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  • 8.0 (based on 5 093 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 4: February 07, 2020
  • Number Of Seasons: 4
  • Created By: Ben Sinclair, Katja Blichfeld
Ben Sinclair
Ben Sinclair
Juan Carlos Díaz
Juan Carlos Díaz


TV show High Maintenance grew into a full season on television from a simple web series that revolved around a busy man who is delivering weed to people from all social backgrounds. Cannabis is a part of North American culture and it turned into something truly controversial over the course of decades. Debates around weed and its legality are still quite intense. This means that shows like this one are doomed for some success if executed competently. This is a comedy and an anthology of short stories at the same time. We are following the same courier, but settings and places as well as characters change all the time making every episode a confined story with its own bits and personalities.
TV show High Maintenance has a lot to offer to those who prefer fast-paced comedies with lots of improvisation and physical comedy. Scores of absurd situations happen all the time and make every single episode of the series as enjoyable as possible. You will love this great story and maybe fall in love with characters that cannot live without weed. If you are searching for a light-hearted comedy with great witty jokes, you will most certainly appreciate this interesting series. Download episodes of High Maintenance in AVI, MPEG, and MP4 and enjoy the show!

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Air Date: February 07, 2020

With the fourth season, the action-packed and action-packed project “Buzz with Delivery” returns. Being a YouTube experiment, the picture has grown to a television format, having acquired full-fledged seasons and a permanent cast.

The protagonist is a dealer delivering marijuana to customers. It is simply called – “Guy.” The main character is forced to put up with the fact that each new client is a set of unpredictable features and sides of character that you have to put up with and need to get used to. Those gladly accept their supplier, finding in him a very interesting personality.

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Scenes High Maintenance season 4

Air Date: January 20, 2019

High Maintenance season 3 is a great and interesting concept that has been entertaining people for well over two years. When the show started its run, many people were skeptical about its potential in terms of its ability to entertain people over a long period of time. If you want to tell seemingly disconnected stories about people who only burn through life due to being overly stressed, you will find it interesting once and maybe twice but not for long. However, the series managed to stay consistent and interesting for a wide audience creating a lot of laughs and great jokes over the course of two intense seasons.

High Maintenance season 3 continues bringing stories of extraordinary people to the eyes of its viewers. You will watch how many businessmen, actors, entertainers, lawyers, and other people have very stressful lives and want to get away from stresses. Our main hero who delivers drugs to each of the episode stars will continue accompanying us on the journey that allows us all to take a sneak peek at the world of rich and powerful who are of truly high maintenance. If you like a good comedy and look for something entertaining to watch online, you need to check out this amazing series that features great actors and interesting stories.

Trailer High Maintenance season 3

Scenes High Maintenance season 3

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Air Date: January 19, 2018

High Maintenance season 2 has an intricate structure that many did not like at first. Some shows benefit greatly from having a vague yet interesting hooking plot, this has a strange narrative where we don’t really know the protagonist yet have to experience the world through his eyes and see what he sees. A guy is just a normal dude who carries around weed and wants to make bank while enjoying life. He has a lot of friends and recurring clients. They all regularly get caught in strange situations and weird circumstances yet manage to get away somehow.
High Maintenance season 2 has a unique premise, an interesting range of characters, and a lot of fun packed in. One of the key selling points of this show is its originality when it comes to creating a good joke. Some jokes are absolutely fresh and awkward while others have a solid punchline that you expect. It is a good balance between weird and normal that appeals to a wide audience of viewers. This time, you will get to see more of The Guy and his life, we will dive deeper in his past and try to learn what made him into a person he is. If you enjoy well-directed comedies featuring actors with good comedic timings and interesting ways to deliver a joke, you will undeniably love this series from HBO.

Trailer High Maintenance season 2

Scenes High Maintenance season 2

Air Date: September 16, 2016

American comedy series High Maintenance as the name implies will tell you about a not entirely legal business, because cannabis is not openly sold everywhere in some states of America. For example, according to rumors in the state of Colorado, this product is quietly sold in pharmacies, of course, on prescription for patients with cancer to alleviate their suffering. However, in the same state, you can even walk with a lama on the leash on the streets, so the sale of marijuana in pharmacies is not an indicator, but rather the exception to the rule. Well, what is happening in Europe with drugs that are banned from almost all over the world can be kept silent, because this series is produced by the United States, created by a married couple, Katya Blickfeld and Ben Sinclair.

The protagonist of the casual comedy series “High Maintenance” has no name, everyone calls him shortly “Guy”. He lives in New York and is engaged in petty marijuana trading. His vehicle is the bike kinotochka.club, so you can surely call his work “business on wheels”. He is quite a nice, intelligent guy with a very balanced character. As a matter of fact, this is a comedy series and this is where its potential clients come to the fore.

Each series of “High Maintenance” tells about a new client, about his problems at home, at work, that he is already on the verge of hysterics and will soon “explode” if he is not immediately given a sedative, but he decides to take “weed For comfort. One call and now the “Guy” is going to the aid of a neurasthenic in order to help him, and at the same time find adventure. And all this happens in a fun and easy way; besides, “Guy” is not only supplied with his problem clients, he also solves their problems along the way.

In general, he himself was not too lucky, because if he lived in the state of Colorado, then he would not have to break the law by selling marijuana. I would have sat legally in a pharmacy shop and would sell the desired product to those in need, although the earnings probably would not have been so luxurious.

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