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  • 7.0 (based on 3 951 user ratings)
  • Genre: Action & Adventure, Crime, Drama
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Air Date Season # 2: May 09, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 2
  • Created By: Matthew Parkhill, Simon Maxwell
Anastasia Griffith
Anastasia Griffith
Mansour Badri
Mansour Badri
Daisy Beaumont
Daisy Beaumont
David Bedella
David Bedella
Mark Strong
Mark Strong
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Karima McAdams


TV show Deep State is a gateway to the world of secret agendas and political intrigues. With its strong writing and interesting plot twists with betrayals and intricate clashes of interests constantly happening all across the fictional world, this series suck you in the narrative and creates a very emotional story that appeals to a wide audience of viewers.

You will most certainly enjoy this amazing television series featuring outstanding actors, talented creators, and a score of memorable interactions between main characters. This is a true treat for those who love intense stories full of undertones and nuances.

TV show Deep State has a lot to offer to those who seek intelligent entertainment that has good production value and inventive editing. The story has a lot of small bits that make it a great way to entertain yourself during long boring evenings after hard busy days. The fusion of ideas makes the show very convincing and complex.

Commanded by talented directors and written by gifted screenwriters, the series invites you to a daring adventure. Download episodes of TV show deep state in all formats (AVI, MPEG or MP4) and enjoy this series on your TV, mobile phone or a tablet!

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Air Date: May 09, 2019

For about ten years, Max Easton has not engaged in espionage. He left the case, hoping that he would return to normal life. However, the man is forced to return to understand the details of the death of the closest person – a son.

The main character turns out to be a defendant in one of the largest international conspiracies. He knows that the powers that be are implicated in the world from the Middle East.

Max begins his work there. To understand these matters, he has to spend a lot of time studying the documents and materials that his son worked on. What will be next? Is Easton digging into the truth?

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Air Date: April 05, 2018

The 1st season focuses our attention on the hard life of Max Easton. This name, perhaps, is familiar to someone, because the main character of the series “Shadow Power” was a copy of a real person. The main hero was engaged in espionage of the order of ten years ago. His work has always been tense and really complicated. The protagonist was forced to resign to take up personal life and become a normal person at final.

However, as we can learn in the 1st season of ┬źDeep State┬╗ the “enemy” has long waited for the opportunity to strike at the most vital place. The professional activity of the protagonist has posed a threat not only to him, but also to his relatives, and the next tragic incident was a direct confirmation of this.

The main thing is that his beloved son was killed and this accident makes him change his opinion about life once and for all. He returns to his favorite profession and try to understand what had happened. Over the time, Max is dragged into a particularly dangerous conspiracy. People from the Middle East are involved in the death of the son of the protagonist. He leads summaries and prepares a retaliatory strike.

Will the main character be able to understand what happened and to find criminals who were guilty in the death of his single son? We’ll learnt it soon in 1st part of this unpredictable episode! Pleasant viewing!

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