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Huma Qureshi
Huma Qureshi
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The plot unfolds in the near future. In a digital city, everyone is obsessed with cleanliness. All residents of the metropolis live in separate communities based on social class, caste and religion. The fantastic series “Leila”, which Netflix India will present in the summer of 2019, talks about a woman named Shalini.

Two years ago, under the tragic circumstances, she lost her daughter and does not abandon her attempts to find her. Trying to avoid video surveillance systems and numerous gangs, she is looking for her child in the places forgotten by God, where they collect garbage, teeming with disease and banditry.

Shalini to overcome many difficulties, sink to the bottom and endure a lot. This is an anti-utopian story of longing, loss, and inexhaustible faith.

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Air Date: June 14, 2019

This story is sad. She tells about the unfortunate fate of people who allowed their high feelings to live, despite numerous prohibitions and prejudices. The main actors are representatives of different religions, which should not be together.

Such social foundations. She is a girl from a wealthy family who dreams of being truly happy. Shalini is sure that only Muslim Reese, with whom the heroine is in love with madness, can be such. He, in turn, shares these feelings and is ready to do everything possible to be close to a loved one.

Families of the main characters against such a union, realizing that this love cannot lead to anything good. True, young people go against the prejudices and desires of their parents. Soon the couple will be born daughter Leila, but this moment will be a turning point for all the characters.

The girl will be kidnapped, and the unfortunate young man Reese will die. Shalini will try to do everything possible to find her daughter, but she will be left in prison for many, many years. It will be decades before the heroine gets out of prison. All these years she lived with one thought only: go free and find the closest person.

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