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  • 7.6 (based on 4 575 user ratings)
  • Genre: Crime, Drama
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 1: June 16, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 1
  • Created By: Chuck MacLean
Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon
Aldis Hodge
Aldis Hodge
Jonathan Tucker
Jonathan Tucker
Mark O\'Brien
Mark O\'Brien
Jill Hennessy
Jill Hennessy
Lauren E. Banks
Lauren E. Banks


The plot of the series takes viewers to Boston early nineties. This city is buried in crime. Corruptionists are here at every turn, and racist antics are an indispensable attribute of local residents. Everything turns upside down when a black prosecutor arrives in Boston from Brooklyn.

The main character Decorsi Ward intends to change life in this troubled area, showed the locals what order and law are. True, the man did not expect to face such corrupt officials and purchased managers, when the criminal world controls what is happening here so much that no law will help. Nothing remains but to enter into an agreement with representatives of criminal organizations.

A dubious alliance with corrupt managers also does not look promising, but Decorsy is confident that the agreement with the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Jackie Rhodes will bear fruit. Ward is trying to take the tail of a dangerous local gang that is looting.

Their recent raids on collectors seriously affected the financial situation of the city. Decorence knows that she can survive in such terrible conditions, because the experience of the Brooklyn service suggests that even with such a criminal world you can cope.

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Air Date: June 16, 2019

The city on the hill is a crime drama whose plot idea belongs to Ben Affleck, and the script according to its original idea was written by Chuck McLean, who is the author of the Boston Strangler project about the real story that happened in this city in the mid-60s.

And this project will also discuss Boston, but this time the action will unfold in the 90s of the last century. The idea of ​​Affleck is also based on the realities of the criminal life of Boston at the time. And although all the characters and the outline of the events are completely invented by the authors, the real operation of the Boston police, in the course of which law enforcement agencies managed to clear the city of criminal structures, almost completely, is at the heart of their creative imagination.

This unprecedented operation was called the “Boston Miracle”, not only was it written about a lot in the press of that time, it even entered all the textbooks for educational institutions in which future police officers are preparing.
So, the action in the series “The City on the Hill” takes place in Boston, in the nineties. The city is just filled with all sorts of criminal groups and superbly armed gangs who commit bold robbery attacks, rob, steal, kill, and all this, almost with impunity, because the local police, which consist of almost all white, in the full sense of the word, covers these criminal clans, having from them a lot of money.

So the city is dominated by racism and terry corruption, for which there is no justice, because everyone who is obliged to be concerned about this is involved in one way or another in general criminal schemes. And residents were already accustomed to taking this state of affairs as a standard of life, and in their troubles they relied only on private detective agencies, whose business in such conditions, of course, flourished, so that they were very pleased with the state of affairs, and also did not strain themselves in their activities .

And then one day in the “City on the Hill” everything changed dramatically, and the cause was served by one single person. A new district attorney was appointed to Boston, who was transferred to this problematic place from Brooklyn, where he managed to reduce the crime rate. He is a dark-skinned and completely incorruptible person of crystal honesty and inflexible will.

The hero decides to bring some strands in the city, clearing him, both from racism and dirty police. However, in this matter he has to combine efforts with his practical antithesis. This is a veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, a very professional, knowledgeable, experienced, intelligent person, but he has one unpleasant quality – he is very corrupt. And yet, agreeing on the status quo, these two completely different people begin to act in a fairly harmonious tandem.

The FBI goes on the trail of a large, heavily armed gang of robbers from Charlestown who specialize in car robbery. In the process of preparing and capturing these criminals, the case begins to grow and cover more and more criminal groups and groups. Ultimately, these events will lead to the fact that the whole system of law enforcement and justice in Boston will be changed.

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