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  • 7.4 (based on 2 487 user ratings)
  • Genre: Drama
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 2: June 18, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 2
  • Created By: Joanna Johnson, Peter Paige, Bradley Bredeweg
Maia Mitchell
Maia Mitchell
Cierra Ramirez
Cierra Ramirez
Zuri Adele
Zuri Adele
Tommy Martinez
Tommy Martinez
Sherry Cola
Sherry Cola
Roger Bart
Roger Bart


In the center of the plot are the sisters Mariann and Kelly, who successfully finished school and enter into adulthood.

Recall that girls from a good family, and grew up surrounded by the attention and care of their parents, who tried to protect their children from all everyday turmoil and hassle. However, so far daughters do not value this too much, and, on the contrary, excessive care, wanting to get rid of her as quickly as possible. And although they sincerely love dad and mom, their comfortable and cozy home, they still make a decision to try to live independently, and away from their nest.

And, of course, the most radical and incontestable in terms of its attractiveness is Los Angeles, where the sisters are sent, but here they will have to face a lot of small everyday problems that need to be solved by themselves, without any outside help.

So, first you need to find decent housing. And here the situation is not the best way, because, in order to rent decent apartments in a decent area, they do not have enough money, and they cannot afford to live in a dysfunctional bedroom neighborhood for ethical reasons, since their ambitions do not allow them to do so. Equally important are those neighbors, which are attached to residential meters. After all, these people will have to face very often, and, as you know, neighbors can ruin lives worse than relatives.

Secondly, you need to find a job that would allow somehow to exist and pay for an expensive life in the City of Angels, where only the name of the angels. Gradually, life is creaking, but getting better, the girls from the series “Pleasant chores” are starting to acquire friends and acquaintances, who may well be of any help, suggest something, send in the right direction.

Of course, the first euphoria of freedom passed, the weekdays of the big city came, but the heroines are beginning to adapt to this complex life and realize that the adult state is not only freedom, but also a great responsibility for yourself, for your future life and how it will develop . So, maybe, the value of this very freedom will now be revised by them in some way, and nostalgia for parental shelter and carefree existence will repeatedly knock on their young hearts …

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Air Date: June 18, 2019

The second season of the spin-off of the famous project “Foster”, beloved by many viewers. Here is a story about the lives of sisters who decide to start everything from scratch after moving to Los Angeles.

In the big city, the main characters face numerous problems, incredible turns of events, amazing people and situations for which they were clearly not ready.

The main characters gradually get used to the completely unpredictable environment and difficulties of adult life. The adventures of Mariana and Calli are very interesting and exciting, and some situations are so vital and typical that they resemble the real life of each of us. The project is seasoned with great humor and unexpected plot digressions. Enjoy watching!

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Air Date: January 07, 2019

Good Trouble season 1 is a great beginning of a spin-off of the Fosters. The series focuses on a young couple moving to another city in order to start their adult lives. They are both very confident in what they can accomplish yet life is never that easy and our heroes will have to face some inconveniences and difficulties that they never expected. The show will stick to a light-hearted, comedic tone. Actors are young and definitely have quite high aspirations. You will most certainly enjoy every single bit of this interesting story about people who wanted to do something mundane yet ended up in a situation that demands more than just a phone call!
Good Trouble season 1 has all necessary elements to entertain a person loving a good comedy. If you are a fan of the Fosters, you will fall in love with this show instantly. If you like a good comedy, you most certainly need to check this show out in order to decide whether you want to watch it. In the long run, this show delivers a great experience and provides enough opportunities for you to laugh and enjoy yourself! If you are looking for an interesting drama/comedy to watch online, download all episodes right now and start binging! You will be rewarded with one of the best viewing experiences in your life!

Trailer Good Trouble season 1

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