinker
Meghan Ory
Meghan Ory
Jesse Metcalfe
Jesse Metcalfe
Treat Williams
Treat Williams
Diane Ladd
Diane Ladd
Barbara Niven
Barbara Niven
Laci J Mailey
Laci J Mailey
Emilie Ullerup
Emilie Ullerup
Kayden Magnuson
Kayden Magnuson


The O’Brien family is at the center of the story of this series. The main character is Mick. He works as an architect. Numerous cities and districts were built under his strict guidance and according to his smart drawings. There was a time when Mick dreamed of moving away from worldly concerns and settling somewhere on the seashore. That is why the main character founded a commune on the peaceful shore of the Chesapeake Bay.

It was here that once upon a time his ancestors lived their lives, so now Mika’s family life has found itself in an old familiar place. The protagonist continues to work hard, despite the fact that his personal life does not add up. The wife left him, and the children had completely matured and began their lives.

Who would have thought that in front of the main character there are still a lot of personal dramas to be transferred either with loved ones, walking hand in hand, or alone, trying to understand feelings, emotions and personal preferences. Let’s see what the outcome of the O’Brien and Mika family will be, in particular, the third season of the popular drama series “On the Chesapeake Shores”.

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Air Date: August 25, 2019

A stunning dramatic story that will take the soul of all viewers. The script for the Chesapeake Shores project suggests that we get to know the O’Brien family. A large family consists of many interesting and unusual characters. One of them is Mick, who has chosen urban planning and architecture as a future profession.

The main character understands that he will be able to benefit the people. In addition, for the sake of a happy future and the possibility of having at least some influence, the protagonist creates his own commune on the Chesapeake coast near the bay, where the ancestors of Mika once developed their settlements. The main character loves work so much that he decides to head off to work.

True, this will prevent him from building relationships with family and friends. The guy just spoils the relationship with his brothers and sisters, and the parents stop contacting with the young man. Personal life is destroyed, because the spouse leaves the man. Years go by.

Mika’s children are growing up. He is trying to find a way to make peace with his mother and to find understanding among loved ones. So far, unsuccessfully. Mika’s brothers do not forget past grievances, but the history of relationships can always be started from scratch.

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Scenes Chesapeake Shores season 4

Air Date: August 05, 2018

Chesapeake Shores season 3 continues to tell a very compelling story about a strange family that has so many problems that a total reunification seems virtually impossible. This is a series about a woman who returns back to her hometown amidst a terrible breakdown of her relationship. However, her husband is not the only family she has. She is reminded of that fact in the very beginning of the story that now span across 3 seasons each with its own set of smaller tales to tell. The show has been quite successful and enjoyed some followship for over 3 years.

Chesapeake Shores season 3 has a lot of interesting dynamics that will most certainly keep you entertained. While the beginning of the series was quite simple and did not escalate the drama. The arrival of the mother of our heroine brought a lot of tension to the drama.

The amount of characters is bigger, the stakes are higher, and the drama is turned up to eleven. Our heroine will have to make some decisive moves. If you thought that it was a good drama before, you will not believe how many more events are about to happen in the nearest future! Watch this outstanding season and enjoy every single minute of it. The inhabitants of a small inn are getting serious!

Trailer Chesapeake Shores season 3

Scenes Chesapeake Shores season 3

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Air Date: August 06, 2017

The series focuses on a fairly large family of About Brian. These people live on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay. Once upon a time, Mick O Brian laid here the first stone of his house and a small town around. He is a builder and architect who knows exactly how to create beautiful and durable homes. Now he and his family live here and are not worried about anything.

The protagonist has been engaged in construction for a long time. He cannot find rest, because he has to work tirelessly. Someone might say that Mick is a typical workaholic. You are partly right. His work was so important to the main character that his wife once left him, so Mik had to somehow raise five children on his own.

The main character was not at a loss and turned for help to mother Nell, who happily helped her son, forever busy with work affairs. In addition, Mick is not discouraged, because next to him, as before, are close and dear people who are always ready to support.

Mika’s brothers are responsible guys who are always mountainous. However, once upon a time the characters had certain discord in relationships. Fortunately, they can be solved without problems by the wise beyond her years Nell.

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Scenes Chesapeake Shores season 2

Air Date: August 14, 2016

We bring to your attention the story of the O’Brien family. The focus of the story is Mick. He is an architect and builder who decided to build a special memorial in honor of his ancestors on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay.

The main character has always been distinguished by the desire to give himself completely to work. A man even sometimes goes too far with love for his work, because often his beloved family and loved ones are ignored. The wife has long left the main character, leaving her husband with five children, who he brings up in his own way.

Years go by. Children are growing up. Soon they arrive in Cheespeak. This is where the family must reunite. Mick is trying to do everything to establish contact with loved ones. Relatives try to find the strength in themselves to forgive former grievances.

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