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  • 7.0 (based on 2 391 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 1: July 31, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 1
  • Created By: Mindy Kaling, Matt Warburton
Nathalie Emmanuel
Nathalie Emmanuel
Brandon Mychal Smith
Brandon Mychal Smith
Rebecca Rittenhouse
Rebecca Rittenhouse
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John Reynolds
Nikesh Patel
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Zoe Boyle
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Sophia La Porta


The plot of this romantic comedy is a kind of retelling of the events of another popular series “Four weddings and one funeral”. This picture appeared on the screens in nineteen ninety-four, but now the remake plans to outdo the previous success of the project, which has become beloved by many fans of the genre.

The focus of the story is the quartet of the main characters. They are simple guys who live in America and enjoy their lives. True, they had time when they had to part, but soon the young people would find each other and recall the past times. Separation will lead to an unforgettable rendezvous in London.

True, such a clash will turn the life of once beautiful friends into real chaos. They are waiting for an unforgettable year in the capital of Great Britain, where the characters will survive a year filled with romance, high hopes, conflicts and incredible upheavals of fate. Of course, everything promises to end very ambiguous. The main characters expect four weddings, like a barrel of honey, which will be seasoned with a spoonful of tar in the form of a funeral. Is it a metaphor? Who knows.

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Air Date: July 31, 2019

A remake of the same name of the film, which has already become a legend in 1994, which was shot by director Mike Newell, and Andy MacDowell and Hugh Grant starred in the lead roles.

This comedy and drama story is ordered for the Hulu platform.
To begin with, remember that the original tape was British, which means that all the characters were entirely English, and the events unfolded in London and its immediate vicinity …

In the series, the location has not changed. But now the characters are Americans who came to the capital of the United Kingdom for the wedding. In addition, this is an excellent occasion for four friends – Craigk, Maya, Duffy and Ainsley, to finally meet, because they have not seen each other for a long time because of the extreme employment and turmoil of American life.

The wedding promised to be luxurious and unforgettable. And so it happened, and after a bomb exploded right on the altar, the whole world around, including the fates of four heroes, turned over, came to confusion, and then spun at incredible speed, changing events and impressions, feelings and emotions. During the year spent in London, friends will have to go through an incredible amount of adventures, saturated with romantic nonsense, shattered with hearts, a succession of alternating relationships that are getting better, then tearing, then getting better, political scandals and revelations, intricate intrigues, like social and political, and love the path. In a word – London high life is in full swing, and sometimes even on the head.

And of course, this year four weddings will take place one by one, but unfortunately there will be one funeral. But this is only a circle of life, natural and eternal, like the world itself.

Interesting Facts:

• The decision to create the series was published at the very beginning of November 2017.

• Production was commissioned by Universal Television and MGM Television.

• Mindy Kayling and Matt Warburton, known for their comedy show called “Project Mindy”, took up the creation of an adaptation for the Hulu platform.

• In the guest roles in the series will be the actors from the original picture: Tommy Dewey will play Ted, and Andy McDowell got the character of Mrs. Howard.

• In April 2019, the final release date was announced – July 31, 2019th. Note that in Russia it will already be on August 1.

• Charlotte Coleman, who originally played Scarlett, died of an asthma attack in 2001. She was only 33 years old. Therefore, she was not able to see the remake and even play in it, as the performer of the role of Carrie Andy McDowell.

• The series was filmed in London.

• Natalie Emmanuelle, a Missandee performer from Game of Thrones, takes part in the project.

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