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Lodge 49

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  • 7.5 (based on 2 441 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 2: August 12, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 2
  • Created By: Jim Gavin
Wyatt Russell
Wyatt Russell
Brent Jennings
Brent Jennings
Sonya Cassidy
Sonya Cassidy
Linda Emond
Linda Emond
David Pasquesi
David Pasquesi
Eric Allan Kramer
Eric Allan Kramer


The main character of the series survived the death of his father and was broken. He had a hard time, because every new day was a real test for him. The only thing that made you forget about the problems was your passion for surfing. A man loves to conquer the waves and considers passion his main hobby.

The series “Lodge 49” tells about the brotherly order of the same name, which is located near the beach of Long Beach. It is here that the main character will try to find the very necessary peace for him, which he has not felt since the loss of his beloved loved one. The first season of the drama series is already on your screens.

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Air Date: August 12, 2019

Lodge 49 returns to the screens with the second season. This beautiful comedy American series with a fair share of sound drama promises to continue the exciting and touching story of the main character of Dud. He is a simple guy who loves surfing, and in the evenings – to drink something not very strong, but relaxing.

Here in the town of Long Beach every day is painful and dull. After the death of his father, the character’s life does not change, so every day is a great test for him. Of course, Shawn Doodle is in no hurry to give up. Soon he gets the right to join the peculiar fraternal order “Lodge 49”, where his name is friend Ernie. Great atmosphere, cheap beer and much, much more awaits the main character ahead.

A new challenge is an unexpectedly happy ticket to the beginning of life from scratch. The main character accepts the offer with great pleasure and gets used to the new role. What will be next? Let’s see in the second season of the popular series from the AMC channel. Enjoy all fans of great comedies and life stories.

Trailer Lodge 49 season 2

Scenes Lodge 49 season 2

Air Date: August 06, 2018

Lodge 49 season 1 is a bizarre drama with lots of interesting stuff happening all the time. The premise is very simple: our main hero is a former surfer who decided to return back to the lodge once loved by his father. The situation there is quite strange as there are guests who constantly arrive to do some crazy stuff.

Some mystery is definitely involved and our hero will have to put on his tinfoil hat and start investigating while partaking in various activities performed by guests whose entertainments may seem strange to people with normal tastes and ideas in their heads.

Lodge 49 season 1 is a great drama with a generous sprinkling of comedy. There is a metric ton of truly interesting jokes that will make you laugh like never before. Our main guy is not an outstanding champ and he knows nothing about this mysterious lodge, but he is ready since there is not much else he can do after realizing that being a surfer is not necessarily a good life choice.

He must understand the rules of the lodge and get into a new lifestyle that will actually consist of partying and making fun of nearly everything. Also, the hero has a girlfriend who is high most of the times. Don’t you want to watch this show more after hearing that?

Trailer Lodge 49 season 1

Scenes Lodge 49 season 1

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