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  • 7.5 (based on 756 user ratings)
  • Genre: Drama
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 1: January 31, 2018
  • Number Of Seasons: 1
Jade Chynoweth
Jade Chynoweth
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Petrice Jones
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Sister and brother Bakers love to dance. The young man Tal is keen on ballet dancing, and the guy is doing well and reveals his talent. Janelle found herself in a team of cheerleaders, so it develops in the hip-hop genre. Young people hope to be able to get into the higher dance circles if they win the competition and end up in a promising college.

The life of young people changes very dramatically when the real drama begins to unfold in the family. The mother is addicted to drugs, and soon goes to prison. Brother and sister have to independently deal with the situation. They move to a small town near Atlanta.

Here, young people will work for their uncle and continue to strive for the heights of dance skills. Soon, Tal and Janelle learn that there is a school of arts nearby that is run by a world-famous musician. Young people are eager to get into this educational institution.

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The main characters of this series are the brothers and the sister Bakers. Characters just love to dance, so they devote all their free time to their favorite activity. Tal does ballet. He is a very talented young man who seeks to improve choreographic skills. His sister, Janelle, is on the school cheerleader team. The main character is laid out in trainings to the fullest, trying to improve her hip-hop style.

Brother and sister dream of getting to college through dance and earning a high scholarship. True, everything changes abruptly when unforeseen circumstances rush into their lives. The family has serious problems when the mother is associated with drugs.

A woman is sent to prison because of illicit drugs, and her brother and sister are forced to take responsibility for taking care of their family and home. Of course, the characters are very difficult, because you have to combine duties with your favorite activities.

He decides to leave his home and go to Atlanta, where they dream of enrolling in a dance academy. Of course, here they have to be difficult, but soon the heroes go to the local art school, headed by a famous showman and musician. Admission to this school becomes the main goal of young people.

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Air Date: January 31, 2018

This film contains scenes of drug use, discrimination, violence and partially naked bodies, so it is not recommended to watch it in the presence of children. Norman Buckley decided to focus his attention on the dance youth, thus continuing the musical franchise of the same name, consisting of five paintings. Only this time, we decided not to limit ourselves to the full series by expanding the action into ten series.

The focus is on Janelle and Tal Bakers. They are brother and sister and both are addicted to dancing. True Tal prefers ballet and he is a pretty good dancer with excellent perspectives in the big ballet, and his sister is a cheerleader and dances beautifully in hip-hop style.

Daily, exhausting workout bear fruit. Brother and sister are already making plans for their future. If they manage to win the dance competition, then they both have a direct path to a prestigious college. For this, Janelle and Tal do not spare their time and energy. But while the young people are thinking about what will be ahead of them, their mother has rolled down. Not only was the woman addicted to drugs, but also, becoming very dependent, as a result, went to prison. It was the collapse of all hopes and a huge tragedy for her children.

Teenagers can not live alone, without parental care, so my brother and sister had to leave their paternal home, forget about the dance academy, their friends and go to their uncle, who was not too happy about their appearance. He lived in Atlanta, somewhere in the suburbs, and his brother and sister, in order to at least somehow pay for their stay with a relative, began to work for their uncle.

After some time, Janelle and Tel learned that in the city where they now live, there is also a dance and music school, and at the head of it is a very famous musician. In the souls of the seedlings, the hope that dreams would come true was warm again.

But most importantly, they will again be able to do what they love, who have dedicated themselves from early childhood. Of course, here everything is new and unknown for them. New world, people and new rules. How far can the twins go in order to realize their dreams?

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