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  • 8.8 (based on 176 206 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 14: September 25, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 14
  • Created By: Rob McElhenney
Glenn Howerton
Glenn Howerton
Charlie Day
Charlie Day
Kaitlin Olson
Kaitlin Olson
Danny DeVito
Danny DeVito
Rob McElhenney
Rob McElhenney


In the heart of Philadelphia, there are all conditions for a successful business. However, a company of friends chose a very inappropriate place in the city for opening a bar. Of course, the heroes could rectify the situation with their benevolent attitude and polite reception of visitors to the establishment, but etiquette and good manners are alien to this company. As a result, the Irish bar gained a reputation as the dirtiest institution in the city, and its organizers became famous as quarrelsome and cynical personalities.

Each of the heroes of the amoral and evil team has its own characteristics and deserves close attention. Among them are a slob who stands out with a close mind and cheerfulness, a narcissistic egoist, a guy doing the dirtiest work in an institution, and the ideological inspirer of all insane ploys. The only girl in this company previously tried to become an actress, but eventually turned into a pathological failure. All team members are constantly quarreling not only with others, but also with each other. They are selfish and immoral, as a result of which they end up in ridiculous and ridiculous situations. The most inveterate villains are interested in the money question, everyone cares only about their own financial well-being and is ready to do anything for that.

In the new series of the series “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia” – season 10 all the characters will also clash with each other and get involved in dangerous adventures. In addition, they were joined by the father of one of the characters and added spice to their relationship. Also, the company decides to stir up interest in its bar, and for this the heroes use space themes.

Air Date: September 25, 2019

With the fourteenth season, the comedy project “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” returns to many viewers’ favorite. The authors of the script offer the audience to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the work of friends who, though they do not always love each other’s company, but work together in the same Irish pub.

It seems that their affairs are going very, very well. Of course, everyone has their own problems and difficulties, but together they manage to cope even with the most huge problems. Dennis, Mack and Charlie have already experienced a lot.

On top of that, Diandra works with them, who, even if she looks like a failure in life, but strives for acting heights. What will turn out for the audience the new season of their favorite sitcom? We will find out very soon!

Trailer It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 14

Scenes It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 14

Air Date: September 05, 2018

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 13 feels like homecoming. It feels so great to return back to the world with our 5 favorite heroes who do not even care about each other and constantly fight over smallest things. Praised by critics and dearly adored by fans, the show has been a steady annual hit for the channel. We immediately fell in love with egotistic and straight up crazy heroes who seem to be unable to live without throwing mud at each other in order to benefit from their downfall. The endless conflict seems to be the main focus of the series that captivated our attention and generated a metric ton of memes on the internet.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 13 is a great piece of entertainment that you will definitely appreciate. Still full of great physical comedy and featuring truly talented comics, the series looks like a very long adventure that has no intention to end. The ride continues and we are very happy. The storyline is still confined focusing on the quintet of heroes who still run a small pub and try to blackmail/threaten each other just due to being hateful self-destructing pieces of crap. Hookers, alcohol, and nasty food are still main attractions of the series and we love it!

Trailer It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 13

Scenes It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 13

Air Date: January 04, 2017

The main characters of this series are real friends, who run the Irish pub together. Charlie, Dennis and Mack have a difficult relationship. We have to constantly find a compromise in the relationship, because the main characters are slightly more than completely different from each other. However, sometimes they find a common language.

Dennis’s sister, Deandra, works in their pub. In addition, the assistant also became known as a man named Frank, who is the father of the above-mentioned relatives. Each character in this series is a unique personality with an incredible and unpredictable character. Poppy – a very mysterious girl who is always trying to arrange joint leisure.

Charlie, it seems, has long been not friendly with the head. Diandra appears to the audience as a real loser in life, who dreams of becoming an actress, but, alas, fails. Frank, the best years have long been left behind. He says that he fought in Vietnam, where he organized an underground garment factory. These top five protagonists hold the pub, not only for profit, but also to hang out. Each of their ideas is a real gamble, which will surely turn into something comical and funny! Such is the series “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia”! Welcome to watch the new season!

Trailer It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 12

Scenes It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 12

Air Date: January 05, 2016

Charlie, Mack, twins Dennis and Deandra, nicknamed “Pretty Dee,” have known each other since childhood and live in Philadelphia. Ordinary, nothing, or distinguished people, live in their pleasure, drinking, entertainment. Three friends work in an institution where they sell alcoholic beverages. But, the location of the pub is not very good, they have no buyers, and they drink the hot drinks themselves.

They try to attract customers in various ways, sometimes not even legitimate. But that does not help, but they are not very upset. They hang out, talk, stick in different interesting stories. And when they were joined by two more fathers, the adventures increased many times.

Trailer It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 11

Scenes It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 11

Air Date: January 13, 2015

We present to your attention a story that tells about the life and work of four characters. They adore their city, because Philadelphia always pleases the local with sunny weather and good mood. True, all the joy is darkened by annoying work in an Irish pub. The quartet of characters became good friends, although the beginning of the relationship was very tense.

The characters swore, conflicted, called each other unflattering words. However, as time goes on, relationships improve, and the characters find each other’s positive aspects, without which their work would be boring and difficult. True comedic situations from this did not become less!

Trailer It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 10

Scenes It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 10

Air Date: September 03, 2013

The main characters of this series seem to have been working together for a long time, but they can’t give up the style of competing with each other in everything that is possible. The guys work together in one Irish bar, located in one of the districts of Philadelphia.

Sunny and bright city receives guests, and they follow the drinks in the pub, where the main actors, who are trying to constantly substitute each other and put in a worse light, work. This is where many comical moments arise. Who would have thought that all this would translate into real madness right in the workplace! One of the best sitcoms of our time on your screens! Enjoy watching!

Trailer It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 9

Scenes It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 9

Air Date: October 11, 2012

The main characters of the film “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” are the friends who have decided to open their own institution so that visitors enjoy Irish drinks and have a rest. So the guys did. True, the place for the bar, they chose not the best. Few people come here, and sometimes incidents happen, since the area is not inhabited by holy men.

The bar owners also quarrel among themselves, because they cannot agree in any way who of them made a greater contribution to the prosperity of the cause, who holds the unconditional authority, who is the true owner of the pub. Because of their quarrels, they continually plunge into different situations, one more stupid than the other. In each episode of the film, viewers will watch their ridiculous attempts to get off the water.

Trailer It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 8

Scenes It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 8

Air Date: September 15, 2011

The series tells about friends who have their own Irish pub in one not very favorable area of Philadelphia. Yes, and you can’t say anything good about your friends – they hate each other, always quarrel, lie and constantly prove something to each other, which turns out to be in the most ridiculous and amusing situations.

Trailer It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 7

Scenes It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 7

Air Date: September 16, 2010

The story of four friends, the owners of the bar is told in the film “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. Four men decided to open a bar in a quiet area of ​​Philadelphia. As the place for their pub, the guys choose not very good, so customers are very rare here, which leads to constant disagreement and hostility between them. Although they regard each other as friends, they are still gradually enmity, they plot and are not very fair.

They are completely unfamiliar with such notions of honesty, generosity, sinlessness, and do not at all understand how to properly build their lives.

Each of them is trying to show that he is in charge here, and this demonstration leads to ridiculous curiosities, and they themselves fall into absurd stories. Also, the guys compete for the girls, proving to each other that he is the most beautiful and clever.

Trailer It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 6

Scenes It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 6

Air Date: September 17, 2009

The sunny, bright, warm city of Philadelphia, like cheese, is attractive and bright. The main characters of this series are the inhabitants of one of its districts. Philadelphia is a place for people who want to relax. True, the main characters of the project are the simple inhabitants of this city, who have to work together in one Irish pub. There are four of them.

They are young and promising, but so far the main characters have to fight for a place under the sun in a small bar. The main characters are hostile and aggressive to each other, so they become generators of funny situations and funny moments!

Trailer It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 5

Scenes It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 5

Air Date: September 18, 2008

American comedy serial film is offered to the attention of those who love the sitcom genre. In one of the areas of Philadelphia, populated by a variety of people, there is an Irish bar. He is held by four friends who are not distinguished by exemplary behavior and friendliness, even in relation to each other.

It is not surprising that the institution is not popular and sometimes brings its owners, for the most part, a headache than profits. But our heroes are not discouraged. Their life is a constant struggle with each other, during which they constantly find themselves in absurd and absurd situations. Different types of protagonists only emphasize their absurdity and worthlessness. All their actions are similar to the theater of the absurd, but despite this, they manage to conduct a common business.

Trailer It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 4

Scenes It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 4

Air Date: September 13, 2007

The series tells about four buddies. Together they manage the Irish bar, which is clearly located in a not the best place in Philadelphia. As for the characters themselves, they are aggressive towards each other, even asocial, in conflict, lie, trying to be distinguished. And so they get into strange and funny stories.

Trailer It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 3

Scenes It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 3

Air Date: June 29, 2006

The story of four friends who were able to settle down well in a city called Philadelphia. The guys decided to open their bar, thereby earning on their existence. Let things not go well for them, they still do not lose heart. One might think that because of such an unserious attitude towards everything that happens, they end up in various absurd situations that often end in unpredictable ways.

But the matter concerns not only the general business, they are also constantly haunted by love and domestic problems. Each of the characters has its own character and life principles, so sometimes it is not easy to sort out this or that problem together, but thanks to the inherent sense of humor, they still manage to solve all the difficulties.

Trailer It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 2

Scenes It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 2

Air Date: August 04, 2005

We go with you to Philadelphia, sun-drenched in the sun. They say it is always so bright and warm here. That is why living and working in such a city is one sheer pleasure. It would seem that everything is so, but here the main characters do not quite agree with this.

They have to work together in the Irish pub, where there is always a place for scandal, quarrel, conflict, comic situations and other absurdities. Initially, the main characters relate to each other very hostile, though with time their relationships become warmer and warmer, though this doesn’t affect the comic nature of what is happening in their bar! All the same fun and crazy!

Trailer It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 1

Scenes It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 1