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TV show Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger is yet another expansion of the massive MCU on the silver screen. With multiple great shows already running and being quite successful amongst both diehard Marvel fans and those who crave for good adventure/sci-fi series, this is a welcome addition that allows the MCU to cater to younger audiences that seemed to be forgotten.

Lots of previous TV series focused on very mature problems and did not leave much room for teenagers. TV show Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger solves this problem and delivers a satisfying fusion of modern special effects and a story that is considered to be a canon.

The main emphasis of the show is one creating a visually appealing experience with lots of interesting connotations and details that will tie this series to the grander body of the MCU.

At the same time, showrunners want to give young stars some room to shine and create a compelling emotional story about family and conflicts that are inevitable once enhanced individuals become more of a regularity in the world rather than an abnormality.

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Air Date: April 04, 2019

The main characters of this series are simple teenagers, each of whom discovers incredible powers in himself. Young people understand that they possess unique skills bestowed by nature, and this means that the acquired abilities must be directed to some useful food. Tandy and Tyrone are unusual teenagers.

Tandy opened the gift to recreate the light daggers, and Tyrone is able to absorb people into darkness. The main characters understand that it is best to act together. In addition, the characters open up in each other something more than just a friend or helper in superhero affairs.

It seems that between the characters there are real feelings that will grow into great love. However, the intricacies of mysterious events and the cruel world will force us to test their relationships for strength.

Trailer Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger season 2

Air Date: June 07, 2018

Cloak & Dagger season 1 is a much anticipated and absolutely deservingly so series from Marvel. It is not a part of the notorious Netflix subinverse but a new entry and will introduce us to iconic characters from our favorite comics. If you are a person who follows the world of inhumans and mutants closely, you definitely know a rat-tag duet with incredible magic powers who try to use them for good but often do not really know what is what.

Strong directing, cohesive plot, and serviceable acting make this whole concept run pretty well and entertain us by being very energetic action-packed series with compelling leads and several really good attempts at world building.

Cloak & Dagger season 1 invites you to an exciting journey with a couple of heroes whose story is not as intriguing and special as some other out there. However, you will also meet a bunch of supporting cast members, interesting villains, and some cameos that will undeniably tickle the nerdy side of yours.

There are so many cool things that are happening simultaneously in this series that you will unlikely be able to follow the story easily. Get ready for a good and interesting superhero adventure told to you by talented creators.

Trailer Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger season 1

Scenes Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger season 1

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