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  • 7.3 (based on 5 749 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 5: June 09, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 5
  • Created By: Sue Tenney
Catherine Bell
Catherine Bell
Bailee Madison
Bailee Madison
James Denton
James Denton
Catherine Disher
Catherine Disher
Sarah Power
Sarah Power


The Good Witch tells viewers a new magical story about Cassie Nightingale. When Dr. Sam Redford and his son Nick move to the house next door to the Gray House, the magic duet of the mother and daughter fascinates them.

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Air Date: June 09, 2019

The fifth season of the popular TV series “The Good Witch” will continue the history of the relationship between the two families in a small town. Dr. Sam Redford is looking for a home.

Together with his son Nick, he moved to a new and beautiful housing, located somewhere on the outskirts of the street next to the strange “Gray House”, which for some reason many try to avoid.

And in vain, because then they will not be able to meet with its inhabitants, who are very optimistic and funny main characters.

Meet the Nightingale family! Mom and daughter keep a secret – they are witches. And, of course, the magical way relationships between families are improving very quickly!

Trailer Good Witch season 5

Scenes Good Witch season 5

Air Date: April 29, 2018

Sam Redford is a doctor who decides to change his place of residence. He persuades his son Nick to go with him. The latter does not fail. A new place promises an inevitable acquaintance with the neighbors.

True, across the road from the main characters is the so-called “Gray House” by the locals, who, according to the assurances of the same local, holds many secrets.

They live there mother and daughter, who, at first glance, usually look, but soon Sam and Redfort get acquainted with the main characters who open for them the world of real magic and incredible magic, captivating new neighbors. Let’s see what this neighborhood will turn out to be.

Trailer Good Witch season 4

Scenes Good Witch season 4

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Air Date: April 30, 2017

Before you the third season of the funny TV series “The Good Witch”. In the center of the story is an amazing little family. Mom and daughter are addicted to magic, but no one should know about it.

Probably, it is with this magic that they manage to captivate people around, because the new arrivals to the house next door Redford and Nick, after meeting the main characters, obviously walk like enchanted ones. What happened to them? The characters themselves do not know, but the relationship flows into a warm and friendly conversation.

Nick has fun with the main witch’s daughter, and Redwford finds common ground with the head of the family living next door in the so-called “Gray House”. However, the name does not deter the main characters. It seems that between the characters of a real friendship. What does she turn around? Soon we will see!

Trailer Good Witch season 3

Scenes Good Witch season 3

Air Date: April 17, 2016

The Good Witch project will tell viewers the story of Dr. Sam Redford and his son Nick’s acquaintance with a very interesting family. The main characters move to a new home in the hope of starting life from scratch.

So it turns out that their mother and daughter became their neighbors, who live in a very strange gray house, which looks horrible in the evenings. Sam and Nick have no idea that their neighbors are real witches.

True, it will soon become clear that even among women who use magic, there are truly good and good sorceresses. Friendship is not far off, and the daily activities of Cassie Nightingale, Sam Redford and Nick will form the basis of the plot of the entire series!

Trailer Good Witch season 2

Scenes Good Witch season 2

Air Date: February 28, 2015

Cassie Nightingale is a young and very beautiful woman. Together with her daughter, she moves to live permanently in a small provincial town. The city itself is calm and quiet – the perfect place to start life from scratch. Cassie dreamed of harmoniously fitting into the life of the city, without attracting too much attention to her person.

But she completely failed. The fact is that no man in the city can pass by Cassie without looking after her. And this concerns not only bachelors, but also deeply male family members. Women, who were previously not given a reason for jealousy, are now completely enraged by what is happening.

They did not fight alone – jealous wives joined forces to get rid of the new inhabitant of the town once and for all. That’s just the mass does not help them at all. Cassie and alone cope with the avenger, because she has a magical gift, thanks to which she is able to stand up for herself.

Trailer Good Witch season 1

Scenes Good Witch season 1