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In the center of the plot – a schoolboy named Morty and his grandfather Rick. Morty – the most common boy, Coy does not differ from their own peers. But his grandpa is engaged in unusual research and is often completely inadequate.

He can at any time of day and night grab the grandson and go with him to interdimensional adventures with the help of a flying saucer built from various trash, which is able to move through a temporary tunnel. Every time this couple is in the most unexpected places and the most ridiculous situations.

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Air Date: November 10, 2019

The fourth season of one of the most hilarious animated series of our time. A mixture of great comedy and science fiction in insane setting! The authors of the script offer viewers to delve into the history of the adventures of Rick and Morty. One of them is a simple schoolboy, a little boy, whose whole life is ahead. The second is his grandfather, who is crazy about science and just a little crazy.

He is often visited by brilliant ideas, but sometimes life forces an adult to commit rash acts. Over the course of the long three seasons, the main characters traveled through different times and worlds, discovering more and more amazing lands and communicating with very unusual characters. Whoever said anything, but every such adventure, together with a very smart and shy boy and grandfather, who likes to have a good drink and insert his black humor into every dialogue, was appealing to modern viewers.

The long-awaited sequel is already coming. What will be next? What other wilds will the main characters bring in the plot of this funny animated series? Will they finally be able to find a place for themselves in this vast and multifaceted plexus of worlds. Enjoy viewing all fans of the genre and animated series!

Trailer Rick and Morty season 4

Scenes Rick and Morty season 4

Air Date: April 01, 2017

We bring to your attention the new season of the animated series “Rick and Morty”, which is so beloved by many viewers. Once again, we set off on a great adventure with restless heroes who dream of conquering the galaxy! The sci-fi mayhem and the sheer total-crazy jolly awaits every viewer.

A couple of main characters are a cool grandpa-scientist, whom we can often see with a bottle in hand, as well as his grandson, who is always skeptical about his granddad’s ideas, but the latter proves to the young hero that there will be a place for the most incredible events in the universe.

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Scenes Rick and Morty season 3

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Air Date: July 26, 2015

In the center of the American animated series for adults is a grandpa named Rick and his grandson – a schoolboy Morty. The boy is no different from the children of his age, but grandfather not only loves to “pour the collar”, he still has all the signs and look of a “mad scientist.” Thanks to his scientific development, the comedy series is transformed into a science fiction genre.

Each episode tells about the incredible adventures of heroes with an unpredictable ending. Rick’s interdimensional experiences send heroes to places where their lives are often “hanging by a thread.”

The parents of the student unsuccessfully trying to stop the friendship with his grandfather, which is bad for his grandson. The curiosity of the youngest and the tireless temper of the elder in tandem provide both of them with a new journey in the time tunnel each time.

Trailer Rick and Morty season 2

Scenes Rick and Morty season 2

Air Date: December 02, 2013

In this animated fantasy comedy are two main characters. The first is the most common, undistinguished boy Morty. The second is his crazy alcoholic grandfather named Rick. However, besides the fact that Rick loves to drink, he is a very talented inventor.

Because of the tricks of his grandfather, the heroes of the picture all the time fall into various incredible and, at times, very dangerous situations. And in order to get out of them, you have to put a lot of effort and skill. The audience will surely take great pleasure in observing and laughing at the situations in which the characters regularly fall.

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Scenes Rick and Morty season 1