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  • 7.5 (based on 5 370 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 3: January 20, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 3
  • Created By: Pete Holmes


Life stability is extremely relaxing. The man begins to believe that there is nothing more to strive for. He is increasingly lying on the couch, aimlessly dropping precious time in pizza boxes, a TV remote, meaningless magazines and nothing about idle thinking.

In his life there is no more intrigue, unpredictability, adrenaline, treads, sharp turns of fate and other factors contributing to the development. Split person, even the thought does not admit that everything can go on gravity and change drastically and when this day comes, the person is not ready for this kind of surprise. But it is they who become the trigger and a good slap, which eventually change his whole existence into an improved version of the old, rusty, homogeneous type of life.

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Air Date: January 20, 2019

Crashing season 3 continues to explore the experience of life of a comedian. One of the best things about this whole media endeavor was the fact that the show was conceived, written, produced, and partially directed by Pete Holmes who also acts as the main star of the series. Stand-up comedy is not an easy domain that welcomes all people who want to make it big in the world of humor and comedy. It is hard to become a crowd-favorite after a couple of appearances on the local stage. There is a long process of learning about the craft and yourself. It is exactly what this show wants to do and explore.
Crashing season 3 is definitely amongst the better shows when it comes to telling a simple story of a simple man. You won’t believe how great it is to watch the show and observe the life of a comedian whose life is crashing down. The name of the series is a word play as our hero is homeless and often has to crash at someone’s house for a night. Every time he does it, he learns something about his own life and about reasons why people like him at all! It is one of smarter comedies in the market with a leading actor who actually knows the problems of the hero. If you enjoy a high-quality comedy with great humor, download all episodes of this show right now!

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Air Date: January 14, 2018

The story was really tragic at first. After all, there is nothing funny in the fact that the spouse, after six years, seems to have changed a successful and happy marriage. However, it was this circumstance that gave a tangible impetus towards improving the life of the main character, although in order to reach the pinnacle of success, he would have to go a long and long way overcoming various obstacles.

Pete for a long time could not accept the fact that his life was destroyed. Now we have to start all over again and set new goals for ourselves. But time passed and he finally made the only correct and productive decision. He will succeed in his favorite business. Become a great artist, and for this, you just have to change the situation. New York has become the city of his new dream, especially since there are many friends around who did not remain indifferent to his tragedy and tried to support in every possible way. So what if there is no reliable roof over your head and there is no permanent work yet. For a person stubbornly going to the goal there are no obstacles. He will conquer the impregnable city for whatever it costs.

Pete Holmes survived, albeit with great difficulty, the tragedy in his personal life and now he seemed to have a second wind. With new strengths and thoughts, he is not broken, full of strength, ready to go to looming ahead of success. In New York, there are plenty of friends who help and support the man in every possible way; besides, he gradually acquires new connections with friends. Yes, he had a hard time. At first, he was booed and even driven off the stage, advising him to come up with better jokes, but Pete did not give up. He began to listen to the advice his friends gave him and tried to adapt them to his speeches. Rummaging from one friendly couch to another, the stand-uper knew the world around him and began to see him from a completely different side, which gave Pete a lot of ideas for performances. He told everyone about everything wrapping stories in perfectly prepared sketches. Well, if a man succeeds at the end of the day or not, you can find out if you watch Pete Holmes’s “By Friends” series.

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Air Date: February 19, 2017

The protagonist of the new comedy series “According to friends” is online season 1, an entertaining, but completely lost taste for life personality. Pete has always considered himself a decent religious man, not entitled to mistakes and condemnation of That is why, at a young age, he met a pretty girl, Jess, with whom they indulged in passionate love for the first time and decided that she should become his companion in family life. The couple got married, and became a copy of a billion of the same unpretentious families as around the world. Payment of bills, dinner together, periodic visits to friends, to parties and to the cinema. Cleaning the house, watching TV shows, rolling up to a clear timetable, sex and other boring things familiar to almost everyone.

With an extraordinary sense of humor, savvy and an open mind, Peter was drawn to the microphone. He decided that the best place to use his talent was a stand-up show, so he completely surrendered to this creative process. The hero of the series “By Friends” 2017 online could not understand why his jokes are so hard given to the average viewer and seem more sour than causing appetite and the desire to enjoy more. For a long time he couldn’t admit to himself that deep inside he was miserable and locked up that winged and free bird of creativity, which wants to flutter and enjoy life, somewhere in the cage of his sad, ossified soul. The wife puts everything on the shelves and finally the comedian illuminates. One day, returning home much earlier than the set time, he finds Jess in bed in a disheveled form at the height of the working day. This does not bode well news. Yes, and in the bathroom someone diligently flushes the water and it is clearly not a thief, who decided to quickly go to the toilet before the responsible process.

The spouse cannot pick up the words, and a pumped naked man comes out of the next room, wiping the causal place with a towel, which Peter has been wiping his face since the morning. The sad truth is revealed. Jess was also bored by the colorless married life, as was Pete, who was afraid to admit to himself this simple and sad truth. The only difference is that the wife arrived dishonorably and started on the side of the passionate lover in love of Italian boxer Rocco. It is clear to both of them that there is no way back and it is time to interrupt a fake marriage. Psychologically traumatized Pete tells the whole truth to his audience from the stage and realizes that it’s time for him to flee to a city with great opportunities and prospects, which for him is New York.

Initially, things in the metropolis are not going well. The picky audience does not see the point of going to the evening with an unknown humorist. Pete has to personally hand out flyers and invite people to his event. Then they take him for a homeless person, then they beat him with a bludgeon on his legs, then they simply use a leaflet like a handkerchief, then shamelessly throwing it into the trash can. Peter is trying by all means not to fall into despair, and his friends are happy to offer the loser a comfortable place on the couch, support and sarcasm, wherever without it in a true friendship. No matter how it was there, the comedian feels that this is only the beginning of his difficult, but triumphal way towards the pet stander’s public. He is ready to fight for his place under the stage lights, to wait for the catch of the first sincere applause and crushing the fans around the laughter. Patience, only patience …

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