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  • 7.3 (based on 62 712 user ratings)
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 9: September 28, 2018
  • Number Of Seasons: 9
  • Created By: Leonard Freeman, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia
Ian Anthony Dale
Ian Anthony Dale
Chi McBride
Chi McBride
Alex O\'Loughlin
Alex O\'Loughlin
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Scott Caan
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Meaghan Rath
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Taylor Wily
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Dennis Chun
Kimee Balmilero
Kimee Balmilero
Beulah Koale
Beulah Koale


After the death of his father, Steve McGarrett comes back to Hawaii to investigate this crime. However, the character turns out to be needed by the local governor, who sees in the detective story a contender for the role of one of the main investigators of the city. Steve is provided with an amazing team of specialists who are starting to work on other criminals in the city.

So it turns out that in parallel with other investigations, the case of the death of the main character’s father is progressing. Within the team, both conflicts of interest and true friendship are brewing. In the new season of investigation in Hawaii will continue. Enjoy watching.

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Air Date: September 28, 2018

For years, former military man Steve McGarrett could not even imagine how his life would change. During the service, the man assumed that he could return to civilian life and forget about weapons. But fate and circumstances have changed the plan of the protagonist.

First, the man learns about the death of his father, and then he is horrified by the situation unfolding in Hawaii. Previously, this place caused only positive associations, however, arriving home father, McGarrett sees that Hawaii are dying. There are more and more corrupt influential people, and, as a result, the number of criminals is growing.

Now the main character of the multiseries fighter “Hawaii 5-0” is working to eliminate the mafia and corruption. Thanks to the local governor, Steve had everything that a law enforcement officer needed, so he is fully protected by the law. In this case, a man has the full right to deal with criminals as he wishes.

McGarrett put together a great team. The partners do not care who crossed the line of the law – in any case, punishment will follow. From Steve and his team can not pay off the money or protect the high status. A man does not seek to establish his laws, he only restores the old order, which many have forgotten.

Trailer Hawaii Five-0 season 9

Air Date: September 29, 2017

The eighth season of one of the most successful projects of our time. The focus of the series “Hawaii 5-0” is a group of detectives who are investigating murders committed at one of the most popular resorts in the world. The main characters are people who turn a blind eye to the beautiful views of the city, to the unique natural conditions, to the huge number of tourists and the festive atmosphere.

Their main task is to provide security, and, if this security was violated, then investigate crimes. The focus is the real cool team! Steve McGarrett is a very famous and very experienced detective who knows exactly what to do to solve a particular case. At the request of the local mayor, this man arrives in Hawaii to begin his own investigation into a strange series of murders.

But he is not alone in his work. The main character has a whole team of professionals from various fields of activity. These people are really cool and smart. They will help McGarrett in such a difficult job. Enjoy watching.

Trailer Hawaii Five-0 season 8

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Air Date: September 23, 2016

Steve McGarrett is a great detective story. He is a master of his craft, and from his experienced gaze it is impossible to hide one criminal. The main character learns about the death of his father and decides to find out the real cause of his death.

Everything looks very suspicious, and Steve intends to find the truth. However, the governor makes the main character an offer that he cannot refuse. Steve agrees. Now he stands at the head of a team of four people, including him. Danny, Chin Ho, Kono – these are great employees working under Steve.

They intend to fight crime to the end, giving all their strength to work.
Along the way, the heroes help investigate the death of Steve’s father. And if this team got down to business, success would not take long to wait.

Trailer Hawaii Five-0 season 7

Air Date: September 25, 2015

The main character name is Steve McGarrett. He is a detective. Suddenly, he was told terrible news: his father was killed. A man throws all the cases and goes to the places where he was born to find out what really happened.

Arriving in Hawaii, Steve meets with the local governor, who insistently asks him to take the post of head of the local police. The official believes that such an appointment will allow in the shortest time to reduce the crime rate on the islands.

After much deliberation, McGarrett agrees and meets with his subordinates: Denny Williams, Chin Ho and Kono. Williams hates the seashore, so he prefers office work. Chin Ho is an experienced policeman who worked for a long time in another country, but left her, and Kono is his cousin who worked in the police not long ago.

Trailer Hawaii Five-0 season 6

Air Date: September 26, 2014

The action of the series takes place, you guessed it, in Hawaii! Former naval officer Steve McGarrett comes to his home to find and punish his father’s killer. After that, he was about to leave Hawaii, but the governor finds very strong arguments for him to stay and lead the newly formed squad to fight crime in the city.

The squad also includes Chin Ho, Kono and Denny Williams. Chin Ho used to serve in the police, but was dismissed due to slander. Kono is his cousin, still studying at the academy, but seeks to show his knowledge in practice.

Danny doesn’t like to work in resorts, he likes working in urban environments more, but for the safety of his little daughter he is ready to work in Hawaii. The team is very versatile, each has its own interests, but each of them strives for one thing – the eradication of crime!

Trailer Hawaii Five-0 season 5

Air Date: September 27, 2013

Steve McGarrett – the hero of the series – recently retired. In memory of his service in the Marine Corps, he still had awards for participating in special operations and combat skills.

Steve reasoned that his combat experience would be useful in peacetime, and got a job in the police. The former military man thought that here it would not be as dangerous as on the battlefield, and he would live in peace. However, hopes were not justified, and Steve had to remember the combat skills.

I had to return to the former way of life after the news of the death of his father, who was killed in Hawaii. In order to take revenge, he moved to the islands and began to search for the villains. The decision to stay on the islands came by itself when Steve saw the scale of crime thriving on the island.

With the support of the authorities, Steve created his own law enforcement unit. Only the most courageous, clever and courageous candidates are accepted there.

Among them were: Denny Williams, whose main goal is to create a safe environment for his little daughter, Chin Ho Kelly – a pupil of Steve’s father, and the young beauty Kono, recently disaccustomed at the police academy and rushing into real dangerous investigations.

Trailer Hawaii Five-0 season 4

Air Date: September 24, 2012

A former naval officer, and in the present detective, arrives in Oakho, which is his native city. The goal is noble and justified – to personally investigate the circumstances of the death of his father.

The head of the island is going to meet Steve McGarrett and put him at the head of disclosure. To capture the dangerous criminal gang, the created McGarrett team receives the support of the authorities and full immunity.

The partner of the protagonist is Danny Williams, who dreams of changing the city’s bustle to seascapes. Danny, who is also called “Danno” from New Jersey, hails from where he has a daughter, whose safety he thinks first of all. That daughter served as an incentive to join Steve.

Also in the team are a well-proven father’s colleague – Chin Ho Keli and his beautiful sister Kono. The girl recently graduated from the Academy and seeks to prove that she may well be accepted into the elite department for the fight against crime.

So, the squad is assembled and named Five-O. As with all new teams, so is the lapping of the characters of the participants. The most important thing that unites them is a noble goal that leaves behind all internal quarrels and trivia.

Trailer Hawaii Five-0 season 3

Air Date: September 19, 2011

Steve was once a naval officer. Now he works in the police and is trying to solve the case of the murder of his father. It is at this difficult time for the hero that the governor throws him a difficult job. Steve is asked to be at the head of a team that must catch the most dangerous criminal.

The main character has many awards and medals, so no one doubts his skills. The governor allows Steve to act on his own and does not intend to intervene in the investigation. So the hero has his hands free.

Under the leadership of the main character are Danny Williams, Chin Ho and his sister Kono. Danny is a great detective. He is eager to eradicate crime so that his little daughter can live in a safe world. Chin Ho was a friend of Steve’s father. Now he is accused of corruption. Kono is a young employee who recently graduated from the academy. She is determined to prove her brother’s innocence and show her professional skills.

Together this team is able to move mountains. They will follow the orders of the governor and even find the murderer of Father Steve. Otherwise it can not be. After all, fighters for justice gathered here to cleanse the city of crime.

Trailer Hawaii Five-0 season 2

Air Date: September 20, 2010

Steve McGarrett works for the police. He is a former naval officer, and has many medals. After the death of his father, the main character arrives in Oahu. He intends to find out the cause of his death.

Arriving in the city, Steve received an offer that was impossible to refuse. The governor appointed Steve as commander of the special department. The members of the special squad are brave, reliable and brave guys. They seek justice, and they want to clear the city of crime.

Detective Williams is a New Jersey policeman. He is an honest and responsible police officer. He is pleased to join the squad under the leadership of Steve, and intends to thin the ranks of the criminal world for the benefit of his little daughter.

Chin Ho used to be a detective. He was considered a corrupt employee, and removed from work. In fact, he was a great and fair cop.

Kono is a young girl who recently graduated from the academy. She wants to get into a special purpose group, and prove that she is capable of much. Of course, relations in the detachment are not the best, but for the guys, the main thing is to complete all the work. And for the sake of the good purpose, elimination of criminals, they unite and work perfectly.

Trailer Hawaii Five-0 season 1