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  • 6.9 (based on 915 user ratings)
  • Genre: Crime, Drama
  • Country: Canada
  • Air Date Season # 1: January 09, 2017
  • Number Of Seasons: 1
Dylan Taylor
Dylan Taylor
Peter Outerbridge
Peter Outerbridge
Gord Rand
Gord Rand
Alex Paxton-Beesley
Alex Paxton-Beesley
A. J. Buckley
A. J. Buckley
Ryan Robbins
Ryan Robbins


In the community of Mennonites, a new pastor was chosen: Noah Fank will not only instruct his flock on the right path, but also calculate the drug dealers operating in the commune and hand them over to the police.

Noa does not have time to begin his good mission, as the head of the local mafia, Eli Wass, puts him in front of a fact: if a pastor wants to see his loved ones safe and sound, he will have to take part in one illegal business. Funk agrees: cooperation with the mafia will help him collect irrefutable evidence of their criminal activities. Henceforth all principle.

The pastor’s beliefs and beliefs will be tested daily. To save his soul and complete the mission entrusted to him, Noah turns for help to his school enemy, local policeman Bronko Novák, for whom the Mennonites ’case is the last chance to rehabilitate his career.

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Becoming a new pastor of the Mennonite community, Noah Funk, in addition to the main religious affairs, decides to investigate the supply of drugs. Drug dealers are working in his flock. Only he planned to bring the criminals to clean water, he was given an ultimatum: if he values ​​the life and health of his family, he must help the mafia in a criminal case.

Funk has to agree, fearing for his loved ones and hoping that cooperation with the criminals will help him gather the compromising information necessary for the transfer of the police.

Now the shepherd constantly tests his soul with violations of the principles of religion. For the sake of a positive result of his business, Funk has to ask for help from a former school enemy, now a police officer. For a police officer, the capture of a gang of drug dealers is the only way to restore their good name at work.

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Air Date: January 09, 2017

Noah Funk will be the new pastor. The duties of the newly elected are much broader than one would imagine. Guiding the flock is one of the main things to do, but assistance with the local police is a goal no one knows about except the pastors themselves. Noah Funk should help local government representatives.

Those involved in the calculation of drug dealers and their capture, and Noah, as a person who will know everything and see everything, must share any suspicious information. Of course, snooping from the main character will not be crowned with success. A man faces the dangerous Eli Wass, the man who leads the mafia.

He does not waste time on ranting and simply declares to the pastor about the new rules: he is silent, and his family remains intact. Of course, the main character is very scared of this kind of outcome, because now, in order to protect himself, he will have to be on the border between law and the underworld.

It seems that Funk will soon cross this line, choosing a mafia, because she offers good prospects for performing simple tasks. Of course, such a temptation does not give rest to the protagonist, so he tries to always act as his heart tells him. But where does this lead? We will soon find out …

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