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  • 7.7 (based on 6 613 user ratings)
  • Genre: Drama
  • Country: Norway
  • Air Date Season # 2: September 29, 2017
  • Number Of Seasons: 2
  • Created By: Erik Skjoldbjærg, Jo Nesbø, Karianne Lund
Henrik Mestad
Henrik Mestad
Eldar Skar
Eldar Skar
Ane Dahl Torp
Ane Dahl Torp
Ingeborga Dapkunaite
Ingeborga Dapkunaite
Janne Heltberg
Janne Heltberg


TV show Occupied takes you on an exciting adventure full of politics, international agendas, and clashes of cultures. This is a series that definitely knows how to catch your attention with a very interesting and important premise based on a very tense geopolitical situation between the Eastern and the Western world.

While the epoch of Cold War seems to be over, there are some remnants of the past that do not allow for productive relationships and still haunt governments. The plot of this political show from Norway revolves around the energy crisis in Europe that feels dependent on resources from Russia. The Nordic country wants to restore its positions on the energy market, but their struggle will be opposed by efforts from the Russian government.

TV show Occupied has some issues in terms of plausibility and realism, but it is still a very thrilling story that has a lot of great characters, strong acting, surprising writing, and a very large budget (11 million USD). People from all over the world appreciated this series and it received loud praise from both critics and viewers.

Although slightly controversial and untimely, this series is still something to awe at if you enjoy a good political thriller where stakes are getting bigger and bigger with each new development. Download episodes of this show and start watching it right now for free on your mobile devices or laptops!

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Air Date: September 29, 2017

Occupied season 2 looks really good and confidently moves the narrative forward and tries to develop on top of a great foundation created previously. It is a very solid political drama with outstanding performances and talented complex writing that introduces elements of conspiracy and detective to the show making it ideal for people who like sophisticated multilayered narratives and dense plots with relatively simple characters and solid production. From every point of view, this is a robust series that deserves attention despite being a comparatively cheap show with a really limited budget.

Occupied season 2 addresses many issues of the current international political scene with all its complications and problems. The main focus of the series is on a global event: Russia invades Norway and the situation is tenser than ever with some people going underground and starting a partisan war while others try their hardest to seek for help from outer world.

This situation happens in the nearest future and the main idea of the showrunners is that we need to pay more attention to what is happening currently in the Eastern Europe. If you like interesting political dramas and enjoy chaotic yet complex storytelling, be sure to check out this series.

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Air Date: November 19, 2015

“Occupied” is a dramatic project, on which several film studios have worked. Therefore, we got a spectacular series, which sends the near future to see the viewer. At the heart of the plot is the idea that Norway should fight the invading forces of the Russian Federation.

The European authorities will not be able to take a definite decision for a long time. But the policy and strategy of the Russian side are unambiguous, Russia seeks to prevent Norway from opposing the development of oil and gas production in the North Sea.

As a result, Russia is still beginning to invade the Scandinavian lands, because to begin to fight for Russia is easier than to negotiate and seek compromises. Russia does not want to make any concessions, because other conditions are beneficial to it. And so the troops will grow and regain their position.

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