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  • 6.4 (based on 3 193 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 3: January 16, 2020
  • Number Of Seasons: 3
  • Created By: Kenya Barris, Larry Wilmore
Yara Shahidi
Yara Shahidi
Francia Raisa
Francia Raisa
Emily Arlook
Emily Arlook
Trevor Jackson
Trevor Jackson
Jordan Buhat
Jordan Buhat
Deon Cole
Deon Cole


TV show grown-ish wants to explore the story of a family shown to us in the main series Black-ish. We all loved this story about several characters to live in this intricate world full of surprises and problems that often make it hard for us to decide how to live and what to do.

There are various ways to spin this premise, but creators of the original main show made all the right choices. This created a small social phenomenon and allowed for a momentarily decision to create a spin-off about a teenage girl who struggles to live an autonomous life of a young adult.

TV show grown-ish is a coming-of-age story that focuses on a single girl whose problems are smaller than the world around her, but she still does not know how to cope with them. She is a young adult, but she is still not fully sure how to continue with her life and how to integrate into a society that is full of people who are not ready to accept her as she is.

Yet. A compelling premise with a truly likeable main lead will make sure that you love the narrative from the beginning. Performed brilliantly and shot competently on a single camera, this series is exactly what you need if you are looking for a good teenage drama with lots of good messages for adults.

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Air Date: January 16, 2020

With the third season returns the series “Matured”. This story invites us to plunge into the daily life of Zoe Johnson. The main character begins her studies in college. She is waiting for a meeting with a real adult life.

True, this difficult and lengthy journey promises to be not only fun, but also rather difficult, because in front of the heroine she will encounter a real kaleidoscope of emotions, feelings, feelings and desires.

It is necessary to think at the same time about making money, about personal life, about successes in studies and, of course, establishing contacts with influential and wealthy people. What will be next? Will Zoe manage to take root in this incredible and confusing atmosphere of modern young people in college? Happy viewing.

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Air Date: January 01, 2019

Grown-ish season 2 continues tussling the story of Zoey whose life did not get easier. The transition from teenage years to adulthood can be harsh and some people struggle to go through it smoothly. Zoey is one of such adults. She makes mistakes, she fails and always gets back on her feet. Her optimism and desire to live forced us all to fall in love with her character.

The acting abilities of Yara Shahidi definitely help this show be as entertaining and addictive as it is. The creative team behind the camera also manages to impress with relatively high level of production despite budget limitations. All in all, this series is a perfect drama/comedy.

Grown-ish season 2 will introduce a couple of new characters but the central story will remain the same and we will still follow Zoey on her journey to adulthood. She will be learning how to survive in the modern world that often presents dangers and inconveniences on every corner.

However, our heroine will overcome all issues with studying, working, and being a human being. If you are looking for a good comedy to watch online with your friends and family, this series is exactly what you need! Download the freshest episodes of this TV show right now!

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Air Date: January 03, 2018

Grown-ish season 1 tries to explore the hard period of self-searching and coming of age when you are entering the new exciting part of your life – adulthood. While many believe that this transition is a period of happiness and nonchalant partying, the reality is obviously much more grounded.

The difference between what we expect from this exciting stage of our lives and what we get is the main focus of this show about growing up away from home. The heroine of this show is a girl who arrives to a college where she is about to learn more about what it means to be a responsible person with lots of things happening all at once. Apparently, she was not ready for such developments.

Grown-ish season 1 is a great spin-off in the “universe” of Black-ish which was an immensely successful show with thousands of good reviews. We all love high quality television content and the light humor with social commentary from the original series was that spark that ignited the passion of fans who wanted more.

More arrived promptly and we are blessed with this simple yet quite interesting comedy/drama about young adults who were teenagers just yesterday. Studying and partying – choosing between them is very hard.

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