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  • 6.8 (based on 13 299 user ratings)
  • Genre: Action & Adventure, Drama
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 6: September 24, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 6
  • Created By: Gary Glasberg
Scott Bakula
Scott Bakula
Lucas Black
Lucas Black
Rob Kerkovich
Rob Kerkovich
CCH Pounder
CCH Pounder
Vanessa Ferlito
Vanessa Ferlito
Necar Zadegan
Necar Zadegan
Daryl Mitchell
Daryl Mitchell


The New Orleans Naval Police is not much different from the ordinary, except perhaps for the small specificity of the crimes they reveal.

The heroes of the new episodes are a forensic scientist from whom not a single detail will escape; technological genius, versed in programs and computers with a bang and a medical expert, by tradition – a girl.

The department, although small, is very productive. Having traveled many cities to investigate, having traveled from Mississippi to Texas and having extensive experience, the police know where in New Orleans are the most vicious and fun places where the military pulls during dismissals and where they get the opportunity to enjoy their vacation to the fullest. And here are the problems – easy in sight. The guys know how to solve them, each episode is a separate finished story that ends with the victory of the heroes.

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Air Date: September 24, 2019

Representatives of the maritime police work across America. Not so long ago, viewers traveled to Los Angeles, where they revealed matters together with the police of this big city. Now the plot takes us to New Orleans, a city where life is in full swing, and crimes are committed both on land and on water.

The main characters are representatives of the department investigating cases related to maritime transport, both civilian and military. Each character in the team is an outstanding master of his craft, who is well versed in the intricacies of his profession.

There are magnificent detectives, and excellent forensic experts, and excellent experts in technology and electronics. Each of the characters contributes to the investigation.

As a result, the main characters show excellent results, becoming one of the few who are able to get to the bottom of the truth in New Orleans. With the sixth season, the beloved project returns. Enjoy all the fans of the series.

Trailer NCIS: New Orleans season 6

Air Date: September 25, 2018

New Orleans is located on the ocean, so the life of the city is literally divided into two parts: the one that flows directly in the metropolis itself, and the one that takes us to the body of water, where yachts, ships, small fishing boats and so on.

Sometimes even on water there are crimes that must be dealt with. The plot focuses on the New Orleans Naval Police Department. The main characters are experts in various areas of forensics, who are trying to do everything possible to understand a crime committed in the vast expanses of water!

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Air Date: September 26, 2017

Crimes on the water are something new. How often do you come across this? Most likely, not very often. The main characters of this series are representatives of the local police, who are trying to do everything possible to ensure safety in the sea space near their city.

New Orleans is a place where crimes are often committed on ships. Here robberies, murders and other things can happen. A team of investigators ensures safety across all the Mississippi river expanses, and also works in the states of Louisiana, Texas and many others that affect this river.

New Orleans, on the other hand, lives a fun, reckless life. This city is popular for recreation. Mostly, military personnel find their leisure here, who often come here on vacation. There are often holidays here, but under the guise of a criminal world is engaged in its dirty deeds.

Trailer NCIS: New Orleans season 4

Air Date: September 20, 2016

The series takes place in New Orleans. This city is very attractive for tourists with its beautiful places of recreation. They are not even afraid of the crime of a beautiful city. New Orleans is full of thieves and killers who are waiting in the wings. They are opposed by a detachment of maritime police, which skillfully deals with criminals. But for some reason they are not getting smaller.

The protagonists face dangers every day. They solve crimes, catch the guilty and punish them with all the severity of the law. No one will be able to escape from a team of professionals! No one can cope with complex matters better than naval cops. They are ready to risk their lives for the well-being of civilians. The guys are real Heroes with a capital letter.

Trailer NCIS: New Orleans season 3

Air Date: September 22, 2015

New Orleans differs from many other cities not only in its enchanting celebrations. This city is often called the capital of criminal gangs. The local gangs completely forgot about the fear of the police, setting their laws on the streets of the city.

To combat these criminal groups, it was decided to organize a team of the New Orleans Naval Police. They are waiting for work not only in the city, but in the entire state of Texas.

New Orleans is a great place to hide in its fun atmosphere among a large number of people, but the main characters of the series are not going to give up.

The guys from the maritime police love to have a lot of fun after work, but to earn some rest, you need to work hard. But when the whole city is walking, then it cannot be without consequences, sometimes incidents are comical, and sometimes tragic …

Trailer NCIS: New Orleans season 2

Scenes NCIS: New Orleans season 2

Air Date: September 23, 2014

Around such a famous and popular city as New Orleans there are many diverse legends, but they all agree on one thing – no one has to be bored here. And as we all know very well, where unbridled fun and holidays are born, constant problems and conflicts are born by themselves. It is in order to somehow regulate the level of this frenzy and to observe the observance of order in the city, a special unit of the marine police is being created.

Not a large number of employees will now have to take up the investigation of a wide variety of crimes and egregious incidents that occurred in the territory entrusted to them. In addition, they will have to take on matters that have occurred not only directly in New Orleans, but also throughout the Mississippi, Pensacola County and Louisiana, right up to Texas itself.

And here, as you know, revelry and fun are familiar concepts, which is precisely why New Orleans attracts all military personnel to a magnet who want to rest and relax to the fullest after what they have to see during their service to the fatherland. And during their short vacation, these guys manage to commit a lot of rash acts that attract a wide variety of problems to a chain reaction …

Trailer NCIS: New Orleans season 1