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  • 7.4 (based on 74 699 user ratings)
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 2: January 17, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 2
  • Created By: Bryan Fuller, Alex Kurtzman
Doug Jones
Doug Jones
Anthony Rapp
Anthony Rapp
Mary Wiseman
Mary Wiseman
Sonequa Martin-Green
Sonequa Martin-Green
Emily Coutts
Emily Coutts
Anson Mount
Anson Mount


Discovery hit the road and immediately ran into mysterious objects that could not be traced to traditional scanning. This happened when an artificial satellite was damaged by a double star. An unexpected encounter with the Klingtons and the death of one of them named Torchbearer led to a battle. The fact that the battle did not end in favor of the Klingtons did not mean anything, since in any case they would try to take revenge. But Burnham or as it is called Number One, deprived of his title and everything else, was sentenced for a revolt to life imprisonment, which later turned into a service on the ship Gabriel Lorca.

The efforts of the people to hold peace talks with the Klingtons did not lead to anything. They treacherously attacked the pawnbroker who fell into the trap they had arranged. The experiments of Harry Mudd with a time loop that repeats events leading to the death of the ship. Again and again, Harry repeats the cycle looking for a way to start the next one in order to remedy the situation and save the space ship.

Meanwhile, Discovery, during an unsuccessful jump, found itself in a parallel universe, where scattered fragments of Klington spaceships float on all sides. Moreover, crew twins appeared, which turned out to be much more vicious and cruel creatures than their originals. After lengthy focal battles, the reactor of the imperial cosmic flagship was destroyed, and Discovery headed home, where 9 months had passed since their departure, and the Klingtons almost prevailed while the crew, along with the ship, were hanging around in a parallel universe fighting with mirror enemies. Nevertheless, in the real world, you can defeat your enemies, you just need to show cold determination, iron will and such cruelty in some cases in time.

But behind all the battles, small battles, disputes and quarrels, the heroes of Star Trek: Discovery do not forget about their personal lives. The emerging love line between Tyler and Byrne led to him leaving breaking his heart, but leaving a piece of himself in her body. In spite of this, Byrnem realized that people were, after all, mostly good creatures and she needed friends. Ahead of our heroes are new acquaintances with new friends and enemies. However, the almost tamed Klingtons are a great danger, at least not all of them are satisfied with the situation with their position in the cosmic universe.

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Air Date: January 17, 2019

Star Trek: Discovery season 2 brings back our beloved heroes and even introduces us to a couple of new ones.

The show ignited a plethora of controversies. People are talking about many things when it comes to this show. The ratings were surprisingly low while the majority of those who watched the show focused their attention on the fact that the series feels less like a Star Trek story and more like a Star Wars narrative with more focus on lasers and space battles. One of the issues with the new series is that it wants to be something new while aiming at a very old school audience.

Star Trek: Discovery season 2 changes this notion and wants to create a new experience for those who wanted a fuzzy warm feeling of good old Star Trek. You will once again follow a crew of space explorers who want to solve problems and want to bravely go to places where the humanity has never been before.

If you are all for sci-fi shows that do just that and want to focus on the character and story rather than spectacle, you will most likely enjoy the next season since it features a little bit less action and more interesting stories that could be engaging for the hardcore audience!

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Air Date: September 24, 2017

This television series is considered one of the most famous, and it can be compared, most likely, only with another, no less famous TV series “Star Wars”. It was precisely in order that the premieres of the two legendary projects would not intertwine with each other, it was decided to release them at different times, even the release of Star Trek. Beyond, the full-length movie, will not touch the release date of the television series.

Brian Fuller will also take part in the creation of the series as a screenwriter, as he has a lot of work related to space themes. And the work on Star Trek projects, Voyager and Deep Space 9, became a kind of cinematic and television career, creating a total of 22 scenarios for the sci-fi popular movie series.

It is also known that the cast of the new “Star Trek” has completely changed, and other actors will be involved in the new project, whose names are being specified. In this regard, meetings with past protagonists are not expected, as new characters will be introduced, which, like their predecessors, will continue to surf the outer space in search of new worlds and civilizations, exploring them, simultaneously solving permanent problems in the modern world .

The very first “Star Trek” was released back in 1966, and very quickly gained popularity, grew into a large franchise, which has 12 full-length films, a large number of books and of course computer games. And in 2009, with the filing of JJ Abrams, a restart of the franchise was organized, and the movie Star Trek was released. Four years later, the movie “Startrek: Retribution” was released, it became the sequel to the first movie.

The release of the new project Star Trek: Discovery 2017 online will be a kind of gift to the well-known franchise on its fifty-year anniversary. And the viewers will again have the opportunity to get on board the most powerful star ship called “Enterprise” together with the brave space travelers, enjoy the quality of video, decorations and new costumes of the characters, which of course will look very believable thanks to the modern technologies and artistic art of the actors themselves.

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