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  • 8.0 (based on 62 094 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 4: August 04, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 4
  • Created By: Sam Catlin, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg
Dominic Cooper
Dominic Cooper
Ian Colletti
Ian Colletti
Ruth Negga
Ruth Negga
Joseph Gilgun
Joseph Gilgun
Graham McTavish
Graham McTavish


The protagonist of the series – Jesse Custer. A man serves as a preacher in a small Texas town. He does not believe in God, but continues to do his work. Soon the character will meet with something incredible and amazing.

Jesse becomes a kind of vessel for some extraterrestrial creature who escaped from heaven. Caster wants to figure out what to do now. Enlisting the support of relatives and friends, he goes on a long journey. With him come the former sweetheart Tulip and the vampire mate Cassidy. The company hopes to find God himself to deal with the intruder.

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Air Date: August 04, 2019

The series “Preacher” tells the story of Jesse Custer. He is a priest who conducts service in one of the small towns of Texas, however, he no longer believes in himself and leads a way of life, far from his status as characteristic of people.

True, the time has come when the character will have nothing left but to believe in the existence of supernatural forces: the strange creature Genesis moves into the body of the protagonist. It is a child of a demon and an angel, which simultaneously carries in itself an immeasurable amount of light, but at the same time is filled with furious evil.

In addition, in a certain scenario, the Genesis is capable of becoming as powerful as God himself, therefore, many celestial inhabitants fear him. The main character unites with the former sweetheart Tulip, and also takes to his team the vampire Cassidy, with whom he goes on a long journey in search of someone he never believed in.

Jesse is sure that if he meets God, he will be able to talk with him about everything, however, most of all, the main character is still concerned about getting rid of the annoying brainchild of an angel and a demon. The genesis, in turn, continues to develop in the body of the unfortunate. What will end this interesting fantasy story? The fourth season will try to answer this question. Enjoy watching!

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Air Date: June 24, 2018

Preacher season 3 is still a great action-packed gore-induced series that wants to deconstruct a lot of modern clich├ęs and create a truly interesting story about a preacher who lost his way but managed to find a new sense in fighting off angels, demons, and other mystical creatures.

Our main protagonist is a hateful ex-military with all the experience and skills needed to dispose of various enemies of his faith. However, he meets several really colorful characters such as vampires and witches who accompany him on his crusade against evil. This does not mean that our heroes are good and kind themselves. In fact, we follow a team of disturbed individuals with loads of really weird stuff on their backs.

Preacher season 3 keeps rolling on and manages to build a very exciting continuation for the series that surprised a lot of people. As our friends drink, use drugs, fight with monsters, and do all other despicable things, their adventure seems to be getting only weirder and more fantastic.

This time, the story stats in Angelville that has a very telling name that suggests that we are going to meet some angels. The plot is not as thin as you would think. The story becomes more and more complicated as our heroes find out that the main goal of their journey is not as simple as they thought initially.

Trailer Preacher season 3

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Air Date: June 25, 2017

A certain being who is at the same time a supporter of the forces of light and darkness, has invaded the preacher Jessie Custer. This creature, Genesis, appeared as a result of intimacy, into which an angel and a demon entered.

It contains both pure thoughts and evil. There are no more such creatures in the whole Universe, Genesis is one of a kind. He can be as powerful as the Lord God.

If only the creature wants to get power into its own hands, the Genesis can become the most influential in the whole world. Priest Custer no longer belongs to himself, his body and mind are subject to the creature that has settled.

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Air Date: May 22, 2016

The series “Preacher” is a mystical story about a person who has entered into a relationship with good and perfect evil. forces. It is inhabited by a perfect being, whose power is comparable only with the creator of all living things. This clot of super energy is called Genesis, a creation of perfect evil and good.

Genesis is capable of doing the greatest as evil and good, it all depends on whom he starts his habitation, what kind of person it will be. By chance, it turns out to be Jesse Custer, a preacher, a minister of goodness. After his Genesis has populated his body and soul, nothing remains to go to huge a trip to the United States of America in search of the creator of the one who left his legitimate throne to give answers to the questions that have arisen.

Jesse Custer intends to find the creator to explain the reason for what is happening on the earth. There are no innocent people dying around th razruha.Kak death and save the world from falling with such great power as Ginezis inside? After all, the Genesis and its power is the birth beyond the forces of the angel of good and the demon of darkness.

It is the one who possesses this power that can change the vast world and everything that happens in it. Jesse Custer and his loyal friends are going on a big journey in which they can expect a lot of interesting things. his loyal friends, girlfriend Tullip Ohara, and the vampire alcoholic Cassidy, who is Irish by birth, set off on the road with Jesse. They have a hard way to go, discoveries, rethinking everything that happens. Will Jesse Custer find answers to his questions, Why is everything so happened?

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