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  • 7.9 (based on 56 312 user ratings)
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 5: May 02, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 5
  • Created By: Diane Ruggiero, Rob Thomas
Rose McIver
Rose McIver
David Anders
David Anders
Robert Buckley
Robert Buckley
Malcolm Goodwin
Malcolm Goodwin
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Rahul Kohli
Aly Michalka
Aly Michalka
Bryce Hodgson
Bryce Hodgson


After one of the evening party on the ship, student Olivia Moore, a cardiac surgeon student, is very energetic, full of health and great prospects, turning into a zombie.

From now on, Olivia reminds her friend is ready, because her hair is almost white, the skin has lost its blush, and there are bruises around the eyes. In order to remain in working condition, she needs to be supported by human brains, therefore Liv also gets a job with the doctor Ravi Chakrabarti as an intern.

From each brain eaten Liv takes not only energy, but also the memories of the deceased. Thanks to Chakrabarti, who found out about everything, and to the police detective Clive Babino, she assists in solving the crimes of those whose brains she supported.

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Air Date: May 02, 2019

The fifth season of the American mystery series “iZombie”, the developers of which were Diana Ruggiero and Rob Thomas. And this eerie project was based on the comic book series of the same name, written by screenwriter Chris Roberson and artist Michael Allred, and it came out from 2010 to 2012 in the well-known publishing house DC Comics Vertigo.

Three years after the comic project was closed, it was decided to prolong his life on television, and the CW channel took over and the premiere of the first season took place on March 17, 2015, which received good criticism and successfully lasted four seasons and even extended to fifth.
However, for fans we are reporting sad news – this season will be the last … And, considering that the ratings gradually began to fall, then you should not expect it before 2019, according to rumors, the release is scheduled for March 22.

It should be said that in the TV series “iZombie” the initial stitch and the central character were slightly modified. If in the comic, the heroine, who was cast by Gwen Dylan, she was a zombie, was a private detective and she herself had to look for food in the form of human brains, for which she dug up the corpses at a local cemetery, in the series, she was, first, renamed -second, a few changed the scope of activities, and, finally, made it easier for the extraction of food …

And in general, by and large, zombies in this version are quite adequate, live among ordinary people and even go to beauty salons to somewhat hide those features in appearance that resemble zombies. In addition, they are quite adequate and law-abiding citizens.

So the main character of the series is called Liv. More precisely Olivia Moore. Initially, all this girl has developed remarkably. She was full of strength and vitality, she studied at a medical college and was even going to get married. Like all American students, the girl did not shy away from fun parties, and this very passion brought her to life … after death. In short, in the frenzy of one of the parties, the girl turned into a zombie.

And now everything has changed in her life – from her appearance to her lifestyle and career.
The fact is that in order to somehow maintain the human way of life and thoughts, from time to time it needs to feed on the human brain. Therefore, the girl who was waiting for a brilliant medical future, is arranged in one of the morgues of Seattle. There she has access to the necessary food.

But eating such unusual in composition ingredients of the dishes has some psychological and mystical consequences. The fact is that together with the brain, Liv seems to absorb the personality of the deceased person, his thoughts and memories, and even talents and skills. And in the event of a violent death, this can be the key to a solution to the murder, and the search for a criminal. And Liv, as a conscious citizen, enthusiastically helps the Seattle police in solving terrible crimes, combining business with pleasure – eating brains from spaghetti with catching dangerous criminals who deprive people of their lives …
Of course, she does not reveal the secret of her gift to her police colleagues, and they are completely confident that Liv is a talented psychic.

According to the calculations of the channel, this story is stably watched by about a million viewers, and although the rating does not exceed the limit, yet this was quite enough to slowly and adequately complete the series, putting a worthy point in the story of Liv and her friends.

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Air Date: February 26, 2018

In the 4th season of iZombie our main heroine Liv is going to investigate the mysterious death of a football player from Seattle. The investigation turns into a shocking discovery that can change her life. Major agrees to take patronage over young zombies who do not yet have enough experience of interacting with the world of people.

Ravi’s unrequited feelings toward Payton are getting stronger, and he does not know what to do with them. Blaine is faced against mistakes of the past, and this overwhelms him in the present. Will he be able to overcome it? We will learn it soon!

Liv eats brains of an elderly lady from high society. she instantly becomes much more refined. Now Liz needs to find out which of the servants of the venerable lady was involved in her death. In fact, it turns out that almost all surrounding people hated this woman.

Clive and Bozzio understand that they will have to work together so they try to find common language, but it is so difficult in their current situation. Liv and Major suddenly find themselves on the opposite sides of the barricades. Are you ready to enjoy? Sit back comfortably and watch! This season promises to be really exciting and incredible!

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Scenes iZombie season 4

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Air Date: April 04, 2017

The third season of the long-awaited project “iZombie” will attract fans of the series for long hours of viewing. The main character is Olivia Moore. She once worked in surgery.

The girl was very cheerful and cheerful, until she turned into a zombie. Yes, the young lady now wants to walk the streets and eat their brains, but no one has canceled work. Olivia in the form of a goth has to go to the morgue, where she is practicing. The heroine discovers that has incredible abilities.

After eating someone’s brain, the girl learns all the secrets of her victim. Who would have thought that such a cool skill would help her and her friends in investigating crimes!

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Scenes iZombie season 3

Air Date: October 06, 2015

A medical student Olivia Moore dreamed of becoming a doctor in cardiac surgery. She studied well, she promised a high career in heart surgery. Once she was invited to have fun in the company. This fun ended for her quite unexpectedly.

Awakening the next day, the girl felt something changed in her, she became different, she became a zombie. From this day, she is no longer attracted by ordinary food, her essence requires to enjoy brains. In her appearance, too, there were terrible changes: her hair had become dull, like tow, the color of her skin was pale, the smile on her face was gone. She does not want to communicate with people, cardiac surgery is no longer interesting to the former student.

Olivia gets a job at the morgue to be closer to the brain. But here she discovers the abilities she has discovered. After eating the dead man’s brains, she is able to understand what he was thinking about before he died and what happened to him. This is used by her familiar detective, who has increased the percentage of detection …

Trailer iZombie season 2

Air Date: March 17, 2015

Olivia Moore dreamed of becoming a heart surgeon, she is a capable medical student. But one day her life has changed a lot. Fatal consequences for the girl turned another fun party, which was arranged on a yacht.

Olivia Moore will never be that cheerful and full of strength attractive girl, from now on she is a zombie! Her appearance has changed, her hair has become white, there are shadows under her eyes, and her skin has begun to look pale. Olivia now feeds on the brains of the dead.

In order to have at his disposal a sufficient amount of “material”, Olivia gets a job at the morgue, where Professor Ravi Chakrbarty makes an autopsy. The observant doctor notes the strangeness in the behavior of his young assistant, he becomes aware of the truth about Olivia. And he knows how to use the transformation of a girl into a zombie for good deeds …

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Scenes iZombie season 1