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  • Genre: Drama
  • Country: Canada
  • Air Date Season # 2: March 04, 2020
  • Number Of Seasons: 2


The main character of the series is Marcy Diggs, the woman who devoted her life to work. She is a corporate lawyer who is always on business, and therefore does not have time to pay due attention to loved ones. True, soon the life of the heroine will be turned upside down when the beloved aunt of the heroine commits suicide.

It is after this moment that Marcy’s everyday life and views will change completely, because the heroine will find out that all her colleagues and friends have sold their souls to the devil a long time ago and are now ready to do anything to get as much money as possible.

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Air Date: March 04, 2020

The second season of Diggstown continues to tell the story of Marcy Diggs. The main character worked as a corporate lawyer until she faced a strange case – the suicide of her aunt, whom she loved. The girl understands that her colleagues are not going to investigate this crime in the way that is really needed.

They are ready to work only for money and for their sake they will sell their soul to the devil. The main character is sure that the unfortunate woman was killed, so she is going to investigate this case on her own in order to bring to the clean water the villains guilty of what happened. What will be next?

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Scenes Diggstown season 2

Air Date: March 06, 2019

Of course, they are only interested in wealthy clients, to whom they devote more time. Marcy is trying to confront the deceitful world that is experiencing it over and over again.

The main character is sure that ahead of her are truly complex cases related to numerous financial crimes, however, the problem of personal perception of the legal sphere will make itself felt. Diggs will not be what her work colleagues are. She will try to show herself from the best side.

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Scenes Diggstown season 1

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