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  • 7.7 (based on 7 097 user ratings)
  • Genre: Action & Adventure, Comedy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 1: August 19, 2016
  • Number Of Seasons: 1
  • Created By: Peter Atencio
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Kat Foster
Kat Foster
Bar Paly
Bar Paly
Phylicia Rashād
Phylicia Rashād
Moisés Arias
Moisés Arias


TV show Jean-Claude Van Johnson is an attempt of one of most recognizable action stars of the 80s Van Damme to return back to his glory. This time, he decided to put on a mask of himself in a series where he returns to acting in order to become a spy under a smart disguise.

The series follows our main hero as he tries to balance his duties and his acting career. This is mostly an action comedy with lots of interesting story bits and character development that may impress those who are searching for a light-hearted entertainment. Sadly, the series was pandered by critics and viewers for its uneven pacing and lack of intrigue.

TV show Jean-Claude Van Johnson is a series for fans of the action star that has not been on a big screen for more than a decade. His legacy is undeniable and still has a very big impact on the way filmmakers are doing things up to date.

If you want to see your favorite actor on the silver screen and want to spend some time with a good action TV show that has a lot of good things going for it, you will love this comedy about spies, martial arts, and covert operations done by an actor. Download all episodes of this mini-series and binge watch it right now! You will love every single second of it!

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Air Date: August 19, 2016

Jean-Claude Van Johnson season 1 is a really awesome idea that has so much potential that many critics called it the most anticipated show of this year. This is a glorious return of our beloved martial artist and model from Belgium whose career had been in vain for several decades now.

However, this show promises to make him great again as he adopts a persona of a cool actor who is actually a secret agent with lots of various skills. He is using his acting career as a cover for silent assassinations and other covert missions. Obviously, the amount of hilarious moments that will blow your mind will be over the top just due to the fact that all around our hero believe that many things that he does for real are just intricate stunt work.

Jean-Claude Van Johnson season 1 is a satisfying experience with a charming and truly talented actor leading the series and making sure that viewers receive a lot of great dialogue and well-choreographed physical comedy.

It is a self-indulgent yet more than just self-aware action comedy with a legend of old school action films. If you wanted something that would bring to you that nostalgia for 80s and 90s, you simply cannot miss out on this awesome show from Amazon.

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