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In Shadowhunters we can meet our main heroine Clary Fray – an ordinary and modest girl. Clary is very young and she has never had any serious difficulties yet. One day Clary realizes, that she is the heir to the ancient family of Twilight Hunters – an unsearchable clan of angels, who defend the Earth from dangerous and ruthless demonic creatures.

Suddenly, these demons kidnap Clary’s mother and our protagonist tries to save her but it is necessary to get the otherworldly reality to do it.
The new world is populated by different inhabitants and most of them are really terrible and frightful.

There are a lot of demons and magical creatures, fighting with each other for power over the world of people.
Clary Fray and her close friends are ready to overcome all the hardships on their way, but sometimes, it seems impossible for them to achive their main goal and save Clary’s mother, because the new environment is unpredictable and cruel.

The thing is that, the main heroes should get a mysterious ancient cup in a short period of time and give it to the main demon leader. Otherwise, Clary will never meet her beloved mother.
Are you ready to enjoy it just now? Sit back comfortably and watch. This serial promises to be really interesting and incredible.

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Air Date: March 20, 2018

The 3rd season of Shadowhunters on the world-famous ABC channel tells us about a young eighteen-year-old hero named Clarissa Frey. She did not even suspect that the world is not thing that it seems at first glance. Reality is only a part of the common world, which is huge and inexpressibly unique. However, there are other parts of our vast world. The main character learns about it when she meets with people who tell the her that she is a descendant of an ancient family who calls herself a twilight hunter.

These people, according to eyewitnesses, hunted representatives of the other world. Until the modern days, all the representatives of this family live in the Twilight world, where our main character will have to face the strange and sometimes terrible creatures. She heard about them only in films and read in books. The girl is not shy and takes responsibility to lead a detachment of twilight hunters into another fight.

In the 3rd season of Shadowhunters, our main characters – hunters have to look for their friend, and restore justice. They have to fight with the lower world and protect Lake Lin. But will our hunters be possible to fulfill their mission? We will learn it after the release date of the series. Unfortunately, season 3 will be the last. Are you ready to enjoy? Sit back and watch! This episode promises to be outstanding really.

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Air Date: January 02, 2017

We bring to your attention a project based on the eponymous book series by the famous writer Cassandra Claire. ABC channel management decided to withdraw the first season, and, after its successful release, extended the project to the second season. The project in spirit will appeal to all fans of such famous paintings as “Twilight” and “Harry Potter.”

The plot focuses on the young heroine Clarissa Frey. It would seem that nothing surprising happened in her life … for the time being. Previously, she saw other worlds only in her imagination when she read books and watched movies.

However, on the eighteenth birthday, the girl found out that she was not a human being. She is a representative of the Twilight Hunters clan who have hunted horrific demons all their lives. Suddenly, a new life completely takes Claire into her arms. The girl enters the Twilight world, where she meets other representatives of her family.

Here she manages to meet with James and Saiman. The heroine lives among the sorcerers, fairies, werewolves and vampires, trying to get used to the new environment as soon as possible. However, soon she will have to embark on the warpath with these cruel enemies!

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Air Date: January 12, 2016

Becoming elected to communicate with the other world is easy. For a meeting, you just need to carefully look, listen, take a couple of steps and another dimension will open its doors for you.

Another dimension is inhabited by different entities and not all of them are friendly. Demons and magical beings who fight with each other for power over the human world live there.
There is no pity for the enemy, because the war is not for life, but for death. Every day someone’s blood is shed here, but the end justifies the means.

Those who get into the other world will be “lucky” to meet with vampires and werewolves, feirs and other fairy-tale creatures, as well as with semi-angels, the mysterious “Twilight Hunters”, who keep order.

Since the beginning of the universe, “Twilight Hunters” have been protecting the world of people from the encroachments of insidious and evil demons. Who by any means trying to gain dominance over the Earth.

Soon their main goal is to protect the mysterious ancient chalice, from the encroachments of evil forces seeking to seize it. The fate and the world of humanity depend on it.

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