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  • 6.7 (based on 4 030 user ratings)
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 2: October 18, 2018
  • Number Of Seasons: 2
  • Created By: Aaron Mahnke


TV show Lore is amazing and there is nothing more to add. This is an outstanding, smart, mystical, and scary anthology of various stories, all with something supernatural going on. If you consider yourself a fan of a good horror, you simply cannot miss out on this show. It has great level of production, lots of real documentaries woven into the plot, and a whole bunch of really chilling stories that will make you not want to close your eyes in your bed.

Created on the foundation of an overly popular audio blog that was widely successful, this little series is an amazing collection of city legends, fictional stories, and real mysteries that will entertain you for days.

TV show Lore deservingly showers in attention from all sorts of viewers. It managed to gather millions of views and has a very strong followship from some diehard fans who are more than pleased with the result that was put out by a small yet talented crew of creators. The show will be renewed for a couple more season at the very least due to its popularity and strong reception by critics and viewers alike.

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Air Date: October 18, 2018

The second season of the “Traditions”, according to the creators of the series, will be even more terrible and hassle than the first, that is, even more nightmarish than you can imagine. These will be more large-scale plots addressing problems of a global nature and not fixing on a single, terrible element of mystical nature and / or real-life monsters in human form.

We know exactly one thing, one of the episodes will be timed to the most terrible, in its essence, holiday – Halloween, and in fact it is on that day and night that, as usual, terrible events take place, which gave rise to many legends and stories.

The season 2 of TV show “Lora” will continue to show stories from the work of Aaron Meinke, as well as the latest, still unreleased stories, about which no one yet knows which new heroes will enter into the folklore style from works from around the world.

The frightening, disturbing nerves of fairy tales and myths of past years are revived again and begin to act on their own initiative, turning into modern myths and fairy tales. At the same time, you, our dear viewers, will again be able to familiarize themselves with real video materials and artistic fiction, which, interspersed even with animation, gave a new unique combination of truly awful and unique meaning.

Supernatural and real, documentary and animated, everything organically combined, without losing the main narrative in addition to the hybrid segments, sometimes releasing heroes, but holding them by the “chilling” soul by the throat.

According to the creators of this project, the viewer will become very closely acquainted not only with horrible monsters from the “other world”, but also with real-life nightmares …

Trailer Lore season 2

Air Date: October 13, 2017

Lore season 1 will focus the attention of its viewers on incredibly simple yet mystical events that turned into city legends and modern myths. Some of them deserved the right to be under the spotlight while many other were just spooky stories that never had anything serious behind them.

This series is a documentary about a group of people who are trying to investigate various legends and myths that have been built upon relatively simple events. Some of the most popular superstitions and beliefs in supernatural are based on more than rational things from our regular lives and we can easily explain them in simple terms.

Lore season 1 is a fusion of bro science and myth-busting.

If you have ever wondered whether vampires and their inability to walk under the sunlight is something real, you might have been closer to truth than you imagine.

This show will try to put some rationale behind modern concepts and superstitions. Stories about werewolves, undead monsters, mutants, mythical creatures, and many other phenomenon that seemingly have no explanation can be easily explained. You just need a couple of really dedicated people who are very enthusiastic about their job and determined to find the truth.

Trailer Lore season 1

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