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  • 6.7 (based on 4 263 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 2: January 20, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 2
  • Created By: Frankie Shaw
Frankie Shaw
Frankie Shaw
Miguel Gomez
Miguel Gomez
Samara Weaving
Samara Weaving
Alexandra  Mary Reimer
Alexandra Mary Reimer
Anna Reimer
Anna Reimer
Rosie O\'Donnell
Rosie O\'Donnell


Sometimes it is not easy to find your place in life when you are already more than twenty years old, and you, among other things, have a child. You need to take care of your baby, because he relies on you! We need to find a job and, in the best case, normalize personal life. The main characters of this series are Bridget Bird and her entourage. The girl struggles to keep and to be strong, despite all the problems that she is experiencing for strength! The story of this heroine tells about the life of the actress of the show, which also had to face the difficulties at a young age. This is a project about Frankie Shaw, who survived all the horrors and difficulties of youth and became a screenwriter and actress. An amazing story that will fill the hearts of the audience with warmth and pleasant feelings.

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Air Date: January 20, 2019

SMILF season 2 works like a very interesting series that managed to attract attention of millions mostly by its amazingly simple and raw take on the problems of motherhood in the modern world. We live in a society that has so many different ways to approach relationships between people that we don’t have time for smaller stories that happen right next to us. This series definitely made a political statement by its mere existence. The story revolves around a mother who continues to rethink her sexuality, place in the world, and desires. It is a very mature yet comedic story that explores so many issues that you will leave thinking more about parenthood in general.
SMILF season 2 is a light-hearted comedy with a gritty yet somewhat weird sense of humor. While it is hard to argue that the lead actress has a nice comedic timing and great way of delivering lines, the script and writing often alienate people who simply do not understand some of the jokes. It is also not about being too intelligent. The humor is just different and won’t suit every single viewer on this planet. We suggest you watch a couple of episodes and decide for yourself! Watch the series online or download its episodes!

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Air Date: November 05, 2017

Rachel Francis “Frankie” Show was born in November 1986, she became the most famous after winning with her short film at the aforementioned festival, but the wide audience can remember her by the rather popular permanent role of Sheila Niko from the first season of Mr. Robot.
Frankie was born and raised in Brooklyn in an average intelligent American family. After school, she entered the Milton Academy, and then continued her education at Bernard College, Columbia University, where she received a degree in literature. Then she moved to Los Angeles, where she began a stormy personal and professional life, which continues today.
In Los Angeles, the girl met an actor, screenwriter, director, cameraman and producer Mark Webber, with whom they had a very tumultuous, but short-lived affair, and the young mom called Isaac Love the fruit of their passion, probably in honor of the depth of her then the senses. However, this relationship ended, without an official marriage, and the unlucky Franky remained a single mother when her son was not even a year old … All she had to go through at that time and formed the basis of the script for her short film, and now the new series. Looking ahead, say that since last year, a young woman is married to the writer and producer Zach Strauss, but the happy ending was a little later. And then … About what happened then, you can learn from this funny and good series:
In the center of the plot “SMILF” is a young single mother of twenty-plus years named Bridget with a one-year-old son in her arms. But she really wants a new romantic relationship, sex and a successful career. And all this stumbles upon the realities of the world around which a young and lonely mother is facing. In her difficult situation, only her mother, Tutu, who will be played by Rosie O’Donnell, helps her.

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