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  • 4.9 (based on 965 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 1: February 26, 2018
  • Number Of Seasons: 1


TV show Living Biblically will dwell into a territory that is rarely explored by popular television productions. The series will cover the events described in a critically acclaimed and hugely popular book by Jacobs who created a very interesting funny story about a person that wants to live according to the holy writing.

One of the most inventive and controversial narratives of the recent years, this story was immediately noticed by many producers who wanted to make it into either a show or a movie. Thankfully, the former is the eventually chosen media format.

TV show Living Biblically will feature a talented crew both in front and behind the cameras in order to create a compelling sitcom with lots of interesting and engaging moments and story bits. There will be interesting character development lines and leitmotivs piercing through the story and making it very appealing to a wide audience of viewers.

Smart witty dialogue, original physical humor, and an intelligently told story will definitely hook you up. This is something that you will most certainly enjoy after you download TV show Living Biblically. All media formats are available for downloading. Prepare some snacks and enjoy this funny comedy!

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Air Date: February 26, 2018

Living Biblically season 1 is a daring new creation of very talented and really inspired by modern literature showrunners who just wanted to conceive something new and fresh. You will notice that they succeeded after watching this very interesting show with outstanding performances across the board.

The premise from the best-selling book is what makes this whole idea spicy and attracts a lot of curious glances from all audiences and critics. It is a comedy and it is about a man who decided to alter his life by following the Holy Bible to the letter and making sure that his life is guided by the providence.

Living Biblically season 1 is a strange narrative. The main protagonist experiences a lot of really stressful events. Amidst a hurricane of events he finds his recently successful life in shatters and needs a new direction. His whole plan falls apart and the only possible guidance is that from God himself and he leans to the sacred religious texts to find answers.

While some of them are absolutely reasonable, there are suggestions and guidelines that may throw from people off the rails, but not our guy. Watch the hilarity ensue on such levels you have never seen before. If you like really weird yet charming comedies driven by the idea, you will love this series.

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