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  • 7.2 (based on 53 448 user ratings)
  • Genre: Action & Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 2: December 24, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 2
  • Created By: Matt Sazama, Burk Sharpless
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TV show Lost in Space looks like a very expensive experiment as Netflix wants to try the waters of the sci-fi genre that seems to be both underrepresented and underappreciated at the moment.

While this series will cater to those who crave for a good sci-fi show, the story is derived from the nostalgia inducing older TV series that had moderate success a couple of decades ago. The successor does look expensive with most visual effects being quite convincing, but the core of the series is a dense plot with a myriad of intriguing twists and turns.

TV show Lost in Space delivers a memorable experience to all its fans and wants to make sci-fi fans as comfortable as possible by bombarding them with a lot of sciency stuff and outstanding visuals. Lasers, explosions, spaceships, planetary stations, and many other attributes of a good space drama are here.

You will most certainly enjoy this series as it is one of the best entertainments available to geeks at the moment. It looks fresh despite utilizing ideas that were conceived years ago and offers a very good level of production. Download episodes of Lost in Space and enjoy the series on all devices. We offer you MP4, MPEG, and AVI files for downloading.

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Air Date: December 24, 2019

The plot of this scientific drama tells about the representatives of the Robinson family. The main characters go on a long space journey. They are on their way to another planet, but soon their ship will be at the epicenter of some inexplicable space-time anomaly that takes the Robinson’s ship millions of light-years away from the point where they originally needed to get.

Now, the main characters, namely the crew of the ship, including adults and children, must rally to overcome this distance and survive in the crazy conditions of an unknown and cold space. What will happen next in this incredible and fascinating story? The Lost in Space project returns to the screens with the second season.

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Air Date: April 13, 2018

The 1st season of “Lost in Space” moves us to the far future. The population of the Earth approached the critical mark. Humanity has no other choice, and that is why, people decide to colonize other worlds in order to solve the problem of overpopulation.

Astronaut John Robinson and his wife, an aerospace engineer, decide to colonize a livable planet in the hope of giving a better future to their children. Their choice falls on a planet that revolves around Alpha Centauri. But not everyone wants this mission to be successfully completed. Robinsons and their three children are lost in space. Fortunately, they are not alone in space, there are also a military pilot and an anthropoid robot with in their company.

In the 2nd season of “Lost in Space” a Robinson family has the only one main task – is to rejoin the other crews that have survived during the attack. Robinsons have to spend difficult years on the ship, where they will have to fight with fear of suspense and despair.

In addition to these problems, the main heroes are waiting for unexpected meetings in outer space, which will rally the crew of the ship for the sake of salvation. They will meet different enemies of both extraterrestrial and terrestrial origin and will face many dangerous situations in a completely new, unexplored and alien world.

Will the main characters solve the global problem and to self their close people? We will find out it soon.
That is why take your seats and begin to enjoy!

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