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Dispatches from Elsewhere

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  • 7.3 (based on 16 user ratings)
  • Genre: Drama, Mystery
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 1: March 01, 2020
  • Number Of Seasons: 1
  • Created By: Jason Segel
Jason Segel
Jason Segel
André Benjamin
André Benjamin
Sally Field
Sally Field
Richard E. Grant
Richard E. Grant
Eve Lindley
Eve Lindley


The idea of creating a dramatic television series-anthology “Messages from another world” belongs to Jason Siegel, who was involved in writing the script jointly by two other authors.

The anthology series was based on the 2013 documentary directed by Spencer McCall – The Institute, which reconstructs the story of the Jejune Institute, an alternative reality game set in San Francisco. The film included interviews with participants and creators of the game.

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Air Date: March 01, 2020

The main characters dreamed of participating in a funny quest. They manage to encounter a very interesting plot, which makes them move around the city and look for clues presented in special stories.

The main characters are getting closer and closer to unraveling the secrets of this game, but they will soon realize that everything that is happening around is just a cunning plan of no less cunning people. Behind the organization of the quest is some kind of secret unit, planning to use people as spies. These double agents are unsuspecting protagonists.

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