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  • 8.3 (based on 28 064 user ratings)
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 2: March 27, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 2
  • Created By: Grant Morrison, Darick Robertson
Christopher Meloni
Christopher Meloni
Patton Oswalt
Patton Oswalt
Lili Mirojnick
Lili Mirojnick
Medina Senghore
Medina Senghore
Ritchie Coster
Ritchie Coster
Patrick Fischler
Patrick Fischler


Nick Sachs is a man who has never been sober. However, somehow he managed to work in the police. True, his service did not last so long. I had to resign, and there everything is not as rosy as it might have seemed at first. New work came to Nick to taste.

He became a hired assassin. Here is a contrast in the professional career of the protagonist. A man does not think about the future. He goes with the flow and continues to drink!

Because of alcohol, the protagonist has a new friend – a strange winged blue horse, which begins to help in difficult situations. What kind of creature is it, and what is happening around?

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Air Date: March 27, 2019

The second season of the comedy-drama series, beloved by many viewers, with elements of criminal drama. “Happy” is a story about Nick Sax, who can hardly seem to be a responsible and worthy cop, because he constantly drinks and mows forever. It so happened that the protagonist himself understands that he does not like this kind of activity, so the character decides to radically change the nature of his activities.

Now the unfortunate cop becomes a hired killer, different cynicism and composure. Of course, all the coolness of the character comes down to the fact that before going to work, he throws himself in with alcohol and illegal drugs. The next victim was already on the front sight, however the faithful trunk let the main character down. During a shootout, Nick catches a heart attack and is in an ambulance. The character comes to his senses and realizes that he has found a new friend, whom he could not even dream of.

Whether it is the result of exposure to the brain of alcohol, or the doctors injected something medical, but now the man sees the strange flying horse Heppi, who is the best friend of the little girl Hayley. Happy, as a faithful friend, asks the former police officer to tie up with crime and return to good deeds, because only he is able to help the flying horse to save little Hayley from the psycho who kidnapped her.

The main character, realizing all the nonsense of what is happening, still agrees to such a noble cause. Ahead of it is waiting for a truly insane and full of fun and unpredictable situations of adventure!

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Air Date: December 06, 2017

Happy – a fantastic TV series, which is filmed by order of SyFy, is an adaptation of a very popular graphic novel by two American comic-authors – Deryk Robertson and Grant Morrison. Suffice it to say that Grant is the author of such best-selling comics as “Batman. Arkhem Medical Center “or” NAS3 “.

Often he works with various co-authors, and this time it was Derik who co-wrote this. The main character of this series other than a settling piece of shit can not be called. He has long since gone down to the social bottom, and is living through the fact that he kills some bastards on the order of other such bastards. And everything that earns, let’s say not directly too much, lowers on cheap prostitutes, booze and drugs, because it suffers from psoriasis.

It’s hard to even call this scum a man … But he was not always like that. Once he worked in the police, and was a very successful detective. However, he did not have a very decent affair with his own partner, and this became the subject of blackmail for the local mafia. Yielding to blackmail, he lost everything and turned out to be what he turned out to be. And they are saved only by professional skills, which, as we know, you will not drink, – he is a skillful shooter, and besides, he is able to clearly calculate all actions in a crime.

And once again performing the next order of the mafia, he eliminates three brothers, one of whom owned information about a certain password to a certain safe, where the money is … big. But now the mafia, assuming that Nick got the password information, also hunts him. It ends quite predictably – a wound, a hospital bed in the hospital, which belongs to the mafia, tranquilizers, a sadistic professional advancing on him, who is going to nick Nick’s member with salami to get the password … And at this very moment the second main character of the story appears …

This is a horse. Done blue with wings. Because the cartoon. The horse introduced himself – Happy. He told Nick that he was an imaginary friend of Holi – a little girl kidnapped by gangsters who promise that after two days at Christmas time, something terrible would happen to the baby.

Understandably, Nick decides that this is a glitch on the basis of a tranquilizer, but soon he realizes that he was mistaken … Happy is very convincing in his evidence of the reality of what is happening, and begs Nick to help the unfortunate child. He motivates his request by the fact that for some reason, only he can see and communicate with Heppi, and, therefore, he cannot ask anyone else for this …

So in a drowning city, in which people have forgotten such words as “charity”, “compassion” or “good”, even those who are not inveterate criminals, this blue horse appears and tries to pick out thick armor from despair and the malice of the protagonist “Happy”, and get to the bottom of something that once was in him and, thus, make him do something worthy of man.

At first glance, a simple Christmas story, what a lot. But no. There is something else beyond the scope of this long-standing genre. City with dirty streets, corrupt policemen, nasty whores and brutal murderers of children. And among all this manure is a bright Christmas story. However, even the cartoon horse does not contribute the expected humor to kinotochka.club.

Everything remains grim and depressive, as if bringing Heppie beyond reality, and not letting him into it. Nevertheless, these contrasts harmoniously coexist within this Christmas tale, but still very harsh. We’ll have to hear a lot of times “fuck” and the same time to see brains flying in different directions. And to find out how harmony comes from all this, watch this dramatic series.

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