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  • 7.8 (based on 110 831 user ratings)
  • Genre: Action & Adventure, Crime, Drama
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 17: September 24, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 17
  • Created By: Don McGill, Donald P. Bellisario
David McCallum
David McCallum
Mark Harmon
Mark Harmon
Sean Murray
Sean Murray
Brian Dietzen
Brian Dietzen


Gripping detective television project “Maritime Police: Special Department” will tell about the work of a special department of investigations, consisting of the United States Department of the Navy. Specialist officers are engaged in catching criminals and investigating cases involving incidents involving the fleet and officers in the naval forces.

In the center of the story – Leroy Gibbs and his experienced team of special agents involved in the detection of crimes, one way or another connected with the sailors. It is not uncommon for protagonists to adopt more difficult cases related to espionage or terrorism.

Gibbs brought together true pros of his business, such as Anthony Dinozzo, a former detective, Ziv David – former Israeli intelligence officer, Abby Shuto and Donald Mallard – excellent forensic experts and Timothy McGeigi in the field of high technologies.

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Air Date: September 24, 2019

With the seventeenth season, the story of the special department of the naval police returns. The main characters are working on the disclosure of particularly complex crimes related to cases occurring in the navy. Most often, simple sailors appear in these cases, who appear to be participants in unpleasant events associated with the criminal events around them and other representatives of their team.

A group of investigators has already been taught numerous events and vast experience. It seems that they have no business in which the characters would not understand. Gibbs is a super agent who leads this responsible and professional team. His subordinates are the best of the best in their field.

Anthony Dinozzo is a man who knows everything about working undercover. Beauty Kate Todd is an integral part of the team, and Abby Skute is versed in medical subtleties even better! The team of main characters also includes computer genius Timothy McGee, a man who can hack any system.

The main characters perform a particularly important task, risking their lives every day. However, everything is justified – they are doing a five-plus job!

Trailer NCIS season 17

Air Date: September 25, 2018

A special unit of the United States Marine Police is investigating particularly complex cases involving crimes committed in the navy.

The main actors are sent to any part of their country in order to conduct a professional assessment of the events that have occurred.

Anthony Dinozzo is an experienced operative who once worked as a detective and now heads a detachment of real masters of his craft, including medical expert Abby Skyuto, a technician and IT technician McGee, and just a great double agent Kate Todd. Their task is to ensure the security of the country!

Trailer NCIS season 16

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Air Date: September 26, 2017

Welcome to watch the fifteenth season of the famous Maritime Police series. The focus of the project is the team from the special department. A special unit deals with the affairs of the United States Navy. The task of the characters – to investigate crimes committed at sea.

The most difficult thing in this case is to try to look for a criminal even if he is a representative of the country’s military forces. However, in front of everything can turn upside down. Investigations and searches for potential threats often take on completely unpredictable shapes.

The protagonists of this project are experienced investigators who know exactly what needs to be done in a particular case. The investigation is led by superspy Gibbs, who has several outstanding detectives in command. The main character works together with Abby Skuto – a cute girl who has a great understanding of medicine.

In addition, the team has Timothy McGee – a brilliant computer technician. You cannot work without Anthony Dinozzo – he is one of the best undercover agents. Let’s see what business will fall once again to the share of the main characters.

Trailer NCIS season 15

Air Date: September 19, 2016

We bring to your attention the most interesting series, which will tell you about the difficult work of the agents of the Navy of the United States of America. It is these people who investigate cases that are somehow connected with the fleet.

If a crime has occurred at sea, then the main characters will necessarily investigate it. They have to work with real sailors who are not easy people. Everyone misses the big earth, everyone dreams of personal happiness.

However, there are those who want more from their work. That is why they have to break the law. The team of agent Gibbs is always ready. A group of real professionals, which includes detectives, medical experts and hackers, investigates cases of varying complexity.

Trailer NCIS season 14

Air Date: September 21, 2015

The task of the naval police of the United States Navy is to investigate crimes that occurred in the fleet. These cases, sometimes delicate, sometimes specific, are fundamentally different from crimes in the army or in civil society. Sometimes naval officers serving for many years come under suspicion of any wrongdoing, it is necessary to carefully and thoroughly investigate the case and search for evidence.

Head of the Agent Agent Gibbs. His subordinates are Dinozzo, who previously served as a detective in the police, Todd, the current secret agent, forensic physician Abby, and a real technology genius and technological monster Tim McGee. At the stake of Anthony Dinozzo, difficult tasks fall out, undercover work is his strong point, albeit with the risk of his life. He is ready for anything that the crime has been solved.

Trailer NCIS season 13

Air Date: September 23, 2014

The series “Marine Police. Special Department “tells the viewer about the special agents of the US Navy, who work with various crimes. The main characters of this series are special agent Gibbs, ex-detective Anthony Dinozzo, charming agent Kate Todd, forensic scientist Abbie Skyuto, information technology specialist Timothy McGee.

They are all a team and a true master of their craft. They are constantly coping with the most complex operations, using all their professional skills to catch offenders. The agents of the maritime police never retreat from their intended goal, despite the fact that the assignment is often threatened by their own lives.

Trailer NCIS season 12

Air Date: September 24, 2013

The series will tell about the secret work and the adventures of a professional team, consisting of special agents of the US Navy. Their job is to investigate the intricate crimes committed by American sailors. Their main task is to protect the country and maintain security there.

Naturally, the secret team consists of the best specialists. The team is led by Gibbs, an experienced agent who uses non-standard methods to investigate crimes.

The team also includes beauty special agent Kate Todd, IT genius Timothy McGee and Abby Skuto – the best forensic scientist. The secret team will have to risk their lives to get to the truth and find dangerous criminals.

Trailer NCIS season 11

Air Date: September 25, 2012

This is a series about the exciting adventures of special agents of the US Navy. Their responsibilities include investigating crimes committed in the navy or those involving US sailors.

At the head of the group is Gibbs, a talented super-agent. His team includes: forensic scientist Abbie Skjuto, a former detective Anthony Dinozzo, a secret agent and just a beautiful woman Kate Todd, also an expert in the field of IT Timothy McGee.

Teams of special agents risk their lives every minute in order to defend their native America.

Trailer NCIS season 10

Air Date: September 20, 2011

This is a series about special agents from the US Navy Federal Agency. They, like everyone else – are trying to investigate crimes that are committed in the fleet or those that are arranged by the American sailors.

They sometimes pose a threat to almost the entire country. This mad group is headed by an agent for the special vocation of Gibbs.

He has a team – Enthony Dinozo – a secret agent, beauty Kate Todd, she conducts special expertise Ebbi Skyuto, and IT master Timothy McGee. Under the cover of the team, Entony Dinozzo leads his work, always and everywhere risking his life, for the sake of the security of the whole country!

Trailer NCIS season 9

Air Date: September 21, 2010

Adventurous series showing the viewer of special agents from the United States Federal Navy Agency. They are investigating the offenses that have occurred in the fleet, or that concern US sailors who are a great threat to the whole country.

The department is headed by special agent Gibbs. The group includes former detective Anthony Dinozzo, in one person a first-class spy and handsome Kate Todd, the best in the forensic medical examination of Abby Skyuto, and i-tishnik Timothy McGee.

The team of Anthony Dinozzo is always in great danger, but for them the security of their own country is more important.

Trailer NCIS season 8

Air Date: September 22, 2009

They have an important task on which, without exaggeration, the safety of the US Navy depends. Every day, no incident is investigated. From their investigations depends, without exaggeration, the country’s maritime security.

They are agents of the US Navy, whose activities include the investigation of incidents in the fleet.

They are a team of investigators, led by Gibbs – an agent with a rich track record.

Under his leadership, working forensic medicine expert Abby, handsome Kate, an expert in the field of IT Timothy, and also once worked as a detective Anthony.

All team members are constantly at risk, but they understand that the work they are all engaged in is extremely important.

Trailer NCIS season 7

Air Date: September 25, 2007

The series, which tells us about the various incidents of specialists of the federal department of the United States Navy. Their job is to engage in offenses committed in the fleet and in which US sailors took part.

They deal with issues of particular importance, the solution of which affects the country. At the head of this investigative agency is the best agent Gibbs, who works with Anthony Dinozzo – a former detective, Kate Todd – a secret agent, who is also stunning, Timothy McGee – the best in the field of IT, and also Abby Skyutto – a forensic doctor.

The guys are engaged in work with a high risk of danger, but they understand that they save their country by their work.

Trailer NCIS season 5

Air Date: September 18, 2006

This television series tells us about the best special agents, headed by Leroy Jethro Gibbs, who previously served as a marine. Everything that happens is connected with the naval forces.

This team copes with the most difficult things. Tony DiNozzo is an amateur on flirting with all the girls, using phrases from movies, a kind of playboy-film fan.

Timothy McGee is an excellent specialist, talented and charming. Dacia’s pathologist and Abby’s criminologist also help them in their affairs. In this fascinating action movie, a team of experts is faced with incredible events.

Trailer NCIS season 4

Air Date: September 20, 2005

The team, consisting of highly skilled special agents, namely: superagent, leading the department of investigations; secret agent, former detective, forensic scientist and programmer, has a mission – to solve the case of crimes against marines. A fascinating action movie about their adventures …

Trailer NCIS season 3

Air Date: September 27, 2004

An exciting fighter about a team of experienced special agents: heading the Gibbs Investigation Department, specializing in computers Timothy McGee, forensic expert Abbie Skuto, former detective Anthony and secret agent Kate Todd, she is also a seductive woman. Investigating crimes involving marines, they fall into incredible adventures …

Trailer NCIS season 2

Air Date: September 22, 2003

A group of experienced specialists leads the investigation into crimes related to naval forces: charming Kate Todd, who is an undercover agent; Abby Squito, a forensic expert; Timothy McGee, well versed in computer science, as well as former detective Anthony Dinozzo.

This is a professional team of Gibbs, who led the department of investigation and the master of his craft. In this action movie they have to go through considerable tests …

Trailer NCIS season 1