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  • 7.5 (based on 86 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Air Date Season # 9: January 09, 2020
  • Number Of Seasons: 9
  • Created By: Robert Thorogood
Ardal O\'Hanlon
Ardal O\'Hanlon
Joséphine Jobert
Joséphine Jobert
Tobi Bakare
Tobi Bakare
Shyko Amos
Shyko Amos
Don Warrington
Don Warrington
Élisabeth Bourgine
Élisabeth Bourgine


The series depicts the life of the inhabitants of a small island called St. Mary. At one time, this corner of wildlife belonged to both France and Britain.

Therefore, the population here is mixed. A murder is being committed on the island – a British detective who helped local police officers died. To investigate his death, Richard Poole arrives from London.

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Air Date: January 09, 2020

Richard Poole is an experienced detective who has been investigating convoluted crimes all his life. Murder is his element. Poole was known in London as an excellent professional in his field.

True, he will not be able to stay on the Foggy Albion forever – his superiors send Richard to investigate a complex case in a remote corner of the UK. St. Mary’s Island in the Caribbean is a unique place. Here the weather differs significantly from the one that reigned in London. Warm, light and bright. Such a situation clearly does not set up for work, but the matter must be brought to completion.

Trailer Death in Paradise season 9

Scenes Death in Paradise season 9

Air Date: January 10, 2019

The eighth season of one of the most action-packed projects of modern television in Britain. The plot focuses on the self-confident and charismatic investigator Humphrey Goodman. His predecessor began detective work on the island of Sainte-Marie, but died at the hands of criminals. Once upon a time, an amazing investigator, Richard Poole, came to this remote Caribbean island.

True, he did not like the local weather and atmosphere – he didn’t really like Poole very much, but rather preferred London weather, because he was a native British. And he wanted to work in London, and not somewhere far away, because the spit of Sainte-Marie, among other things, is filled with French-speaking residents due to the fact that this territory passes from one owner to another from time to time.

It just so happened that for a long time Sainte-Marie belonged to France, and now has come under British control. Local murder investigations make the main character seriously tense up, because every time the criminals come up with something new, because on a limited plot of land it is hardly possible to safely hide. Let’s see how the new season of the British classic detective project ends.

Trailer Death in Paradise season 8

Scenes Death in Paradise season 8

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Air Date: January 04, 2018

Here is the seventh season of the detective-comedy project “Death in Paradise”, which talks about the difficult work of Richard Pool. The main character serves in the police department, located in the capital of England, London. The inspector was already accustomed to ongoing investigations on grim Albion, but the latter order pretty much spoiled Richard’s mood.

He goes to the Caribbean island of Sainte-Marie, which he considers the most terrible place on earth! Richard doesn’t really like tropical air, he doesn’t like the local warm weather, and indeed the sun is more an enemy for him than a friend who warms.

The murder committed in such a heavenly place makes a man seriously tense. He is trying to investigate the matter in typical ways that worked in London. However, here everything is a little different. Every day is unpredictable situations and incredible turns of events, and the comic moments that arise with the main character only aggravate the situation. Richard is close to a breakdown, but gathers all his will and strength into a fist to continue the investigation of such a confused and strange murder. He is already close to a solution.

Trailer Death in Paradise season 7

Scenes Death in Paradise season 7

Air Date: January 05, 2017

The beautiful island of San Marie looks like a real paradise. Somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean is this paradise. Who would have thought that this is where the most mysterious and strange crimes can occur.

Murders happen in large metropolitan areas, but that they did not happen on a small resort island! The project talks about the work of Inspector Richard Poole, who will conduct investigations at Sainte Marie. The detective himself works in the London police. He is in good standing with his superiors, so he cannot return home without a successful resolution of the case!

Trailer Death in Paradise season 6

Scenes Death in Paradise season 6

Air Date: January 07, 2016

The paradise is the island of San Marie, it is located in the Caribbean. In the villa of a very wealthy family of James and Cheese, found the body of Charlie Hume, he was a British police officer. It is not a simple matter, a detective from London was involved in the investigation.

Richard pool is still that bore, he does not like the sun and all the magnificence of San Marie is not for him. For him, being on this island is a real test. Maybe he looks ridiculous in his all-buttoned jacket in an unbearable heat. But he is a wonderful professional in his field.

And with a lot of effort, of course the murder is uncovered. And now, it seems, Poole may go to his beloved city of London, but no, he remains in this paradise to investigate many more interesting crimes …

Trailer Death in Paradise season 5

Scenes Death in Paradise season 5

Air Date: January 08, 2015

A multi-part fascinating detective story about one of the investigators of the London Police Department – Richard Poole. He is forced to go to the most terrible corner of the world, at least he is sure of it. On one of the islands of the Caribbean Sea called Sainte-Marie, he will conduct an investigation …

Trailer Death in Paradise season 4

Scenes Death in Paradise season 4

Air Date: January 14, 2014

The inspector hates the tropical climate. He is ready for anything, if only to finish things faster and go back home. I must say, he ultimately reveals the crime masterly. And the appointment to the place of the murdered is not long in coming. Richard has to come to terms with the fact that he still has a lot of time to spend on the island.

Trailer Death in Paradise season 3

Scenes Death in Paradise season 3

Air Date: January 08, 2013

This detective series tells of the inspector of the London Police Department, Richard Poole. In his own opinion, he was sent to conduct an investigation in the most terrible place that can exist on the planet. This place is Sainte Marie – an island in the Caribbean.

Trailer Death in Paradise season 2

Scenes Death in Paradise season 2

Air Date: October 24, 2011

This tv series of the detective genre will tell us about detective Richard Poole. Working in the capital of England as a police inspector, he is ordered to go on a long trip to the Caribbean archipelago, in a place called St. Mary’s. Richard does not like this place at all, but he does not give up and takes up the investigation.

Trailer Death in Paradise season 1

Scenes Death in Paradise season 1