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  • 7.6 (based on 769 user ratings)
  • Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 5: February 16, 2020
  • Number Of Seasons: 5
  • Created By: Ronald D. Moore
Caitriona Balfe
Caitriona Balfe
Sam Heughan
Sam Heughan


1743 is a difficult historical period for proud Scotland, the British army establishes its rules, provoking fierce resistance from the clans, the ball is ruled by men and Claire understands that without patronage she cannot survive in this harsh reality. Forced marriage with a young highlander James Fraser is gradually developing into a strong relationship thanks to a delightful feeling of love and trust kinotochka.club.

Many difficult trials fall on the joint share of the heroes of the series Alien 3 online, Claire tells her husband how and where she came from here. And what is really important – he believes her. Together they devise a plan to change the story to avoid the bloody battle of Culloden, but the attempt failed and, before the fight, Jamie asks Claire to return in time and raise their child.

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Air Date: February 16, 2020

With the fifth season, one of the most dramatic dramatic stories of recent years returns to the screens. The Alien Woman project focuses on a girl named Claire. She happened to go through the Second World War as an employee of the medical headquarters. The heroine has seen many terrible scenes, but she was able to adequately endure the difficulties that she had to face.

Claire hopes that after the war, life will finally get better. However, during a trip with her husband Frank, the girl somehow somehow falls into a temporary loop, because of which she finds herself in the epicenter of internecine wars of the mid-eighteenth century. The position of women in society at that time was considered limited, but Claire, thanks to her outstanding medical skills, became her surrounded by strong and tough men, waging an endless war for freedom and territory.

Here, Claire is trying to adapt and survive. She manages to meet a young man, Jamie, a Scottish knight, whose relationship spins unexpectedly quickly. Now the girl does not know if she wants to return in due time to be with her husband Frank, because, it seems, she is very happy in the eighteenth century … What will happen next? The fifth season continues this exciting and incredibly interesting story!

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Air Date: November 04, 2018

The fourth season of the project “Alien Woman” loved by many viewers is coming. The authors of the script will continue the touching and incredible story of the main character Claire, who did not even suspect that she would be woven into an inter-epochal melodrama. The girl just finished serving in a military hospital, where she helped fighters to their feet after being wounded during the Second World War. However, a vacation with her husband and a long-awaited trip to a quiet outback turns over an incredible drama. The main character falls into a temporary hole and is in the past.

Now she lives in the forty-third year of the eighteenth century, where she finds herself at the epicenter of international conflict between the English and Scottish knights. It was at this time that the girl met Jamie, an outstanding master of military affairs and just a good person.

The main character will be Claire’s company in search of a way back in due time, but soon the girl’s heart will be divided into two halves, one of which wants to return back to her beloved husband in the twentieth century, and the other wants to stay in the past to start a quiet family life with new lover. What will be next? We will find out in the new season.

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Air Date: September 10, 2017

The third season of the Alien Woman project will continue the story of the fate of a simple woman named Claire. At one time, she managed to go through the Second World War. She worked as a nurse in a small medical center. The main character saved dozens of lives every day, showing amazing medical skills.

But Claire always believed that sooner or later she would return home to her beloved husband. After the war, Claire and Frank go on a short trip to Scotland. True, this trip is the last for the couple. Claire literally disappears. Frank continues the search when a woman finds herself in one thousand seven hundred and forty-three. The main character moved in time and was at the epicenter of the war between England and Scotland.

In the new world, she manages to meet the knight Jamie, who at first sight fell in love with Claire. The soldiers also appreciated the useful medical skills of the main character, so now she is considered the main doctor of the Scottish army. But how did Claire return home in due time? Will she never see Frank again now?

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Scenes Outlander season 3

Air Date: April 09, 2016

The main character of the television series is Claire. She works as a nurse in the midst of World War II. Once walking around her house, she moves in time and falls into the past for a couple of centuries. This time was also not calm, a civil war erupted in the area.

Being in complete horror and on a foreign land, Claire meets a wounded Scot named Jamie. She helps him cope with the wound, and he, in turn, was able to give her the safety she needed so much. Later, feelings arise between the characters. What to do to the main character, because her husband is waiting for her at home?

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Scenes Outlander season 2

Air Date: August 09, 2014

The main character of this film is a military nurse during the Second World War. Once, while walking, Claire mysteriously moves in time. Now she is in the eighteenth century, in a completely unfamiliar world, which is full of dangers. Just in this area a civil war is brewing and a wounded Scot, Jamie Fraser, meets on its way. The girl does not lose hope of returning home, returning to her husband, who does not find a place for himself from the loss of his wife. Claire, in turn, remembers her husband, but is forced to marry Jamie, with whom she feels in a strange world in complete safety.

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