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  • 8.3 (based on 76 579 user ratings)
  • Genre: Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 3: June 24, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 3
  • Created By: Noah Hawley
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Dan Stevens
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Rachel Keller
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Jean Smart
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Aubrey Plaza
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Legion is a world-famous serial about people, who have their unique super abilities. The main hero is David Heller. His parents Charles Xavier and Gabriel Haller live an ordinary life and no one knows about the super abilities of this family. Then thing is that, David’s father can convey his thoughts and feelings from a distance and his son got this power in his childhood.

Many doctors were sure that David had an incurable head disease and they did not believe that this boy could read other people’s thoughts and penetrate their minds. But they were wrong…
Sometimes our protagonist hears different voices, which sometimes even give him advice. One day he realizes that there are several personalities live in him and every day they struggle with each other. Each of them wants to control David’s body and his mind.

But, nevertheless, David calms down and decides to collect all these personalities and take control of them. As a result, he creates his own legion and his new life begins. Moreover, everything changes when he meets an attractive girl and tries to please her. What wiil be the continuation of this incredible and unpredictable story? We can learn it soon. Sit back comfortably and watch just now.

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Air Date: June 24, 2019

The focus of the plot is the character David Heller. A young man suffers from schizophrenia, which does not give him any peace. From adolescence, the guy has to be treated for this psychological malady, but more and more often David’s head is visited by the idea that there is no point in fighting.

With each new day, Heller realizes that he is losing his identity and can no longer return to his former normal life. True, it will soon turn out that everything that happens to the main character is not a disease.

As it turned out, the young man hears voices that are, in fact, real! To help him figure out this incredible feature of his body can a girl with whom David falls in love.

What will be next? The third season will continue the story of a guy with unique skills that he has already found a way to effectively use.

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Air Date: April 03, 2018

The 2nd season of Legion tells usabout David’s hard life. Since his childhood, he has experienced many problems because he behaved strangely. He saw non-existent people and heard voices. And every night he dreamed about the way he manipulates objects from a distance and has incredible power. What is happening to him? He did not understand. And the desperate guy wanted to hang himself.

But then he got into a clinic for the mentally ill with a diagnosis of progressive schizophrenia. Surrounded by crazy clients, he took a bunch of potent medicines and lived in confinement. The fate of the hero of the series “Legion” would have ended up in a psychiatric hospital, but the appearance of the charming and strange woman Sidney changed everything in his life. He fell in love and wanted that she become his girlfriend. They became friends quickly although she did not allow him to touch her. When it was time to break up, he kissed her recklessly, violating the established rules. And then something unthinkable happened. Their minds merged together, and then he found himself in her body. But the shock wave from their contact was so powerful that one girl died, being inside the wall. Taking advantage of the incident and confusion, David fled the hospital and went to his sister, the only one close human in his life.

In the 2nd season of Legions there were suspicious types from the police, investigating the tragic incident in the hospital. They asked many questions, trying to figure out what happened there. David does not suspect yet that he is the strongest mutant in the world and he can be destroyed at any time because of his abilities. Sidney will come to rescue him. She will help him get out of the next captivity and understand his true nature. The creators of the project promise us an incredible and outstanding episode. Are you ready? Sit back and watch!

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Air Date: February 08, 2017

David Heller is the son of Charles Xavier and Gabriel Heller. Up to a certain age, the boy grew up an ordinary child. His father’s abilities have taken root in him – he can transmit his thoughts and feelings at a distance.

In childhood, the child was treated all the time, thinking that he was not okay with his head. And when he began to hear and see strange things, he himself resigned himself to being mentally ill. He hears voices that sometimes even give him advice. Soon he realizes that various personalities live in him, who sometimes even fight among themselves.

Each of them wants to control the body and mind of the guy. And they have endless abilities. But over time, David calms down and decides to collect all these individuals into one. Thus he forms the Legion. Everything changes when he meets an attractive girl.

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