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  • 6.4 (based on 5 555 user ratings)
  • Genre: Drama
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 3: January 23, 2020
  • Number Of Seasons: 3
  • Created By: Stacy McKee
Jaina Lee Ortiz
Jaina Lee Ortiz
Grey Damon
Grey Damon
Jason George
Jason George
Barrett Doss
Barrett Doss
Jay Hayden
Jay Hayden
Okieriete Onaodowan
Okieriete Onaodowan
Danielle Savre
Danielle Savre
Miguel Sandoval
Miguel Sandoval
Alberto Frezza
Alberto Frezza


The series tells about the employees of the fire station number nineteen, which is located in the city of Seattle. The focus is on Andy Herrera. The main character of this series has been working in her profession for a long time. In addition, she has some power, because she is the daughter of the station head himself.

Andy’s character is very strong: the girl knows how to control herself even in the most difficult situations. Far from all cope with such combat in kind. Newcomer Ben Warren saw a lot in his life, because he once worked as an anesthesiologist in one of the largest hospitals in Seattle. He has a hard time with such a harsh colleague.

However, sooner or later, the connection between the characters will improve. The story also captures the story of the personal life of fearless Lieutenant Jack Gibson, a man who gave his whole life to his beloved work. In addition to the usual affairs and work concerns, the main characters think about their personal lives. Andy Herrera is in love with Ryan Tanner, a man who serves the local police.

The main character still hides her feelings, throwing out emotions at work. She has to fight with the elements, as well as be a worthy companion for her colleagues. It turns out, alas, not always.

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Air Date: January 23, 2020

The fire department – the spin-off of the already cult series “Anatomy of Passion” managed to not only fall in love with the audience, but also prove its viability, since the extension for the second season can be considered a good but not sustainable result, but when the decision is made about the third season, then this is a serious yawn on the stability of the project.
It should be noted that the audience of the series flowed from the original project, but this is quite enough to show the creators that the prospects are very bright, despite the fact that professional critics are very cool about him.

A little about the plot:
At the center of history, employees at one of Seattle’s fire brigades at number 19. Their profession involves the presence of such personal qualities as courage, a sense of duty, the ability to sacrifice oneself for a comrade, and indeed, for the public good. In a word, only real heroes who consider the feat to be their everyday and everyday business can work in the fire department.

Often they save people from a fire trap, and these people are often injured, so fire department employees often have to communicate with the medical staff of the hospital, which is nearby, namely three blocks from their duty station.

In addition, the guys have difficulties in their personal lives, because they have to spend more of their time in risky service than with their loved ones. And this does not contribute to family happiness and well-being. But even this cannot affect the determination with which the heroes surrender to their beloved and such necessary work.

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Air Date: October 04, 2018

The second season of the dramatic project “Station 19”, which will continue the story of people working in the fire department of the city of Seattle. One of the most important members of the rapid reaction squad is Andy Herrera. This woman is strong in character and very experienced.

Along with her in the team is Ben Warren, a man who, though he does not have many years of work as a fireman, has worked for a long time as an anesthesiologist at a local hospital. Jack Gibson is a real warrior who doesn’t know what fear is.

The main character is very emotional, which makes him indispensable in a team, because only he is able to inspire his colleagues at a difficult moment. Among the rescuers also listed Ryan Tenner, who has long been familiar with Herrera. Once upon a time the heroine was in love with him, but now they are a great team.

Every day, the detachment of quick response has to fight with unpredictable elements, whose appearance is always unpredictable and deadly. To save those whom she took by surprise – the main task of Herrera and her team.

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Air Date: March 22, 2018

In the 1st season of Station 19 we can meet our main heroine – Andy Herrera. She is a young and pretty woman, who was practically brought up in a fire station. Her father, Captain Pruitt – the head of the fire department. He is a strict leader and the main inspiration of the girl to become a fireman. He is very brave and strong. He has a lot of difficult and dangerous situations in his career, but he is always able to find the right way of its sollution.

In the 1st season of Station 19 Andy became the coolest, strongest and most reliable girl-firefighter in the sector. Pruitt always helps to his daughter, but he also has a lot of other subordinates. For example, Jack Gibson –Lieutenant of 19 Station, passionately loves his job and is ready to risk his life at any moment. He even received the nickname of Fearless Jack. He is a real hero with a great strength

While Andy follows the rules, Jack takes impulsive decisions and takes risks. There are the sparks of tension when Andy and Jack work together. Will they have their love story or do their relations are only a kind of competition? We can learn it soon in the 1st season of Station 19. Sit back comfortably and watch! This season is really incredible and amazing!

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