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  • Genre: Action & Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Air Date Season # 12:
  • Number Of Seasons: 12
  • Created By: Sydney Newman, C. E. Webber, Donald Wilson
Jodie Whittaker
Jodie Whittaker
Bradley Walsh
Bradley Walsh
Mandip Gill
Mandip Gill
Tosin Cole
Tosin Cole
Sharon D. Clarke
Sharon D. Clarke


The protagonist of the television series – Rosa Tyler, worked all her conscious life in a local clothing and accessories supermarket in London. Her life did not differ at all from the life of many British until a certain occasion.

Once, during the next shift in the supermarket, mannequins somehow miraculously come to life and chase a woman, trying to kill her. At this very moment, a strange visitor appears in the supermarket, introducing himself as Doctor Who, and saves Rosa’s life. However, the girl can not understand how this person was in the store at this moment, because the doors were already closed.

Doctor Who reveals his secret – he is an interplanetary hero. A man offers a girl to go with him into his mysterious world full of dangerous adventures. Rosa, in gratitude to her savior, agrees to go with him.

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The new twelfth season of the series Doctor Who will begin with a Christmas special episode, and after that it will roll into the regular season.

The authors of the script of this project prepared for the audience a fascinating continuation of the story of an intergalactic traveler who is subject to time and space. Dr. Who, performed by Jodie Whittaker, continues his adventure.

During the new season, she will face new enemies, as well as meet old friends, among whom will be the Daleks, and the possible return of the Master, and the likely encounters with the old companions of the main character. So far, the plot is kept secret, however, viewers can be sure that it will be an amazing sight.

Trailer Doctor Who season 12

Air Date: October 07, 2018

The eleventh season of a true classic of British television. Here is a series that has become a symbol of the century! The project “Doctor Who” is a long fantastic story stretching from the middle of the last century.

The series is still being released and made more modern and interesting. In each new season, the adventures of the Doctor are incredibly interesting and exciting. For the eleventh time, we will meet with such a stunning character in a new look. Doctor Who will find his embodiment in a female image and, most likely, will find a new companion.

One can only expect the release of the most popular British series in the light. The Doctor Who project, as always, promises insane adventures, travels in time and space, as well as a lot of excellent plot sketches and pleasant memorable characters. The eleventh season of the legendary series will once again visit the screens!

Trailer Doctor Who season 11

Scenes Doctor Who season 11

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Air Date: April 15, 2017

The protagonist of this series has long been known to all lovers of fantastic projects. Here is a real galaxy rescuer, a lover of time and space travel. Doctor Who – this is the character whom we already know about half a century.

He travels the universe with the help of his police booth, which, in fact, is a spaceship with special abilities and functions. The doctor is a very eccentric type who always seeks to show his vast knowledge of technology and history. The protagonist never travels the universe alone. He has a faithful companion next to him, with whom a man fights against the enemies of the Earth.

Trailer Doctor Who season 10

Scenes Doctor Who season 10

Air Date: September 19, 2015

Doctor Who is the most interesting series that enjoys its popularity in many countries due to its unusual adventures, many effects and incredibly cool electro-style music.

The hero of this series is an alien creature in the guise of a person who skillfully moves in space and time. Calling himself a doctor, he possesses deep knowledge in the scientific field and knows history well.

He is subject to any technique. Flying on his spaceship, which he knows like the back of his hand. The doctor and his team are fighting various villains who are trying to destroy planet Earth. Not a single day passes without his participation in the salvation of mankind.

Trailer Doctor Who season 9

Scenes Doctor Who season 9

Air Date: August 23, 2014

Alien from outside Doctor Who arrived through space and time on our planet Earth. Outwardly, he looks like a simple earthling. The doctor is smart, curious, fearless.

Earthly concerns and our problems do not concern him. But if earthlings are in danger from outside, the Doctor is always ready for a fight with space pirates. In this struggle, he is not alone, next to him is his “support” group.
What can keep him on Earth? …

Trailer Doctor Who season 8

Scenes Doctor Who season 8

Air Date: September 01, 2012

Doctor Who is an alien who repeatedly saves the Earth from hordes of aggressively-minded aliens. He has his own spaceship and a team of associates sharing his beliefs and views. Heroes appear here and there, suppressing evil in all its manifestations.

Thanks to the latest technology and incredible knowledge, the Doctor can defeat any enemy. This time it is again appeared cybermen and ice warriors, who began their attack on Earth. However, old friends will return, who will help give a worthy rebuff to the indefatigable aliens.

It is difficult to say how mankind would cope with such an influx of invaders, if not for the help of the Doctor and his faithful companions. And the battles are gaining enormous scope, and if you do not defeat the enemy now, it is not known how the past and future of the Earth can change.

Trailer Doctor Who season 7

Scenes Doctor Who season 7

Air Date: April 23, 2011

For someone, working in a store is the ultimate dream, for someone, a boring daily routine.

Our heroine, Rosa Tyler, just works in a store and maybe it would go on for a very long time, but one day amazing things happen to her. In the store where she works, mannequins begin to come to life. But this is not the worst, because they are trying to catch up and tear it apart. Only a mysterious doctor can help the poor saleswoman.

But who is this healer and what is his participation in the life of our heroine? Is this an ordinary doctor, or does he have superpowers? This doctor is a hero who comes to the rescue and helps to cope with evil and destruction. Is Rose ready for new adventures with her savior? And what will she have to do for this ?!

Trailer Doctor Who season 6

Scenes Doctor Who season 6

Air Date: April 03, 2010

Another portion of the exciting adventures of Doctor Who and his team will delight the audience. As before, the doctor with his friends stands for the protection of all mankind. After all, our planet needs strong protection against attacks from cyborgs who dream of dominating everyone.

To prevent the death of humanity, a team of specialists will search for the graves of insidious creatures. Another threat to people is the dictator, whose plans include the enslavement of the nation. To cope with all this, Doctor Who, periodically, transforms into a person to understand what to do next.

But a series of troubles slows down the entire defense process, and then there is a breakdown of the spacecraft, with the help of which interplanetary movement takes place.

Trailer Doctor Who season 5

Scenes Doctor Who season 5

Air Date: April 05, 2008

London. Rosa Tyler is no different from other residents of the city. She lives a quiet and measured life, without any shocks. She works as a simple saleswoman in a small cozy shop.

But one event completely turned her life upside down. Mannequins who came to life for unknown reasons tried to kill a poor woman.
Scared half to death, only by a miracle she managed to avoid death. Thanks to the stranger under the mysterious name of Doctor.

Rosa could not even think that her legendary galactic hero Doctor Who would turn out to be her mysterious savior. Traveler opening time and light portals. A lover of exciting and dangerous adventures.

Rose drops everything. Work, friends, and most importantly a boring and ordinary life. Now she follows her savior. In a world full of risk and exciting adventures.

Trailer Doctor Who season 4

Scenes Doctor Who season 4

Air Date: April 01, 2007

In an ordinary store in London, an unremarkable woman named Rosa Tyler works. She did not expect any threat from her activities. But once something really terrible happened.

In the store where the woman worked, an abnormal phenomenon occurred. Ordinary mannequins turned into nightmares of unknown origin. They tried to kill Rosa. Luckily, someone named Doctor saved her life. Surprisingly, the man turned out to be a traveler through the galaxies.

After everything that happened, the woman had a unique chance to see something unusual. Having gone with her savior on an intertemporal journey, she forever breaks the connection with a past life.

Trailer Doctor Who season 3

Scenes Doctor Who season 3

Air Date: April 15, 2006

The saleswoman of the London store, Rosa Tyler, even in a terrible dream, could not imagine that an unusual event could happen to her that would completely turn her quiet life upside down.

Once, the ordinary mannequins, which were full of shops, came to life, and staged a real hunt for the poor saleswoman! Rose’s life hung in the balance, but fortunately, a mysterious intergalactic hero helped her escape from nightmare mannequins.

Doctor, that’s the name of the famous traveler in time and space. And now, Rosa, can no longer lead the former measured life of the saleswoman. And he does everything in order for the mysterious hero to go on his travels with her ….

Trailer Doctor Who season 2

Scenes Doctor Who season 2

Air Date: March 26, 2005

Doctor Who is the BBC’s British science fiction television series about the mysterious alien time traveler known as the Doctor. Together with his companions, he explores time and space, traveling in the TARDIS spaceship, and this is not just a ship, the TARDIS is alive and has a heart, it is more inside than outside!

TARDIS also owns telepathy and translates absolutely everything! The protagonist of the series is Doctor. He is 910 years old (at the time of the 7th season), no one knows his real name (some mistakenly believe that his name is Theta Sigma, but this is just the old nickname of the Doctor from the Academy, which was mentioned a couple of times in the science fiction series.

At the moment, he is the last of his people, the Time Lords (in the original, Time Lords, therefore they are often called the Time Lords, Time Lords). The Doctor’s home planet, Gallifrey, was destroyed in the Last Great Temporary War (most often in the series it is simply called the Temporary War). In the same war, the main enemies of the Doctor, Daleki, were killed (which, however, did not stop them from repeatedly appearing in the New Series).

Of the alien gadgets, in addition to the TARDIS, the Doctor often uses a sound screwdriver. It can do a lot, from opening / closing doors to cracking computers. The screwdriver first appeared in the Classic Series, but was rarely used by the Doctor.

Trailer Doctor Who season 1

Scenes Doctor Who season 1