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  • 8.5 (based on 109 237 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 6: October 27, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 6
  • Created By: Mike Judge, Alec Berg, Dave Krinsky, John Altschuler
Josh Brener
Josh Brener
Amanda Crew
Amanda Crew
Matt Ross
Matt Ross
Thomas Middleditch
Thomas Middleditch
Kumail Nanjiani
Kumail Nanjiani
Martin Starr
Martin Starr
Zach Woods
Zach Woods


The series tells us about the six main characters. Friends, quite capable, ingenious programmers who decide to achieve great success in their field. But the fact is that they have no money and financing opportunities.

A certain millionaire comes to their aid, who offers them his financing, but on the condition that they are obligated in the future, they will give him about ten percent of their profits.

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Air Date: October 27, 2019

The main characters of this series are real geniuses who were able to get a considerable amount of money from a famous millionaire. The characters have to work on a project, to realize which means to become incredibly rich.

In addition, each of the actors is ready to put their soul into this matter, and their sponsor, as it turned out, was not averse to spending a tidy sum to then take ten percent of the profit from the startup. Of course, the main characters are provided with the best living conditions, stunning homes and the capabilities of a high-tech center in the heart of San Francisco.

The characters are interesting geeks who try to turn people around about the modern world, introducing more and more new projects. They are not only useful, but also move progress forward, and also bring a lot of money. The guys have a lot of prospects, but will they be able to cope with responsibility and not succumb to the temptations of a rich life when they receive their first huge money?

Trailer Silicon Valley season 6

Scenes Silicon Valley season 6

Air Date: March 25, 2018

The fifth season of Silicon Valley is already on your screens. This story tells about a group of geeks who dream of their own business. The main characters have already prepared startups that promise to be successful.

The characters went to San Francisco, where the chance to realize their ideas is much higher than anywhere else. In addition, they were lucky with housing: they got into the house of one famous millionaire who saw a business vein in the guys.

He offers those financial support in the implementation of the idea, however, at the same time, ten percent of the profit from a successful business will go to the millionaire. The characters, of course, agree!

Trailer Silicon Valley season 5

Scenes Silicon Valley season 5

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Air Date: April 23, 2017

The modern world is based on high technology. Numerous ingenious ideas do everything possible to make the life of just a user of technology seem easier and more interesting. Who would have thought that the success story in the modern world would be so interesting and unusual that the authors will be able to shoot three full-fledged season of the Silicon Valley project. The plot focuses on a town called San Francisco.

Young people come here for a reason. These people are looking for the opportunity to become truly rich and successful. They have in their minds the most fascinating magnificent and simply progressive ideas that can change the course of development of modern society. True, somehow these ideas need to be implemented. The main characters decide to go on an adventure.

They receive an offer from one famous millionaire. He invites the guys to live at home in San Francisco, but they immediately began to look for tricks in exchange for such an offer. She was hidden in the contract of a rich man. He asks from startups of the main characters ten percent of the profits.

That is why the millionaire is so hospitable, because the main characters are his future source of income! What will end this story? Will the guys, having such a solid foundation under their feet, become truly famous inventors.

Trailer Silicon Valley season 4

Scenes Silicon Valley season 4

Air Date: April 24, 2016

Some representatives of modern youth are surprisingly smart, over the years developed and capable of great inventions, discoveries and accomplishments.

The story of a group of young advanced scientists who have many ideas of a ready-made business, they only need to be promoted and find support and finances.

Young people live in the house of the San Francisco millionaire, completely free of charge, are engaged in their projects and developments. The only condition that the businessman put forward to young talents is after their ideas begin to make a profit – 10% of the income is his.

Young geniuses agreed to these conditions and begin to storm the inaccessible peaks of the business world. They need our support, not every project will be successful, this is the law of this shark world. But we will believe that most of the guys will succeed.

Trailer Silicon Valley season 3

Scenes Silicon Valley season 3

Air Date: April 12, 2015

The main characters of the television series were six ingenious young guys. Each of them dreamed that someday his project would become profitable.

But in order to implement at least one project, the guys need funding, which, of course, is not. Once a certain millionaire offers a deal to young guys.

Heroes live at his home and create their projects using all the necessary equipment, and later when they start to make a profit, ten percent of the income will belong to him. The guys agreed, because none of them thought that one day they would become very successful and famous inventors.

Trailer Silicon Valley season 2

Scenes Silicon Valley season 2

Air Date: April 06, 2014

At the heart of the new HBO comedy series is a group of young scientists who dream of luxury and wealth.
Every day in the famous center of progress and high technology in Silicon Valley, every day the best minds of mankind are working to create something new and unique, something that can win the trust of consumers and enable its creator to earn its first million.

The story of the main characters of the series begins like most of those who arrived in “Silicon Valley”:
– eat housing;
– searches for a job;
– highly paid (or not so) work in the corporation.

In this scenario, the majority goes and not everyone succeeds, but working for Uncle for Richard, one of the main programmers and creator of the innovative Pied Piper compression algorithm, is a dead end, he decides to join forces with his friends and exit to the market with his product, but he could not even think what awaited it ahead: the machinations of competitors, lawsuits, theft and betrayal.

It turns out that in order to become a millionaire it’s not enough just to invent something, you must also prove that it’s really yours and find the strength in yourself to fight the monopolists! Fortunately, in this whole race he will not be alone, alone here simply can not survive!

Trailer Silicon Valley season 1

Scenes Silicon Valley season 1