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  • 7.6 (based on 26 859 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 8: January 02, 2020
  • Number Of Seasons: 8
  • Created By: Jack Burditt
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Tim Allen
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Nancy Travis
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Christoph Sanders
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In the center of the storyline of the television series – an acute problem of modernity. Women have captured many areas around the world. Every year there are more and more women among politicians, leaders, doctors, teachers, builders. Remember how it was before – all inventions were made by men, they also worked in leading sectors of the country.

The main character, Mike Baxter, decides to confront the female half of humanity, which has seized all the structures of power. He works as director of advertising at a local sporting goods store. Our hero has a decent job, a good car, a loving family. Subordinates are afraid of him, because Mike is only one look is able to strike a man outright.

However, at home he is in full power of his wife and daughters. One day, his wife decides to go to work and move up the career ladder. To do this, the head of the family will have to try on the role of a nurse, cook and servants. He begins to understand how difficult it is to combine the main work and the upbringing of children, as well as to manage to cook food and clean the house.

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Air Date: January 02, 2020

The eighth season of the series Last Man Standing continues to tell the audience about the main character Mike Baxter. He is an incredibly courageous person who takes responsibility for all domestic and professional matters.

The character is the owner of a large sports store, which has already become a legend among buyers. In addition, the protagonist often takes part in business trips and travels the world with various goals.

Driving his pickup truck, Mike looks even more confident and serious. Of course, at work, the main character behaves like a real macho man, the main and leading in all matters! True, everything changes at home. In the native four walls, Mike is under the heel of Vanessa’s beloved wife and three daughters. They are old enough to create special problems for the main character.

Kristin is twenty-two and she is thinking about a future career. Seventeen-year-old Mandy is just about to enter an age when teenagers are thinking about personal relationships, and fourteen-year-old Eve seems to have learning problems. And, of course, it is Mike who has to deal with all these matters, because he is the eyes of the family. True, it will not be possible to avoid the fulfillment of these duties – the girls will certainly not leave behind.

Trailer Last Man Standing season 8

Air Date: September 28, 2018

Comedy multiseries project “Last Man Standing” will tell about Mike Baxter – an employee of one of the most respectable stores selling goods for sports. To be more precise, he is the director in charge of marketing.

Mike can be easily ranked as those who are called real men, because he is endowed with all the required qualities for such a high rank. The main character is confident, ambitious and extremely cool, and most importantly, he loves sports cars and all sorts of adventures.

But there is a small problem – should he be within the limits of his own home, as all these qualities evaporate, and he falls under the influence of a woman – his wife Vanessa. A couple of years ago she was a simple housewife and was engaged in raising her daughters.

But now she has found an occupation and now Mike is forced to take on some of the household chores, including raising children who need constant attention.

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Air Date: September 23, 2016

If someone thinks that men rule this world, then this is far from being the case. Women have long overwhelmed the planet and are guiding it with an invisible domineering hand.

Yes, someone can say that men created civilizations, that they were able to make great discoveries, that men were always the first in science. However, women are now at the top. Perhaps an example of courage, Mike Baxter is trying to be a worthy representative of his gender.

He is a great director who leads his shop to great fame. It would seem that Mike at work is strict and serious, but at home he has to obey the female power, because he is under the heel of four women at once.

Wife Vanessa, as well as three daughters Christine, Yves and Mandy will not let the main character get bored!

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Scenes Last Man Standing season 6

Air Date: September 25, 2015

It would be unpleasant to be aware of men, but the world is ruled by hands swinging the cradle, that is, women. No matter how hard men try to prove the opposite, in the end, they always fall under the spell of women.

But there are individuals who dream to change the course of things, and are trying to return to the male sex their rightful place in the management of the world. And then such a one appeared, he was deeply convinced that all the greatest and most beautiful on Earth came out from under men’s hands, because sport, art in all its manifestations are the achievements of men, not to mention the greatest inventions.

After all this, is it possible to doubt the omnipotence of the stronger sex? Mike Baxter, the marketing director of a large and well-known sports shop, takes the responsibility to convince the world that man is still the master of the situation in this life.

But when he came home, he surrenders to the mercy of his charming wife Vanessa and his three daughters.
Vanessa, after many years spent at home as a housewife, decides to return to work, where her business is rapidly going uphill, strongly annoying her male colleagues. Mike has no choice but to take care of the house and raise her daughters.

Trailer Last Man Standing season 5

Scenes Last Man Standing season 5

Air Date: October 03, 2014

Who is he – the last real man? Indeed, in our modern society, women sometimes occupy a dominant role. And what about men? They are trying to prove that they are not useless.

The main character of the picture becomes Mike Baxter, who works as marketing director in one of the major sports shops. At work, he is a respected person, but when he comes home, everything changes.

He falls under the full influence of his beloved wife and three daughters. But before the man played a major role in society. Everything rested precisely on men: they invented everything, they participated in combat battles, they built, created and programmed …

Trailer Last Man Standing season 4

Air Date: September 20, 2013

The main idea of ​​this series is to give us quite a weighty and painful problem for men. Once they were the most important in the world, it was men who made the most important scientific discoveries, conquered the worlds, were the successors of the clan and their word was law.

Only these times have long been sunk into the summer and now women are the most important in almost all areas. How many outstanding doctors, politicians, TV presenters, teachers, architects of women who have achieved universal recognition and respect. Every year, women occupying responsible and high positions are becoming more and more. And for this reason, men need to try very hard, so as not to completely switch places “with the weaker sex.”

The protagonist of this comedic and funny TV series, Mike Baxter, is trying to stand alone against women who have already captured a lot of industries and significant posts. He himself works as a director of the advertising department in one sports shop and it turns out that he is quite interesting.

Mike has a really good job, decent wages, a car and a strong, loving family. At work, he is respected and even afraid, because with one glance he can simply slay the employee on the spot. But, at home, the situation changes completely, he becomes a henpecked henchman and three daughters.

The situation is such that his wife decides to return to work again and even climb the career ladder. To carry out his plan, Mike will have to do his own household chores, doing laundry, cleaning, cooking, and raising his daughters. Having stayed a bit in such a role, he understands how hard his wife has to combine work with all household chores.

Trailer Last Man Standing season 3

Air Date: November 02, 2012

The protagonist of this series is Mike Baxter. Simple at first glance, the man who holds the brand of a charismatic guy, who owns a large sports store.

However, in the conditions of modern society, when feminist views take over, men, like the main character, remain the only hope of the male part of the population. They are brutal and strong.

True, few people realize that Baxter, such a prominent and serious uncle, at home turns into a simple henpecked, who fulfills any desires of his wife and three daughters, becoming more and more unmanageable with age.

Trailer Last Man Standing season 2

Scenes Last Man Standing season 2

Air Date: October 11, 2011

The influence of women on the global balance is extremely large. No matter what anyone says, but the modern world has blurred the boundaries of the division of obligations between men and women so much that one cannot even tell who the boss is in the house.

However, there is Mike Baxter, who by all means proves that he is a real man. The main character owns a sports store, which once received the legendary status and universal love.

At work, he is tough and serious, but at home he has to change – a man finds himself in a circle of women. Wife Vanessa, as well as three beloved daughters will not allow Mike to relax. In addition to store management, it also takes care of the house and the children.

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